December Unwrapped

For the month of December the elves at Bliss Ranch were busy cobbling together Christmas presents. lighted birch basket

While other bloggers made time to tour and showcase their beautiful homes and holiday decorating - which I might add I happily spent hours visiting and devouring each of them - my dining room table was anything but photo worthy.

No pretty place settings.

I'd put the paint away, then take it back out.

I'd put it away again thinking I was done, and out I'd haul it yet again.

Finally I just let the dining room table stay in a state of craft-ness.  Or is that Bliss-dom?

My last minute table setting...........

Simple table centerpiece

Yeah, I realize it is underwhelming, but once plates and people traveled around it, there was no room for more, and in the end it didn't seem all that important anyway.

I also couldn't show the projects we were working on, you know in case the elves' offspring were to take a peek on the blog.

We had a beautiful tree..... not as lovely as this one at Craftberry Bush that I spent time daydreaming of replicating in the corner where our tree stands.

Craftberry Bush Christmas Tree

Maybe next year.

If you want to know the secret of Lucy's fluffy snow you'll have to go over to the Craftberry Bush blog.  Her whole house tour was one of my favorites.

My daughters cake testers also took up a lot of time.  I lost count on how many flew out the door to be mailed in only a couple weeks, 50 perhaps.  The winner of the one I gave away was Heidi Milton.  

Glass Lampwork beaded Cake Tester via

Of course while crafting, painting and having my mind darting in 100 different directions, there was room for error.....

Spelling Fail Christmas Sign
Not only did I letter that word, I painted it, sanded it, waxed it, accidentally dumped glitter on it, and asked for it to be hung, and NOT ONCE noticed I spelled Santa's name wrong!

Thank you to my husband for catching the error and deciding that this year "Sanat" would become a household word.  After pointing the mistake out to people, more than one of them commented that at least it didn't say satan.

And for inquiring minds...... yes I left the sign hanging.  The full saying; Sanat's Workshop, Do Not Enter, was important information this time of year regardless of the mistake.

That spelling error occurred while I was helping my friend (hi Dii!) make this sign for her house......

Or maybe it happened while I watched my oldest daughter make a sign......

O Holy Night Sign,
Or it could have been one of the two signs my other daughter made that I didn't remember to take pictures of.

I don't really know how the helll I spelled Santa's name wrong, I just know I didn't have time to fix it and it might become a family keepsake just the way it is.

To prove that I did more that just read blogs and look at pretty pictures of holiday homes, I will list the December projects you'll be seeing in the New Year.......
A lego table made from a nightstand
A coffee table painted with Maison Blanche Pewter Organza for a zinc look
A girly sign with a positive message for a certain 4 year old
Target practice set up for BB gun or Nerf
Coffee table gift to match a lettered dresser
Wood lawn games and a new paint job on a bean bag toss
A giant clock made from the top of a wood spool
3 signs, all gifts for my BFF's
And two faux barn beam hanging lights.

However at this point it's a mystery if I remembered to take pictures of all those projects.

So until 2015 posting begins, this is what I will be doing....

and my motto is... no tinsel left behind.

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  1. holy moly, with a project list like that no wonder you couldn't spell. love ya anyways. Happy New Year!

  2. Your Sanat sign truly made me laugh out loud...I would have hung it, too! Have a Happy New Year, Bliss!

  3. Your Sanat sign should come around next year, too! It's definitely good for lightening the spirits ;-)
    I feel the same way about Christmas...there was far too much DOING to be worried about the PHOTOGRAPHING...but oh, how I loved seeing everyone else's Christmas projects!

    Happy New Year, Bliss!

  4. That is too funny about the sign! I didn't even notice it was spelled wrong until you pointed it out. I think my brain just saw it as Santa. LOL! You've been very busy this season. I can't wait to see all of those projects you did. I love the sign that your family made too. You could start a business selling the stuff you make.

  5. I'm laughing at your Sanat sign but must admit that I did a worse spelling mistake on a sign. When I was renovating a store to open, I blocked the windows of with paper and a "coming soon" sign. Unfortunately, I spelled the name of the store wrong and didn't realize it until I saw the puzzled look on people's faces as they dried to figure out what the word was. duh Can't wait to see all your projects done so I can copy them all!

  6. Ha! Sanat Clause is coming to town! Sounds like you have the blog posts through February ready to go, Bliss!

  7. Glad to know you're keeping busy up there! LMBO at your Sanat, knowing full well it could happen to me anytime. I cannot tell you how many times I used my cake tester this season. I'll be interested to see the lego table as the Golden Child asked for one and Sanat didn't bring it. Hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start! Now I'm off to check out that snowy tree.

  8. Glad you had a fun December with friends and family! That's what Christmas and Sanat is all about.

  9. Sounds like Sanat was busy lol.

  10. I think you have the prettiest messiest dining room table in all the world! Somehow my messy crafty dining room table never looked so arty. More like farty. Which is why I moved it all to the basement ...

    Happy holidays, my friend!!! Can't wait to check out all your amazing new projects in 2015! So go and get some pictures taken!er

    :) Linda

  11. At least it didn't say Satan LMHO !!!
    I did that on a subway dresser once - had to redo it since it was being sold lol
    Next year I'm ordering those cake testers for stockings - definitely - they're just gorgeous
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Bliss ( et al )

  12. Here's hoping Sanat was good to you all this year and I can't wait to see what you have for us at the start of 2015. Safe and Happy New Year, Bliss!!

  13. Holy Sanat!! That is totally something I would do Bliss. You have to keep it regardless, it still is awesome and you and your family can chuckle every year about it. Heck, I will too! Happy, Healthy New year to you.

  14. That table certainly looks like a little bit of heaven and is how mine looks now, so many projects, so little time.

  15. I'm playing some catch-up. Ketchup. Catsup.

    Anyway, the whole time I'm thinking, "At least it didn't say Satan." Alas, you beat me to it.



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