Projects and Pillows

August is just about here.  Seems I spent so much time waiting for it to warm up that now Fall is right around the corner.

But I'm not done working on summer projects outside, in fact I've barely got started!

If I said my patio was a bit blah it would be accurate.  Sure, it's nice, peaceful, has lots of things to do, but it has almost no color.

There are lots of stones and natural elements, but nothing vibrant and happy looking other than some potted flowers I'm surprised I have kept alive.

This photo is from last year.  I hung the buckets again but I planted hostas in them instead of flowers because we have an over abundance of hostas.

Hostas are a nice green color, but notice the long boring stucco wall?  It needs a little something something, and I want to make that little something yet this summer.

The flowers that I did plant really aren't doing all that well this year, sort of stunted, but at least they do supply a little color variation.

I usually plant sweet potato vines with my flowers, but this year I just planted petunias and impatiens.

And because I have no trailing vines, I can see that my window boxes could use a coat of paint, so another one of the projects I want to accomplish is paint the window boxes.

If you are keeping count, I'm up to two projects - art for a boring wall, and freshly painted window boxes.

I also need to paint the backyard shed, paint deck rails, try staining some of those fade resistant forever deck boards that are not very forever or fade resistant, annnnnd if I think on it I'm sure I have 10 other projects I want to get in during August.

Just don't hold me to them all.  Please.

OK, so back to this lack of color issue on my patio.... last week I went looking for pillows.  I thought some colorful pillows would jazz all the gray earthy colors up some.

Did I find any outdoor ones I liked?  Not really.

I wanted something with more than one color but they also had to have some lime green.

Why lime?  Because my faded umbrella used to be lime and the budget wasn't allowing for pillows and umbrella both.

Really the umbrella doesn't look that color anymore - now it's more like a very faded sage and half broken besides.  (I think I'm talking myself into a new umbrella as I type this).

When the wind takes it a mile down the road during a storm and twists it beyond repair, I might just do a happy little jig on the cement and then order another color, maybe bright orange?
Photo source Amazon.com
What color will bright orange fade too, coral?  Cantaloupe?

But back to pillows..... I found some I liked on line but to me they seemed pricey for outdoor pillows and I needed six.

But I wanted them, so I ordered some anyhow.

What I decided to do was order 3 of those, and then 3 solid color pillows in lime, which cost less.

And these are the pillows.... I love them!

They are a generous size lumbar shaped pillow.

The gray on the background is just right up against our chairs, and the variety of colors in the fabric doesn't marry me to one specific solid in the future, although I do like lime.

I also bought two regular size pillows for the deck chairs.

And I love those too!

Don't you think a nice new orange umbrella would look great with those colors?  Oh wait... I forgot I ordered three solid lime pillows.  Maybe I should look for orange instead?

I'll tell Brawn it was your idea.

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  1. Cute! and I love the orange umbrella too!! Happy summertime Bliss!

  2. Love your new pillows and I think an orange umbrella would be perfect...blame me.

  3. I LOVE those printed pillows! Super cute! I'll be hoping for a big strong breeze to knock you umbrella down and take it away soon!!

  4. Well, I came home from work today to our patio umbrella upside down on the lawn! Thank goodness it didn't break, since it's only about 2 years old.

    I love your new pillows! Have you checked out JoAnn Fabrics? They had outdoor pillows on clearance for a really good price. Now, what are you going to make out of the umbrella frame when it finally bites the dust?

    Congrats on all the features of your cute pink kitchen!!!

  5. You can use orange and lime together! Cuz your a wild and crazy girl.

  6. I like those pillows too! And I'm thinking more orange accents... an umbrella would be perfect. Now wasn't that easy :-) I love hostas! We have moles! They eat hosta roots :-( Moles are nasty!

  7. Honestly? I have never put up my umbrella. Because I keep forgetting. Because I am old. And I know that pillow says "Shorehouse," but I couldn't see the "s" and my mind immediately made it a "W", which is one of the reasons I am going to heck.

  8. oh, I'm so glad Kirby said it first! I saw "whorehouse" too, on the pillow! Couldn't figure out why someone would put that word on a cute pillow ! I did a doubletake and saw the small "S" over on the end. Very cute !

  9. I'm did the same as Kirby and Patty and saw horehouse. Better make sure that S is always showing! I say mix the lime and orange and have tons of colour. Tell Brawn you need the new umbrella for the blog. It's a business expense.

  10. Like em'. Were they REALLY expensive (and if not . . . where'd ya get them)? Oh, here's #4 on the whorehouse issue :)

  11. Hmmmm, went down the 'what's that say' for a second too, but luckily didn't get a mental picture of anything.
    Any waaaaaay, love your new cushions and tell Brawn that you definitely need a new orange umbrella !

  12. Those pillows are sooo cute. They're just your style, be it in a horsehouse or on your deck!!

  13. I so agree.. I had so much I wanted to do but just did not seem to get it done.. I am still working on things outside too.. Your pillows look great.. I love the green! I am sure it will all come together... or at least I am hoping it does for me...:) Blessings!

  14. Those pillows are super cool. No.. SUPER COOL!

    I say grab some spray paint and go to town on that brella. Haha!

  15. Ha! I thought that pillow said "whore house"! LOL! You can delete this comment! I cannot wait to get my patio done so I can find some cute pillows and furniture!

  16. August? Hour hottest month of the year! I have no outdoor plans at all for this month.

    love your new pillows!


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