Out With The Old.... Bathroom

There's no turning back now on our Jack & Jill bathroom redo.

Thank goodness!!!!  

Because I don't want any of that stuff back. 


Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

The vanities were both hauled out in one piece and the tops and miscellaneous wood chunks were flung right out the window into the snow.

Goodbye 20+ years of water spotted, calcium deposited, rusted wear.

I had to clean out the drawers and under the sink before they left.

I'll just say gross, glad it's done.  There were two bags of trash, empty girly lotion and potion bottles, and stuff that hasn't been gone through in ages.

Like this drawer of old hair things.

Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

I won't miss any of it, and my sons won't be needing these things. 

I've got the memories.

I found a navy and white hair barrette that I remember putting in my oldest daughters wisps of brown hair at two years old to match a cute little summer dress.

And daughters.......... what's up with all the contact lens cases and supplies I found in there?  Neither of you wore contacts! 

I guess their friends were at home here, which is a good thing if you ask me.

Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

The long cabinet on the left will stay, but it will get a makeover of course. 

Next up - the floor will be pulled out, and the nasty old rusty bathtub will be kicked to the curb.

Fortunately the mirrors came off in one piece, so those can be cut down to the size we want, framed, and reused.  Saves $$.

Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

You will also notice I couldn't wait to rip some of that wild torso wallpaper border off.  I found half a roll of it in the cabinet, which I asked my son if he wanted.  Instead of making a disgusted face at me, he actually laughed.

Over the weekend we picked up a brand new tub from a plumber on craigs list. 

 "Brand new kohler cast iron tub K715 with Left Hand Drain. Never installed, has slight scratch on bottom corner of apron (see pics). Will help load but you must pick up. 60" x 30".

Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

What would have been a $400 heavy cast iron Kohler tub was $175.  I offered $150 and said we would come get it with cash right away.

The man told us there was a tiny scratch on the bottom right corner and their client refused it. 

It sits in my family room now waiting it's turn to be installed.

The scratch will be covered by the flooring so I was happy to pay less, and it wasn't noticeable anyway. 

Speaking of flooring, I'm thinking of using this multi colored slate since we have a box of the stuff left from a guest bathroom redo.  Using this will also save money, but I have to determine if I can work it into my vision.

Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

I laid it out on the bathroom floor to see if I like it.  We would probably use the sealer on it that gives it the wet look, so the colors would end up being deeper. 

I'm not sure yet, and making decisions on finishes and color is the hardest part for me.  I just know I don't want all white - been there, done that.

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  1. I'm sure it's going to look fabulous - are you having a sale on scrunchies to help pay for it?

  2. i can't wait to see this space take shape!!!!

  3. You are really moving on that project! Great find with that tub! When I cleaned out one of my drawers I found a couple of my daughter's old hair things I had kept...a scrunchie from gymnastics, and a pink beaded satin barrette. Both from the 80's and too precious to get rid of...

  4. How exciting to be doing a bathroom renovation! I know it's a ton of work and a lot of mess but it will be beautiful when it's done. That slate floor will certainly camouflage dirt or hair on the floor if you choose it. I have white floors in my bathroom and it shows everything!!!

  5. Lotions and potions, LOL. Gosh it must feel so cleansing. WHY do we keep all that stuff for so long? So glad your mirror is still in one piece. Looking real good, Bliss!!

  6. That is a super deal on the tub! And I am somewhat disappointed that you are not opening the first ever Scrunchie Museum, but I realize you are pressed for time.

  7. There's no turning back now, is there? And too funny about the contact cases. I was nodding along (I wear contacts) right on up until the part that they don't! Ha!

    :) Linda

  8. You are Queen B of reuse/repurpose, so I see no need for you to buy something new for that floor. It'll be fantastic, whatever you do. You can't convince me otherwise!
    Fantastic deal on that tub. I'll say for the 250th time that I'm so jealous of your very helpful, hardworking and talented hubby. Magoo just has no interest in such things. Good thing he's a good cook and makes me laugh or I'd have to toss him! LOL

  9. Ooh, some nice colors in that tile, and will get even better when sealed. Hope your backs are OK after lifting that humongous thing! You better baby Brawn this weekend! Admiring your determination on this project. Have a good weekend.
    Later - Cheryl

  10. Congratulations!!! I would be so excited! I was hoping this would be the year for our much needed bathroom makeover but one sons getting married and one daughter's going off to college... Maybe next year. I love that floor. I think it's perfect!

  11. Congratulations!!! I would be so excited! I was hoping this would be the year for our much needed bathroom makeover but one sons getting married and one daughter's going off to college... Maybe next year. I love that floor. I think it's perfect!

  12. How exiting! It will be fabulous! I hear ya on all the little hair shtuff.

  13. I'm wildly envious of you getting a new bathroom! Both of mine need to be ripped out. I'm partly holding off because of the expense but mostly procrastinating because of the work. Can't wait to see yours done!

  14. Great deal on the tub. I need think to look on Craig's list for things like that! I wish I could tear out my bathroom. But I guess I need it. Good luck with the whole thing. I can't wait to see the sink and counter.


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