Rootbeer Mini Keg Turned Canister

Fusion Mineral Paint has some new colors, and I'm a lucky duck to get my webbed feet on some.

13 colors total, and I headed straight for the orange.

Fusion Mineral Paints New Colors

I've been waiting for something with orange, as well as a green that is less bright or emerald-ish, because you know... I don't often use bright colors even though I like them.

 And please don't judge me by that dusty chicken dinner can.  Same old roo but he's getting a new roost.

Chicken Feed Can Fusion Tuscan Orange

Aunt Jennylyn* sent me some jars to try and I've turned them to the back so you can see the new colors.

The top left one is called Putty.  It's a just right not-white dab of greige, shade. 

Top right is called Brook.  Again, it's not an over the top bright color, but it is a color my color challenged self can use, and it happens to look fantastic with each of the new colors that arrived.

Bottom left -  Bayberry.  This is a perfect for me green sort of a homespun tone, and I will use it on Christmas projects, a little olive but not as olivey as olive.

Yeah I realize my color descriptions are weird, deal with it.

Then there is that Tuscan Orange.  It's a bit darker and more orange than my photo above looks, it's more accurate on the can below. 

Chicken Feed Can Fusion Tuscan Orange

A nice thing about these paints is I can custom mix them to come up with exactly a shade I might want, so if I wanted more of a burnt orange, I can mix it up.

Anyhooooo, it's October and Fall, so orange fits in no matter how you slice it.  Plus my color of choice in accents around my place is orange.  Maybe not coupled with black, but I can turn this can around and paint a pumpkin face on it if I want.

If you've been reading around here for a few years you know that I'm in my element once Fall arrives, which includes Halloween.

However this year I have a white pumpkin.  Yes, ONE pumpkin.

So far that is what my seasonal decorating consists of but at any given moment I could get a burst of energy and go hog wild.  Or not.

It has just been sort of an odd September for me.  A new season of my life perhaps?

A certain five year old and her eight year old brother who kept me company in September's past, are both now in school.  This is the first Autumn in those eight years without one of them here as my sidekick and I miss those little buggars.

When I tell people that fact they like to remind me that I have a new littler buggar to dote on and of course I'm thrilled with that, but still miss the other two. And they are a pretty terrific five and eight year old if I do say so.  I'll get used to it even if I don't want too.

I probably can't compete with kindergarten and 3rd grade anyway.

But just look at those baby cheeks on the newest arrival!

I'm also having a bit of trouble with how fast time marches on.

Speaking of time, it's about time that I did a few projects don't 'ya think? 

Enter this old 1919 Root-beer keg can that was originally used in a guest post over on my friend Cassie's blog when it had it's first conversion.

Chicken Feed Can Fusion Tuscan Orange

Back when I did the post we had chickens and she didn't.  Now it's reversed.  I've got her by a duck though.

I originally didn't have the chicken feed vision for the keg, I was going to paint it different, but the top already had the little vintage chicken fastened on it so I stuck with it.

The ceramic chicken was given to me about 30 years ago by a friend who had a little antique shop.  She would give me all sorts of random stuff.  She passed away  20 years ago, and now those bits and pieces of her shop are a nice memento that make me think of her.

So back to the keg-can.

It was from a graduation party of a root-beer loving son who also happened to be our resident chicken farmer, hence why it became a can for scraps to slop the hogs.  Chickens eat all sorts of stuff almost like feathered pigs.

I wasn't feeling particularly creative the day I made it over the first time - all I did was paint it white and stick letters on it, but I was happy to have a place to toss the scraps for the birds.

Chicken Feed Can Fusion Tuscan Orange

All you eagle eyes are noticing in the photo above it's white with black letters, unlike the first photo I showed you. 

One day I got a wild hair and spray painted it gray - I have no idea why - and peeled the black letters off to reveal white lettering.  No big thrill for sure, I must have been bored - and I stuck it in a cabinet not to see the light of day till this week.

Chicken Feed Can Fusion Tuscan Orange
Home Goods Inspiration Can
Well this time I got out some lumber yard letter stencils and intended to duplicate a can I saw at Home Goods, but it stayed fowl instead.

Chicken Feed Can Fusion Tuscan Orange

To distress it I used a new trick I learned.  Simply paint a piece of wood lightly with the color you want, and drag it across where you want it to look worn.  Easier than sanding and painting two colors.

Chicken Feed Can Fusion Tuscan Orange

The keg is ten inches tall not including the chicken and 6 1/2 inches wide.

Chicken Feed Can Fusion Tuscan Orange

Instead of root-beer or chicken scraps, the keg now holds Clementine's duck food. 

Chicken Feed Can Fusion Tuscan Orange

I do have a little ceramic duck, but I figured about the time I took the chicken off and replaced it with a duck, someone around here would ask if we could get chickens again.

Chicken Feed Can Fusion Tuscan Orange

And fortunately Clementine can't read.

*Disclaimer, Jennylyn isn't really my aunt, but she really did send me paint compliments of Fusion.

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  1. Doesn't look lie a root beer keg anymore! Fun! And I love the chicken on top!
    It does take some getting used to when the little ones leave...xo

  2. the orange is perfect for this time of year. I love rocking the babies so I would take that one if you want to give it away!

  3. I love the kegs, and the baby is adorable!

  4. Legs are good, but babies are better.

  5. Thanks for distressing paint tip. What a sweet little cherub you have there.

  6. That's so cute! That was a great way to use some of your new paints and recycle something you weren't using. I would love to have a duck on a pond near my house. So neat!

  7. That is too adorable! I've never seen a keg can, but if I do, you can bet I'm gonna buy it!

  8. I've seen those keg cans and thought they were so cute! Even cuter now!

  9. I love those cheeks. I've been spending time with some cheeks of my own. And a baby, too. But where's the picture of Clementine? I miss her. Even if she can't read her cute, new food barrel.


  10. So I have a keg like that (sorta). Does the top come off or did you have to saw it or something? Love it in orange.

  11. Hi, this blog post just gave me so many ideas to do some DIY projects at home, I'm sure I'll give try some of them. Thanks for sharing!
    Jenny - Pressure Cookers HQ


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