Popcorn Cart Stocked With PoppedCorn Gourmet Treats

Over summer our place was like a bee hive.

Worker bees everywhere.

Coming and going, hammering and nailing, flying in and out of the hive with pieces of pallets was our form of honey.

Then just like that in one day it's all over and as they say, all that's left are the memories.

But if you're lucky there are a few bags of popcorn left too!

PoppedCorn Popcorn Cart Wedding,

Back in July I wrote about PoppedCorn Gourmet Treats from Minnetonka, Minnesota and that their amazing popcorn would be making an appearance in the wedding tent of Daughter #2.  If you didn't read that post you can catch up on what I'm talking about {here}

PoppedCorn Popcorn Cart Wedding,

Well the popcorn arrived, and if I had to sum it up in one word it would have to be "yummy!".

PoppedCorn Popcorn Cart Wedding,

After discussing my vision with the owner Sue, we chose to have the popcorn in mini bags, which by the way is THE perfect snacking amount.

They may be called mini, but they're a generous portion, 3 cups worth, with the size of a filled bag about 6" tall and 4" wide.

PoppedCorn Popcorn Cart Wedding,

Serving the different flavors in the little bags rather than having the popcorn out in the open air, ensures that it stays fresh.

Who wants to eat stale popcorn right?  If there is any amount of humidity in the air that popcorn would suck up the moisture and be crunch-less in no time.

Thanks to Sue for offering that option - it really was the only way to go since our beautiful Minnesota Autumn evenings can get cool and damp in September.

Having the single serving size bags also allowed us to set the cart up the night before, leaving the bridesmaids and I time to primp and wet hair photo bomb on Saturday morning while the bride poured us up mimosas.

But I still had a vision of popcorn spilling out of bins, and the little bags worked out perfectly with less mess, less waste, and plenty of crunch.

PoppedCorn Pallet Wood Popcorn Cart Wedding,

For the display we used what we had, which as I mentioned was free pallets, to build a big stationary "cart".

An old wagon wheel was literally rolled out of our landscaping and put to use as cart decoration, and I went to a tractor supply store and bought three metal bins.  I will use those bins next spring for plants.

PoppedCorn Pallet Wood Popcorn Cart Wedding,

The bride and groom chose three main flavors of popcorn; Buttery, Parmesan & Garlic, and White Cheddar.

An old fruit crate was called into service that Brawn added tree trunk legs on the bottom to raise it up, which held two other flavors, the sweeter Kettle Corn and Cornfetti.

I gave Sue the guest count and left it up to her to decide the quantity of each of the five flavors, and I'd have to say she decided quantity like the popcorn pro she is.  60 bags of the three main flavors and 25 each of the two sweet versions for a total of 230 bags.

One of my daughters friends was in charge of keeping everything stocked for the night so it stayed supplied and tidy.

It was easy to tell a good time was had when the whistle blew about 1:00 a.m. and rations had dwindled down to a scant amount of leftover popcorn bags.  Old Mother Hubbards bins were almost bare.

PoppedCorn Pallet Wood Popcorn Cart Wedding,

To finish the cart off, little battery operated lights were tossed inside the bins, which gave the popcorn a nice glow. White lights were hung around the Self Serve Popcorn Cart sign, and some of the handmade giant flowers #2 daughter made from old maps were stapled to the back, which softened up all that pallet wood.

The whole cart twinkled after dark, but I was too busy dancing and had long since retired the camera for the day by the time folks started to munch on the snacks.  I will just tell you now - the popped fluffs of deliciousness from PoppedCorn Gourmet Treats was a complete hit!

PoppedCorn Pallet Wood Popcorn Cart Wedding,

For the signs I used cedar wood slats that I already had, and painted them coal black with Fusion Mineral Paint, and stenciled the flavor names on in white compliments of Fusion Picket Fence.

