Bliss Ranch 2016 Pick 'O The Litter Projects

I had my favorite projects of 2016, but that doesn't mean they were also my readers favorites.

So like the November election results, some of these reader project favorites of the year, might surprise you!

Even if they are not everyone's favorite, the Bliss Ranch Blog readers have spoken and these are the results......

The Top Eight

Bliss-Ranch.com Top Projects of 2016

At the ranch we kicked off 2016 with remodeling an outdated Jack & Jill bathroom.  It took a while but it went from girly pink to gray neutral.

Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo, Bliss-Ranch.com

The shower subway tile and plank flooring were supplied by South Cypress, and all plumbing fixtures supplied by Pfister Faucets.

You can read about the bathroom journey at all the links below 
and see the before photos of tacky French pink torso wallpaper - ooooh la la:

There was a lot of cement work going on around here as I looked back at 2016.

The Jack & Jill bathroom received two poured concrete counter tops, our front entry and walk way now wear new steps and freshly stained concrete, but the project choice of readers was our concrete plank patio table.

Cement Planked Patio Table Bliss-Ranch.com

I have to say that was definitely one of our favorite projects too.

A big tree fell on the table in a summer storm and it was no worse for the wear.  The table that is - the tree was a mess!

The concrete planks won't be blowing away or smashed in a storm, they look fantastic, and the table can seat ten, not to mention if someone gets a little tipsy and spills their vittles, all we have to do is hose it off.

Cement Planked Patio Table Bliss-Ranch.com

Another outdoor addition was a potting bench sign.

I was feeling a little sassy the day that one was painted, but it cracks me up, and apparently it cracks my readers up too!

Potting Bench Sign, Bliss-Ranch.com

Feeling cheap last spring and disappointed in how the colors on a rather large and pricey front door mat held up, I painted it with a variety of shades for a bright happy welcome addition.

Painted Welcom Mat, Bliss-Ranch.com

Below, a gentleman's dresser was painted in the new Tones For Tots colors of Fusion Mineral Paints and became a baby changing table for a new little man who likes to snuggle and nap on my lap.

Antique Gentleman's Dresser Turned Baby Changing Table, Bliss-Ranch.com

It seems Bliss Ranch readers like wood tool totes up-cycled and turned into good looking table decorations as much as I do.

Up-Cycled Wood Tool Tote Table Centerpiece, Bliss-Ranch.com

This Maple Syrup tote was painted last Fall and I still admire it each time I walk by.  Currently it has Christmas decorations in it, I'm not sure what it will hold after the first of the year.

I picked up a table at a garage sale to redo for Daughter #1 and it sat in the shed as something she didn't think she was looking for.

Pallet Wood Planked Side table, Bliss-Ranch.com

That is until it made its appearance with a planked pallet wood top and new paint job.  This side table project made me want to plank my coffee tables too, so maybe that will be a January 2017 project?

What I have learned about my blog readers over the years is that the projects that I think will wow, don't necessarily become fan favorites.

My very loyal readers (whom I truly thank for that!) tend to favor a simple project or idea they can replicate themselves like the front door mat, or a project of mine that has a personal story.

Old Family Toy Box Lettered & Painted, Bliss-Ranch.com

Like the old toy box above that Great Grandpa Herb built for me and I gave an update to for the newest member of the family.

I didn't alter Herb's design because to do so would have been to change what he made, so I freshened it up and named it after him for the next generation.

Like I said, those eight projects might not have been my favorites, or the ones I would have picked to highlight, but those eight were the projects that you - my wonderful readers - put at the top.

But just so you know.... I love them all too.

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  1. Beautiful work Bliss! Best wishes for a happy 2017!!!

  2. ive said it before...you are a rock star. your projects are always so creative and amazing. hope you had a lovely christmas.

  3. your projects are always winners. Do especially love that planked table and the Dirty Hoe sign.

  4. Loving them too! Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you and yours! :)

  5. You had some wonderful projects for 2016, Bliss! I'm always inspired by your creativity! Happy New Year!

  6. Everything you do is so interesting and you do a great job of making it your own. Very professional !!!
    Have a happy New Year.
    Audrey Z.

  7. I can't pick a favorite, there's something about every one of your projects that I'd love to incorporate into one of my own. Thanks for all the inspiration in 2016!!

  8. You did some incredible makeovers last year! I look forward to seeing whats in store this year.

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  18. You've been a busy girl this year! Love the bathroom redo and the pallet topped table!

  19. I totally enjoyed your year in review! I'm sometimes surprised by the projects that are picked as favorite of the year. Not with yours...love them all! Happy New year & wishing you the best in 2017! XO - Wendi@H2OBungalow


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