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Vintage Mailbox Towel Holder Boys Bathroom

I was inspired by a post on LittleMissMaggie's about her folk art mailbox, so today I'm going to boldly go where no woman should go - my boys bathroom -  so I can show you the vintage mailbox I turned into a towel holder.

16 years ago.

Vintage Mailbox Turned Towel Holder
Back then I'm pretty sure everyone who saw it thought I was odd hanging an old mailbox anywhere, let alone in a bathroom.

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What's on your toilet?

Call them what you want (I won't go into all the slang terms) but we all have one, or two, or in my case, more..... a toilet

As a young woman with a multi butt family I thought how great it would be to have all these bathrooms in our new home.  They're still great to have, cause when 'ya gotta go, 'ya gotta go.... but the joy (if there ever was) of cleaning all of those resting rooms has long since wore off.  

The kids are old enough now to keep their own bathrooms stocked and cleaned (ha ha cleaned).  So I thought as I replenished the main floor with supplies I'd check on them all to find out......
 "Just What's on Their Toilet?".

Toilet Paper on Toilet

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I've got rocks in my head

Yup.  It's official.
I've got rocks in my head.

Why?  Because I'm the lady who doesn't like Facebook 'cause then everyone knows your business' - yet here I am sharing info on a blog!

On purpose.   Crazy I say. 

Stone Fireplace

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