PoppedCorn Pallet Wood Popcorn Cart Wedding,

I kept the process for the signs simple.....card stock cut on my machine for a one time use, taped in place and dabbed with a stencil brush that makes it look like it is chalked on by someone with really good penmanship!

Cup hooks were hung toward the rim and the signs received a drilled hole where they hung nice and sturdy and out of the way from hands reaching in.

PoppedCorn Pallet Wood Popcorn Cart Wedding,

When the decorating was all going down the night before the wedding, it was all hands on deck, and it wasn't just the girls getting to that task.

The groomsmen took charge of a lot of details I thought would be on my list, and the popcorn cart was one of those things.  I had to let go of every light hanging exactly where I wanted it to hang because I simply didn't have the time to fuss moving from task to task, and I enjoyed the guys taking care of those things and letting their inner decorator out.

PoppedCorn Pallet Wood Popcorn Cart Wedding,

There are small wood braces screwed to the pallet top that hold the bins at an angle as well as keep them from rolling around.

PoppedCorn Pallet Wood Popcorn Cart Wedding,

The extra popcorn was kept out of sight and by the end of night only a armful of the gourmet bags were left.

PoppedCorn Pallet Wood Popcorn Cart Wedding,

Some people munched on the popcorn as they had beverages, and some folks stopped at the cart for a bag to take with them. 

PoppedCorn Pallet Wood Popcorn Cart Wedding,

We didn't leave any food items in the tent after the dance, we loaded all leftover treats into my vehicle for consumption the next day at gift opening.

But there wasn't much popcorn left, people literally ate it up, except for me.  

I guess I was too busy gabbing and dancing to sample any, so the morning after I grabbed one of each of the flavors that were left and hid them in a cabinet so when I had time I could sit down and savor the flavors.

PoppedCorn Pallet Wood Popcorn Cart Wedding,

I didn't snag a Kettle Corn sample or Buttery, you snooze you loose!  Stock on both those was depleted.   And since inquiring minds want to know..... the crowd favorite was the White Cheddar while my fav was the Parmesan & Garlic.

After popping a handful of their flavor choice into their mouth, guests were excited to tell me how good the popcorn tasted and what a great idea the cart was. 

My favorite popcorn moment of the night was a cousin daintily putting one piece of the white cheddar in her mouth and calmly saying "mmmm, this is really good" then putting a bigger pinch in her mouth and exclaiming, "OH my God this stuff is really amazing, where did you get it?" as she turned the bag over to search.  "This don't taste like the stuff from the grocery store!".

Of course we all know that popcorn goes good with adult beverages and it's easier to hold on to while busting a move on the dance floor.  Not that I would know personally about either of those things but I was a witness to both.

PoppedCorn Pallet Wood Popcorn Cart Wedding,
So what about that colorful Cornfetti?

It's all sorts of flavors in one bag - a sweet crunchy treat - and there was only one bag left at the end of Saturday night.

And Sunday morning it was allllllll mine.

PoppedCorn Gourmet Treats of Minnetonka, MN ships!!!  
You can order online and they have multiple serving sizes to pick from.  
They also have really cute gift baskets for any occasion and 
over 70 flavors of popcorn.  
OH...and fudge, they have gourmet fudge too.
Now that the wedding is over and the dude with the nut allergy has left the premises, I'm eyeing up the chocolate peanut butter flavor as well as the chocolate sea salt.  
I deserve a treat right?

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  1. This looks amazing. I love this idea for a party and especially for a wedding. The cart turned out so well! Glad you got a little of it to sample!

  2. The cart looks wonderful...and such a fun treat! I just love all of the wonderful creative personal touches at the wedding!

  3. Oh my gosh.... another amazing touch! Love the cart and the display was perfect. Will you adopt me? xo

  4. LOVE the cart and that sign so much! Popcorn is my total weakness and you are right, quality makes a BIG difference!

  5. You just can't miss with's the best. But that cart..well, it's just over the top. I can see you are all having a blast....tired and happy.


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