The Dirt On The Potting Bench Sign

If you go through our gate with the watch out for dog-doo sign hanging on it, walk straight toward a shed with a barn cupola on top, take a left, go past the patio with the rock pond, the play ground and the deck, across from the pool, on the far side of the yard at the edge of the woods, wedged between the empty squirrel feeder and some wood for the fire pit ....... you will arrive at the final resting place of my potting bench.

I can get dirty there and it doesn't matter.

Reclaimed Potting Bench Dirty Hoe Sign,

Last July I picked up a couple cheap things and my handyman whipped up a potting bench to replace a potting shelf that was falling apart.  You can read about the potting bench build {here}.

Those "things" consisted of an old work bench and a childs IKEA metal headboad.  For ten bucks I had a place to officially store my dirt.

It was fine, a nice weathered yard piece that looked like I had potted at it for a century, but I thought it needed a bit of dry brushing with off white paint, and a sign.

I picked up a piece of junk wood off the garage floor and started messing with different colors of Fusion Mineral Paint.

Reclaimed Potting Bench Dirty Hoe Sign,

It ended up blue and yellow, Fusion Inglenook and Prairie Cream, sort of mixed together, with Ash lettering.

This needed to be quick, I've got plants to pot, so I wanted to use the cardboard letter stencils from the lumber yard.

And my first choice, The Rusty Shovel, wasn't going to fit.

But Dirty Hoe did.

Reclaimed Potting Bench Dirty Hoe Sign,

I stenciled the letters and hand painted the lines shut that the stencils leave on, then added a bit of shading.  Last I sanded to distress and sealed it up with a couple coats of varnish.

My boys snickered at the sign but when I sent my BFF a cell phone photo she said it was fitting.  I think she was serious.

Reclaimed Potting Bench Dirty Dirt Soil Can,

To complete the ensemble, the potting soil can also got a stencil spray painted on its side.

I guess a dirty hoe would need a dirty dirt can to keep the dirt in right?

Reclaimed Potting Bench Dirty Dirt Soil Can,

Too bad I missed World Naked Gardening Day.

Google it, I didn't make it up, it's a real thing.

Just not in my yard no matter how dirty I get.

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  1. If the sign fits.....just sayin'! I abstained from Naked Gardening Day too, you kind of wonder who participates?!

  2. Ha! Ha! I love this! I want a potting bench with a risque sign. I had a potting shed...but it got relegated to hunting hut. Guess I can't do Naked Gardening now that I live in town.

  3. OH I love that sign...whether it's fitting or not. Still laughing, Bliss.

  4. I love your sense of humor!!

  5. I can't stop laughing. I love it.

  6. But I like my hoes clean. And my dirt too! Do you have a problem with critters getting in your dirty dirt?

  7. The perfect title for a potting bench (or a punk rock band)! Love it!!

  8. Haha! So you. I love it. Now go get dirty all you want.

  9. I LOVE your dirty hoe sign Bliss! You're so clever and funny!!!



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