Family Contributions to Filling #1 Sons Walls

I wasn't sure what to title this post.

First I had "My Art At #1 Sons House".  But I just make stuff, I wouldn't call it art.

So I changed the title to Stuff I've Made.  But I didn't like that either, it's not all about me.

So as I type this, I'm not sure what the post title will end up being.  Maybe I'll call it Purple Monkey Dishwasher.

It's a thing.  I didn't know that till writing this post.  I thought purple monkey dishwasher was just something my kids said when they were young, wrong again mom.

Green Wood Coffee Table With Wood Top,
Anyway, if your worst nightmare is having your mother in law wander around your house with a camera, let me introduce myself.

I definitely recall sticking dishes in my oven one time when I heard my mother in law pull in the driveway.  The woman raised 12 kids, she wouldn't have cared one bit about my dirty dishes, and I knew that but I did it anyway.

Fortunately my daughter in law is smarter than I was.

So one day I stopped in with my camera to take photos of their house.  Most of my photos sucked.  I didn't have the settings right on my camera so I'll need to do it again.

Sorry H. and #1 son, I'll give you warning if the camera is coming with me.

Wood Spool Top Clock,

In spite of my camera settings being off, I managed to salvage some photos of stuff I'm very familiar with.

Like that spool top clock.  I've got one too, so does daughter #1, which was only fitting since Son in law #1 picked up the spools for me.

Each of them either like the junk Brawn and I have made for them, or they are counting the days till we retire to Florida so they only have to hang it up when they know we are coming for a visit.

Giant Wood Yardstick Growth Chart,

One of the first things I made for #1 son at their other house, was this giant wood yardstick so they would know how fast their babies are growing.  Fast, just like mine did.

A positive affirmation sign I painted for a certain 5 year old hangs above her bed in hope someday she will read it and know the words to be true.

Little Girls Positive Affirmation Sign,

I have a sign pinned that I want to make for her brother, except his won't be as large.

But I'm not the only one who makes this family stuff to hang on their new walls.

If you ask #2 daughter to make something for you, or show her a picture of what you have in mind, you can pretty much count on receiving it.

She will even make the frame.

Bicycle Art,

Unlike her mother who can stencil her little heart out, the daughter free hands her art.

Stenciled Antiques Sign,

Everyone contributes a talent.

The handiwork of the Grand Pooh-bah probably takes the cake.

No sign can compete with that beam light and the vent cover.

Wood Beam Ceiling Light, Wood Vent Hood,

That table in the first photo?  Well none of us had anything to do with it.  #1 Daughter in law picked that up just how you see it, and I like her style.

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Little Girls Positive Affirmation Sign
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  1. All very cool stuff. And you know I googled purple monkey dishwasher. I'm totally unfamiliar with that phrase. Huh. Who knew it was actually a thing?


  2. Great stuff- every bit of it. You are talented and it is wonderful that the kids receive the reward of your artwork...and IS art work in spite of your nay-saying.
    That beam and range hood are amazing!!!! xo Diana

  3. What lucky kids to have a mil who wants to help with their home. The light feature is awesome.


  4. i want to see the whole house!!!!!! i love that light fixture and love that they have so many of your pieces! that makes it extra special!

  5. wow. love the light from the ceiling!

  6. So many wonderful creative things in this house...and I love the range hood, too! I wonder how many of us will go look up "purple monkey dishwasher"? It's actually a great term!

  7. Ok, I demand that you go back and get a lot more pics! You're such a tease! I adore the kitchen light they made. So neat! I want to see more of that room and the rest of their cool rustic house. I love the one of a kind artwork they have from you and what they made.

  8. I just loved your whole idea. But specially the style of bulbs. A I am also a contractor I'll definitely try your ideas. Maryland Roofing Company

  9. Love the lighting! The décor is all wonderful! You are a very nice MIL indeed! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  10. I think I'm going to use that wood beam ceiling light tutorial to make my dining room light. But it won't have a beam. My ceilings are too low.

  11. ohhh, too bad about the camera settings. I want to se more! :)

    Their home looks beautiful.

    great job mom!


  12. A video walk thru would be ideal, meanwhile, I think it says a lot that their home is filled with your family's homemade "stuff", and highly doubt that they will take it down when your not looking cause your on a beach in Florida.


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