On The Agenda - Redo of Dated Jack & Jill Bathroom

A new year brings new projects around here.

The first one on my agenda won't be just a 'paint a table' type thing.

I'm not fluffing any pillows, or hanging a new picture and calling it good.

It won't be happening in the wink of an eye either.

On the chopping block is a 23 year old bathroom that has been neglected and it's time for it to move on from the metallic-y pink shower tiles and girly touches.

Old Tile, Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

And terrible rust stains and rotted window sills from too much moisture.

This bath is a Jack & Jill style - only more like a Jill & Jill since it was two girls that shared it.

The space is actually two separate rooms each with its own door and window that open out to a short hallway attached to both the girls bedrooms via pocket doors. 

One room has a vanity and toilet, the other the tub and another vanity. 

View into Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

Some where in time, the rust passed the point of being under control, and each year the room became more and more dated. 

We knew this area needed to be redone for at least 6 years, probably longer, so knowing it needed some work instead it became completely neglected.

What's left of a wallpaper border will be removed and fresh paint rolled on the walls.

Unless of course you think when my boys take over the bathrooms that they would like this scene?  Curvy torso's in the wild.

My girls never even liked it!

Old Wallpaper, Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

I guess I had some sort of a animal theme going on here - pink animals that are skinned to make bustiers. 

The small step into the tub for previously little girls to easily hop in, will be removed, as will the plain white vinyl flooring.

Old Shower/Tub, Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

We were hoping not to have to replace the cast iron tub, but getting out rust and hard water stains has never proven to be fully successful no matter what those household tips on my Pinterest boards might say.

We live in the country.....we have well water.....we have a softener.  It doesn't matter.   And the tub had a drip for who the heck knows how long.  We're getting a new one.

After 20 years, wear and tear takes it's toll.  I don't think there's a magic cure - no harsh chemicals are strong enough or natural Meyer lemon is big enough to remove the calcium and rust that Mother Nature sent from her earths deep waters onto those shower tiles.

Besides, even if there was some magic cure, I don't have the Herculean strength necessary to scrub it off.

New Pfister Faucet for Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

New "Selia" faucets in brushed nickel supplied by Pfister Faucets will replace the current ones in both sinks as well as the shower.

Old Sink/ Faucet for Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

The counter tops and sinks will be replaced with formed concrete ones, probably in the natural gray look of cement.

View into Jack & Jill Bathroom Pre Redo

As of yesterday both vanity's will no longer be painted per the original plan.  Brawn has decided to build new ones even though with paint and hardware they could have been nicely updated.

He made the executive decision to make more work for himself, I'm off the hook for that (this time anyway).

View into Jack & Jill Bathroom Pre Redo

Windows need to either be scraped and repainted or a couple new sashes will be ordered, the problem caused by excess moisture.

Large mirrors will be framed or cut down smaller and framed, that is if we can even get them off the wall without shattering them.

Decisions need to be made at every turn..... do I want new lights above the mirror or if we resize the mirrors how about a little new wiring and sconces on the side instead?

View into Jack & Jill Bathroom Pre Redo

The ceiling needs a new skim coat due to water damage.  I guess we could even hang lights above the vanity if we wanted too, since holes from new wiring won't matter once the drywall is redone.

A good working venting system for those long moisture filled showers is the #1 priority. 

Not having a working bath fan was what caused many of the problems to begin with.  A new one pictured below is on it's way - it senses moisture and turns itself on and off.
Delta Breeze Moisture Sensing Bathroom Fan, from Home Depot
These cabinet knobs were Christmas ornaments turned into handles.  I thought I was so clever all those years ago. 

Don't you dare laugh at me.

View into Jack & Jill Bathroom Pre Redo

I'm sure some of you recognize the Oh-La-La Paris theme going on in here.

The boys that will take over this bathroom are not so much fans of tacky French decorating, and while I don't want a completely masculine look, both spaces need to appeal to males as well as folks using the adjacent guest room.

From floor to ceiling, the only thing staying is one tall cabinet and the toilet.

View into Jack & Jill Bathroom Pre Redo

Speaking of flooring, isn't that the most exciting photo you've ever seen? 

Plain white vinyl.  I will say it has held up excellent for 23 years, and in case you are wondering, yes it shows every single hair that ever fell from the heads of my two brunette beauties.

View into Jack & Jill Bathroom Pre Redo

One of my very first blog posts was called "What's On Your Toilet?".  Why would a new blogger write about their toilets and toilet paper - jeeze I'm a geek.

Sooooooooooo to recap the work that needs to be done in what is actually two separate spaces;
Ceiling: install bath fan, respray drywall, paint
Tub:  remove that rusty thing (I didn't show you THAT before picture!)
Walls: remove tiles on tub surround, paint all walls and trim
Floor: remove vinyl, remove tub step, install under floor heat, lay stone or ceramic tiles
Hallway: new flooring and paint
Windows: either scrap and repaint, or replace lower sash on two windows
Vanity: build two new vanities, refinish existing tall cabinet
Counters: form and pour two concrete tops with integrated sinks
Plumbing:  install new Pfister faucets in shower/tub and two sinks

I will keep track of costs for this remodel, but please don't keep track of how long it takes us!

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  1. Yup ... it's time. Can't wait to see what you do with things this time around!

  2. How exciting to be updating the bathroom. We are doing our master this year as well. Wowza, I don't know what to say about that wallpaper and thise handles....genius.

  3. Looks like you've got some newfangled products to work with. There's no doubt that you're going to make this room look amazing!! Although I'm sure you are all tired of the French ladies in leopard theme, it was still a pretty adorable room while it lasted, Christmas ornament knobs and all (very clever)!!

  4. It's going to be fun watching the transformation of this space, Bliss! Just thinking of your boys with that wallpaper border had me laughing!

  5. Can't you just spray paint the whole thing blue and call it done??

  6. QUITE the project, Bliss! I applaud the fact you got your money's worth out of the last remodel! :-D
    xo Heidi

  7. Oh la la is what I was thinking after that wallpaper border. Oh my! But then again, I painted my powder room purple, so who am I to talk! Ha! Can't wait to see the magic you and Brawn create in that space! :)

  8. We all have those "what was I thinking" decorating bloopers. I'll admit to ignoring more than my fair share of them around here. You take all the time you need, lol! It's going to be fabulous!

  9. You are right about that whole old rust on old tubs thing. Every time I see people telling me that all I have to do is... I want to wring their neck. I must say that hair has a way of showing up no matter what color the floor or hair is. I know this. And not because I've lived with hairy men.


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