Junkers Unite Vintage Scale Sign

How much does St. Nick's toy bag weigh?  Or does it whey?  Or maybe it jingles all the way?

Maybe it does all three?

Well if Santa's toy bag is...
hanging on an antique scale...
hanging on a sign...
hanging on a wall...
hanging at my house...
then I could give you an exact amount of what Santa's bag weighs, wheys or ways.

Dairy Sign With Vintage Scale Bliss-Ranch.com

Even though I'm bad at math, I can do cyphering to get the answer:
1 pc. of shelving + 1 part of a vintage Hanson scale + 1 painted flour sack = 1 heavy sign.

Grand total = A December Junk Team Event that weighs heavy with talented bloggers.

My calculation has a tally of 14 projects created just for December
which adds up to tidings yule should not miss.

This sign is big, it's about six feet long and let me tell you.... Santa and I both love this sign.

Dairy Sign With Vintage Scale Bliss-Ranch.com
I love the attached scale.

And I like the little bag that can hang festively from it for the holidays and then when the 4th of July rolls around I will finally get around to taking it down.  Maybe.

Santa Sack made from flour sack towel Bliss-Ranch.com
I should of tucked in a candy cane and small toy.

Start with cheap white flour sack towels.   They look like diapers, but are basically worthless when wet, so I don't advise trying them out on your baby.

Dairy Sign With Vintage Scale Bliss-Ranch.com

Tape the towel off with masking tape - I eyeballed it since it didn't have to be exact.

Then just paint the towel between the masking tape lines, but put something underneath as it could bleed onto your counter.  When dry peel off the tape.

Dairy Sign With Vintage Scale Bliss-Ranch.com

I mixed up a custom color from a sample pot of Maison Blanche Cerise with a dab of black craft paint.

Dairy Sign With Vintage Scale Bliss-Ranch.com

You will end up with a jolly little towel that doesn't weigh much when it becomes a bag.

Dairy Sign With Vintage Scale Bliss-Ranch.com

I stuffed the bag with some old pillow fill, which I had to do a couple times before I got the shape of the bag the way I wanted it.  The first time it looked like a beach ball.

For the tag sign I used one of the million cedar shakes I have, painted it red and printed out the little jingle on cardstock.

I Mod Podged the cardstock onto the wood, glittered it up and twined it on the scale hook.

Jingle all the weigh tag Bliss-Ranch.com
Free printable at Paging Supermom

The print said Jingle all the Way, and I needed it to say weigh, so I just changed it up.

You get this whole advertising sign thing right?

It's hanging on a scale so it's jingle all the weigh?

The scale is a Hanson dairy scale, hence the curds and whey.

Dairy Sign With Vintage Scale Bliss-Ranch.com

For the sign I used La Chaux Lime Paint also from Maison Blanche.

Dairy Sign With Vintage Scale Bliss-Ranch.com
I get to play with this paint as it sets up, and it is my absolute favorite way to easily make signs look vintage.

This sign changed the whole look of our kitchen eating nook.  There used to be a small Bon Appetit sign hanging there that was pretty blah, now the dairy sign pulls its own weight. 

Now that I've jingled all the weigh, way and whey with you, 
stop in at the following blogs to get visions of sugarplums dancing in your head.

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  1. It turned out "greight"! Santa's little bag really jumps out at you. Glad to be part of the Christmas Junkers United today with everyone! #christmasjunkersunited

  2. That is gorgeous and hysterical! I love it Bliss, great job!!! xo Susan

  3. What a fun sign with the scale, Bliss! You will be able to weigh all kinds of neat stuff after Christmas too.

  4. This is way, weigh, whey CUTE! Love it, Bliss!

  5. Now THAT'S cool! Love this look, it's sheer perfection Bliss!

  6. Love the sign and its perfect little Christmas embellishment!! Very clever :)

  7. Amazing - and it will be perfect year round! I want that sign in my kitchen!!!!!!

  8. Love the sign and all of your weighs/wheys/ways!!

  9. How do I love thee? Let me count the weighs??
    Okay - the sign is fantastic and so are you!
    And now I think I might really have to go and visit the guy I found on craigslist who has 100+ antique table leaves for sale. Don't you think they would make the BEST sign boards??

  10. What a clever saying to tie in the scale and I love that you made your own ticking fabric!

  11. When does YOUR book come out? Awesome.

  12. If I could grab that entire sign through my monitor, you'd have to make another JU project. I LOVE that!!!!!!! Where's the tutorial? What's that? You don't have one?! Then you have another post to write! That's a seriously cool finish on it!

    Your little santa bag was the perfect icing on the cake for one outstanding project. I'm really REALLY in love with this whole thing! #WIN

  13. Looks like everyone wants it, but I know you like me best so I will email you my address! Love it!

  14. Love the play on words! :) your vintage scale looks fabulous!


  15. This is indeed the bee's knees! What a great sign!

  16. oh i love this! and aren't you clever with words! :)

  17. Yep, this is WHEY cool. I need that sign and that candy cane bag in my life.

  18. I love that sign and the scale! The little Christmas sack is cute hanging on it too. You think of every little detail.

  19. LOVE...This is one great sign, Biss! Looks so wonderful!

  20. Anonymous12/02/2014

    I absolutely NEED one of those scales!! So cool. And I love the creative use for it. :)

  21. I'm going to try my hand at some signs over the holiday break. Yours are so cool!

  22. Now that, is a COOL sign!!!!

  23. That sign is AWESOME and the scale? So cool... I actually have a brass scale of my grandmother's that will make an appearance this holiday. Great minds!
    xo Heidi
    PS -- got your decorating mojo flowing yet?

  24. Fantabulous!!! Yes, it's a word!


  25. Anything done with a vintage scale has to be fabulous...in my opinion!!! This is so cute...love this idea!
    Mary Alice

  26. cute. cute. cute. your signs are the best.

  27. Want it. What's your address and when you gonna be out?

  28. You are amazing! Love your sign!!!

  29. 'Whey' to go Bliss, another outstanding sign, love the whole thing and what a great vintage scale.
    Fantasmagorical - that's also a word !

  30. Bliss that is gorgeous how could Santa not love it?

  31. I've been laughing all the weigh through this but jealous of your sign at the same time!

  32. Great sign. I too love the attached scale. That really makes it unique.

  33. Never knew I could paint a flour sack, glad I know now. Thanks for more cool signage inspiration, too!! Merry Christmas ~ Amy

  34. Where can I find the flour sacks ? So very cute! Merry Christmas, Sherrie

    1. Flour sack towels are available most any place that has a kitchen linens section, or Google it for a place in your area or to order on line.


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