I've got rocks in my head

Yup.  It's official.
I've got rocks in my head.

Why?  Because I'm the lady who doesn't like Facebook 'cause then everyone knows your business' - yet here I am sharing info on a blog!

On purpose.   Crazy I say. 

Stone Fireplace

I'm giving people (strangers at that!) a window into the very private part of my life ... my home.  My little slice of tranquil harmony that harbors all my personal space. 

And my stuff. 

What the hell am I thinking?  Can I say hell on a blog? 

It also became very clear - literally - after photos were loaded on the computer that maybe I really should dust before I take pictures of my slice of tranquil harmony.

Dirty tranquil harmony that is. 

Newbie huh? Bet you are all laughing at me because you knew about the dust thing already. If someone has that tip list for new bloggers started, add that handy hint please. 

But dusting so I could take photos sounded drastic, so I just went to plan B; take pictures of something that doesn't really show dust. 


Not the ones in my head, but they are nearly the same size as the ones in the photos.  I've got rocks everywhere I tell 'ya!  I just took everything out of the photos and focused on the stones. You see when we bought Bliss Ranch there was a pile of field rock sitting right next to where the house would be built. 

Albert, the old farmer we purchased the land from was raised on the homestead, and that's also where he died.  He picked each of those rocks by hand and year after year he piled them in the same spot.  It seemed a shame not to use them and they had to be moved anyway. 

So I have two stone fireplaces, built by my husband's hardworking hands, using rock placed on the pile by Albert's hardworking hands.  But we were young.... frugal..... on a budget, wanting to be original and use what we had access too. 

Cheap and free also comes to mind.  So I have a mudroom bath whose counter is made with those field rocks.  I have three sets of pillars in the dining room that all have a base of rock.   Outside there is boulder and rock landscaping everywhere.  A dry rock river, a patio bordered with rock.  It was a huge pile!  We even used stones years later at my daughters wedding that a friend painted cute sayings on.  Sort of the ultimate recycling of raw goods.

Rocks around the ranch,
So if I have rocks in my head too it should be no surprise.  But thank you for all the rocks really goes to Albert.  All his hard work wasn't in vane and the rocks didn't end up in a pile somewhere that no one appreciated. 

And rocks are pretty minimal maintenance.  It's all that "stuff" you set on top of them that requires dusting! 

Wedding Rocks
I hope this isn't a rocky start to my blogging career.  Sorry for the bad pun, I just couldn't help myself.       ~ Bliss ~

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my place! Newest follower here! Welcome to the blogging world!!!
    Love, Olga

  2. You dropped by my place too, and I couldn't find you, but then traced you through Olga, as she is a really good friend of mine, and you were on her profile.
    Anyway I'm loving the rocks, especially with a pillar on top. Show us more - it looks pretty good so far, from what I can see.
    And thanks for putting me on your blogroll
    Fiona x

  3. Aha, you did have a post with the rock as well. Great start to a great blog I'm sure. Love your rock ideas for the fireplace, vanity and the pillar. We have some houses around Kansas City that have stone pillars outside, and they always catch my eye when I drive by. I really love that fireplace though. It looks nice and cozy! : )..

  4. For your first post, it was exceptional good. I was laughing about the dust because I did the same thing. LOL.

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blogs! I love the name of your blog! Bliss is my favorite word!!! Love your rock fireplace! oh, and the dust? Isn't it funny how it's so much more visible on photos that in person!

  6. Welcome to blogging, and thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope you joined my newbie party. If not see you next Monday!

  7. Bliss....I wrote a LONG comment but decided to send it by email instead. But your rocks and dust post was SO funny. Absolutely loved it.


  8. Love the rocks! Would you happen to have a bigger or a whole picture of the bathroom vanity? We are building our cabin and we have rock fire place. I love what you did with the vanity also! XO

  9. I love Albert's rocks, well, your rocks now, but I love them. Love that you used them. I can see old Albert appreciating the fireplaces, but I wonder what he'd think of your counter? I bet he'd shake his head -- but I love it!! Now I think I need a picture of Albert on the homestead. Am I pushing it? :)


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