Thrifty Style Team June Stool Makeover

Thrifty Style.  What exactly is that?

It might be something different to you than it is to me.

Is it simply shopping at thrift stores and garage sales, or is it taking something you find at those places and remaking the item into something better or something that works more for your own taste and style?

Or is it updating an item you already own to keep you out of thrift stores and away from garage sales?

Is it all of those things and then some?

Thrifty Style Team,
To me it mostly means reusing something no matter where it came from, so it's a bit recycle too I guess.

Reusing something can be looking at a piece already on my shelf in a new way, picking up a new to me item and plopping it in my home just as it is, or recreating that plopped down item by embellishing, painting, or using it in a way it really wasn't intended.

For this months Thrifty Style I wanted to add a bit more of the orange or salmon colors of a recent cedar porch cushion redo.

Sunbrella Fabric Porch Makeover,

The orange didn't photograph very accurate, it isn't red and it isn't pink, and apparently my camera doesn't care.

The past life of my sun room cushions involved the fabric that they came with - a deep rose fabric from back in the 80's - to a redo in the 90's with blue ticking stripe.

Now if you ask me gramma's ticking stripe is always in style, but the blue was being phased out in favor of something brighter, and the ticking fabric itself had lots of stains from many years of wet butts fresh out of the pool sitting on them while licking down an ice pop of some kind.

In other words, the 20 year old fabric on the cushions really looked like helll.  And jeeeezzzz the 90's were 20 years ago, holy cow!

At the suggestion of someone somewhere, maybe another blogger, maybe the lady that stitched the new covers, I don't remember, but the idea was given to me to use a water resistant fabric such as sunbrella.

I also determined on my own that using an all over print fabric would blend in any future ice pop drips and water marks.

But back to the thrifty style I am posting about today, which isn't about that fabric or the updating going on in that three season porch, it's about a little blue stool going orange.

Blue Stool Makeover Fusion Mineral Paint,

Before the blue, it was a rather ugly flesh color with a top coat of glitter paint, neither of which are really noticeable in the photo above, so you'll have to trust me on that description.

I was not responsible for the flesh color or the glitter, I picked the stool up for a buck at a garage sale.

Blue Stool Makeover Fusion Mineral Paint,

Last year I gave it a coat of blue which was the perfect shade to go with the ticking fabric and get one more year out of the ticking fabric, but the blue didn't go as well with the new paisley print of the new fabric, so a new coat of vibrant Tuscan Orange from Fusion Mineral Paint was in order.

It just so happened that the blue stool matched very nicely in the garage. 

Blue Stool Makeover Fusion Mineral Paint,

It's worth mentioning that last month a momentous event occurred around here .... the cleaning out of two stalls of the garage which made it possible to paint the stool someplace other than my dining room table.

It was a miracle I tell 'ya.

Don't even ask about the third stall.

Blue Stool Makeover Fusion Mineral Paint,

The Tuscan Orange is just the bright pop of color I want in the cedar porch.  The blue looked fine, but the orange looks finer.  Fusion also makes a salmon/coral color which would have looked nice as well.

Someone better than me at picking out paints and fabrics informed me that orange and blue work good together, something about being complimenting colors on the color wheel of life.  

So technical to my paint and color challenged self.

All I know is that the orange-y cedar log siding in that porch wasn't going to be taken down and I didn't want to fight the tones - just go with them. 

Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils,

Anyway, after the little blue stool was painted orange I decided to give it a design.  I have lots of Old Sign Stencils from Donna of Funky Junk fame, so it was basically narrowing down which one I wanted to use.

And Donna happened to paint up her own little stool and used these stencils on the top.  I guess great minds think alike.

Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils,

This Old Sign Stencils design is a pattern called Plaid Shirt.  

I didn't get extra fancy with anything on this stool unless you consider the dove gray tipped legs fancy.  I just wanted that pop of color but couldn't resist a bit of design and Old Sign Stencils make that easy to do.

Blue Stool Makeover Fusion Mineral Paint,

Now the best part of June's Thrifty Style is pointing you in the direction of all the other blogs with by far more style than me.  

Just look at all of them below, each one putting their own magic into their home with their take on a bit of thrifty style, so make sure you stop in to see what they've got going on by clicking on the photos wayyyyyy at the bottom.

Thrifty Style Team,

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  1. Love that is fresh and fun and the stool is a great little ORANGE accent piece. xo Diana

  2. Oh, I haven't seen that stencil before. Very cute! Loving the orange and I'll REALLY be loving it in October when I go into my all-things-must-be-orange phase!

  3. I almost went orange with a chair I did in our laundry room. I was so close, but went with green. I still might do the chandelier in orange though. I love it, Bliss!

  4. I love that fabric and the stencil on the stool is the perfect touch. Your fun personality shines through in your writing!!!

  5. That fabric is so fresh and fun! The stool is the perfect addition...and coordinates so well! What a great find! I'm so glad to be a part of the Thrifty Style Team with you! <3

  6. Tuscan Orange for the win! It looks great with the fabric and I love the subtle stripes on the top!

  7. Definitely what the blue stool needed, LOVE the new Tuscan Orange, and the stencil is the frosting on the cake. I can't wait to FINALLY start working with you on the Thrifty Style Team. It;s about time we work together, wouldn't you say?
    Have a great week, my friend.

  8. more style then you?? that's not true and you know it. your redo's are always so amazing.

  9. Love the bright new color and the stencil and dipped legs add an extra punch. So cute and it looks great with your pretty fabric.

  10. I'm glad you're still moving in the Orange direction. Heck, I'm glad you're still moving! I miss you!

  11. That is so me great fabric and I love the new paint job on the stool!

  12. I love your new fabric, Bliss...and the orange stool is the perfect pop of color! Great color combination! Hope you are enjoying that porch!

  13. Bliss, love the orange stool and the new fabric! So glad to be part of this fun Thrifty Team with you! :-)

  14. Such a colorful and pretty combo! You are so dang talented Miss Bliss!

  15. Love the subtle details on the stool and how it pops with your new fabric. It all looks so cozy together. Now we just need a glass of ice tea;)

  16. You're going to love the water resistant fabric. They are also pet resistant which to me is one of the best things about it. But I don't have a pool or people eating popcicles. I just like it that the squirrels haven't eaten it, like they did the quilt I had outside for chilly nights. Love the new look with the paisley. I think paisley is perfect for wicker.


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