Finding My Style At From My Front Porch To Yours

My post this weekend is an invitation to stop in for a visit with Pamela at From My Front Porch To Yours, where she has a series called "How I Found My Style Sunday's.

I'm this Sundays guest, but just what is my style?

Here we are, in the thick of a Memorial Day weekend.  Many people are doing a bit of reflecting and attending ceremonies. 

Spring cleaning.

Camping, fishing, picnics. 

Some folks are firing up the bbq, and cracking open a cold one right at home.

That's me.  Happiest right in my own backyard. 

As our trees turn green
Brawn comes from a family of 12 siblings 7 boys, five girls - absorb for a moment how many in-laws that creates once they all get married.  

We used to do a big family weekend at random cabin resorts in Northern Minnesota where we could all bond over bonfires and beer.  I guess that weekend was really for all us in-laws and outlaws to get to know each other, because those 12 kids had bonded years ago.

Anyway, after 15 years of doing that, some of the siblings decided to group together and buy their own resort on a lake.  At the time we were asked if we wanted in on that venture, we declined. 

Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes, and if you are fortunate enough to live on one you really have a year round resort right in your backyard.

Home Sweet Home
One of our boys asked us how come we didn't want to be a fourth partner in the lake resort.

Well son....because we have our own resort everyday, so we didn't need to pack up the car for a second job of cutting grass 2 hours away.

And hanging with the in-laws wasn't how I wanted to spend every weekend.   Yeah, well I'm sure most of them didn't want to hang with me that much either. 

So instead I had time to leisurely find my style right at home as we created a place where kids could still make houses out of appliance boxes...

And as they grow up roast hot dogs, have a brew or two, invite friends over, and do it all right in our own backyard.

Last Night
So if you would like to read what I think the style of Bliss Ranch is, ya'll are gonna have to head down South to Texas and see what secrets I shared at From My Front Porch To Yours.

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  1. I just read your post on Pamela's blog and really loved the way you summarized your styles collected into one home. It really resonated with me. And now I see you come from a huge family - I do too, but only 9 compared to your 12. :). We spent an evening with a subset of 26 gathered last night (in laws, nieces, nephews), and I totally get your comments today. Count me in as your newest follower. Have a great weekend - at home. :)
    Rita C at Panoply

  2. Anonymous5/25/2014

    I like your style! Kathy

  3. You really do have a wonderful back yard! No need to go elsewhere. I would love to have all that land and the lake view. I'll have to hop over to Pamela's blog now to see your feature!

  4. The midwest lifestyle is a long way from your "Gidget" days is southern California.

  5. It certainly looks blissful on the ranch, I'm off to check out your guest post.

  6. Loved reading your guest post at From My Front Porch To Yours.
    Love your style whatever it is. You make everything look just right.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. Loved your guest post Bliss! You are an amazing woman and I'm Blessed to know you here in blog land.

  8. What an incredible slice of Heaven you live on Bliss - looks like such an idyllic place to raise kids - I'm headed over to FMFPTY now !

  9. What a wonderful place to raise your family!

  10. Great guest post - I love your unpretentious style. And what a blessed lady you are to have such a lovely spot in the world - and the wisdom to enjoy it.

  11. Sounds perfect to me!

  12. Loved this post and the one over at the Front Porch. I'm moving in with you next week, m'kay?


  13. Just watch out for those children of the corn...

  14. I love this, Bliss...headed over to see your post!

  15. You do sound like you live on your own wonderful resort! HOpe it was a great weekend.

  16. There is no place like home, even on the weekends, or on holidays. My son has been up in Minnesota for the last two months. He is currently up in Voyaguer National Forest camping and says the sights are amazing. I'm saying prayers and biting my nails because he is making the trip solo.

  17. I don't blame you ~ I'd stay at my own resort too! I'm sure there's so much fun going on...who would want to leave? Off to check your style ~

    P.S. I've missed you! Thought I had all the kinks worked out w/my technical problems and today they are back. :(

  18. I was there. In Texas. With you. It was nice to see you!

  19. I love your view! Why go anywhere when you have it all right there? I feel the same about our home, it's not on water (but we have a pool and 2 ponds), it's not large acreage (but we have almost an acre...just perfect for us), we're in the county (only a 10 minute drive to town), and we have campfires, too! And I love the post you shared at From My Front Porch To Yours!
    Debbie :)
    Debbie :)


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