Earthy Holiday Pillows From Sew A Fine Seam

I've mentioned in the past that the colors in our family room are muted shades of rusty orange, browns, and earthy colors.

We like it that way, specially at Christmas when the pine cones are in old crates  and a fire is snapping in the hearth.

Pine cones 7 up crate,

And I love these three pillows as much as the warmth of the fire and glow of the Christmas tree.

Plaid Pillows Sew A Fine Seam,

Last year I decided to stop fighting those colors at Christmas and use copper and bronze shades, with touches of green and gold, and send the red I have at this time of year to other rooms at our house.

Copper Colored Ornaments,

I've also mentioned before that I don't sew.

I have tried.

I must accept the limits of my abilities, and profess those of my friend Jill.

Plaid Pillows Sew A Fine Seam,

Jill from Sew A Fine Seam knows how to sew and came to my rescue this year when I wanted to add some wintry pillow covers that would compliment the warm pine cone brown and burnt orange colors of our family room.

She makes these same designs in awesome red pillows for the holiday season, but I was eyeing up her fall pillow colors with using those Christmas designs.

Plaid Pillows Sew A Fine Seam,

Jill didn't know about this rug when she chose that plaid fabric from her stash.

I love this rug, and I love these pillows. 

The colors are fantastic together, nothing competes or looks out of place, but still says holiday, winter, and put another log on the fire.

I love them.

Did I mention that already?

Plaid Pillows Sew A Fine Seam,

Our regular pillows and throws are all shades of copper and orange, and this Merry and Bright pillow in a shimmery copper sends a holiday message without me having to transform the whole room to red for the holidays.

We've got a lot of throws, because we've got a lot of cold torso's around here in winter.

Just saying I love the pillows she made isn't enough.  They are spot on for quality and as perfect as ever on our couch.

Plaid Pillows Sew A Fine Seam,

The moose pillow can stay out all winter and I love the bright muslin background against our leather couch.

The pillow covers are envelope style so when I decide to put my other covers back on, these will fold right off.

Yeah, I love that moose pillow.

Plaid Pillows Sew A Fine Seam,

At any given time we can gaze out the back windows and see deer wandering around, and now I can gaze at this deer silhouette inside on my couch.

The deer pillow too can remain on the couch all winter.

Guess what?  I love that deer pillow.

Plaid Pillows Sew A Fine Seam,

Sew A Fine Seam has an online shop you really should check out.  Click {here}... I promise you will love her designs.

And no, I don't get a cut of her business, I just like sharing with my readers when I find quality products that I love.  Did I say it again?  Umm hmmm, I love these pillows.

I realize the earthy plaid colors might not work for everyone at this time of year, but they are perfect for Christmas in our family room, and seriously.......... how cute are these red plaid pillows Jill makes........ perfect for traditional holiday decorating!

Plaid Pillows Sew A Fine Seam,
Pillows from Sew A Fine Seam, Big Cartel
 Man, I sure love the red pillows too.

Plaid Pillows Sew A Fine Seam,
Jill's Deer pillow
Not in the market for holiday pillows?  That's ok because Jill changes up her shop, and every design she makes is as great as the ones before.

The craftsmanship of these hand made products exceed any I have come across in the store.  If you read the Sew A Fine Seam blog you can tell she puts her heart into everything she makes.

I may have mentioned I love my new pillows, Jill certainly does Sew A Fine Seam.

Find Sew A Fine Seam at:
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  1. I love these, B. They are so perfect for your room.
    Great job, Jill!

    1. Thank you Tina! Bliss was so fun to create these for - I love it when a friend and client is so head-over-heels in love with what I create!

  2. Jill has some awesome pillows and I love following along. Those pillows are perfect for your room. Love the deer and moose and how light naturals always help to brighten up a darker leather couch (my favourite.) I always use lots of neutral christmas decor but have my red plaids too. Next year I want to do the whole main floor with neutrals/naturals and move the red to the bedrooms and basement tv room. Now I'm inspired to look for a brown and natural plaid.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Isn't it great how you can use non-traditional Christmas colors but still bring in the sparkle of the season with the metallics and the Christmas-y silhouettes?!

  3. Those are PERFECT for your home! I just realized that Jill dropped off my reading list at some point. How did that happen? She is truly a genius with her sewing abilities. Love your pillows and we like throws, too- xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana! I've been MIA in the blog world the past few months. This handmade biz has just been growing so fast I had to let that slide a bit!

  4. her pillows are amazing and those are so pretty with your decor.

  5. Oh I love these pillows...and they are perfect for your space! Keep warm this weekend...

  6. Bliss - I LOVE how these look in your home! Now I want to come over and snuggle up under one of those throws and have coffee with you!

  7. Earthy sounded like dirt to me. This is SO much nicer!! I'm all over the red buffalo checks and plaids this season. Great pillows!

  8. Those pillows match your carpet perfectly. Jill is so talented. It looks truly cozy now. Can I join in on the coffee clutch?


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