Painting & Me... we do not agree

I understand now why people have some machine that cuts out letters for them.  I was not put on this earth to paint, draw, trace or anything similar to those.  What started as a simple little project ended with my appreciation and acceptance that nothing in my house will ever have on it the lettering I love so much, made by my own two hands.  Unless there is a sticker for it.  That I can buy at the store.

Guest Bath Trash
Seed Sign has a home
But first, recall yesterday's post about my treasure (on the left) and the seed sign.  Both ended up in the guest bath.  I love my new little trash can, and the seed sign that never had a home was an easy fix, hang it with wire. 

Trash picked wood

OK, so back to this crafting stuff.... it started yesterday with the snowy trash attached wood scraps I pulled out of our garage trash.  I stained them, sanded them, spray painted them, and they were looking a bit Halloweenish.  So I painted and sanded them again.  At this point they are my friend.  They were good, especially considering they came out of the trash.  I was determined this project was not going to cost anything, and it didn't, we had everything laying around.  I saw some really really cute ones on burlap at the Junk Market yesterday - they were my inspiration.  I had no burlap.  Mine don't compare.  (In defense, the burlap would of helped with the stenciling issue).

I liked how the wood came out
And this part was ok too.....
Old Smith & Nobel window shade
But I do have an old shade.
If Smith & Nobel is giving out any prizes for best re-use of their old shades, then maybe I could win that.... on the idea to reuse them, cause the craft itself isn't gonna win any prizes. 

This part wasn't working
On to the letters.  What word to put on the little blocks of wood?  Hmmm.  Home?  Simple.  Cut up the old shade and use some tacks to attach it.   Great so far.  I'm feeling like a crafting queen.  These were suppose to be for my daughters mantel.  I'll probably make her some others though... on burlap.  So I trace the letters on from this stencil pack I have.  Sticky stencils?  Not what I expected.  Hmmm, ridges in the shade weave, that's a problem.  The paint, umm it bleeds and it doesn't really go on.  Fray the sides?  Those Smith & Nobel shades are guaranteed against fraying, and now I believe them.  My hand is NOT steady enough to paint - period.  I quit.  I looks MUCH better in the photo than it did in person.  So now what?  Stickers were created to do what folks?   STICK!  And by God I'm gonna let them do just that.  So I put the stickers on (said stencils on the package).  NO fuss no mess.  And that my friends is how they will stay.  I'm never using them again even though they say reusable.  I'm never attempting to paint letters again.  Well maybe.

  The stickers look soooooooo much better than my painting and tracing.  Pictures sort of fool your eye huh?  Maybe I shouldn't of told you.  It turned out cute enough for me to put on my mantel, just wasn't at all like I pictured for my daughter, or like the awesome ones we saw Saturday.  Basically I painted some wood, cut an old shade, and hammered some tacks.  Nothing to really pat myself on the back about!!

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  1. You rock bliss! I like you did an amazing job with a window shade and stickers! Do you have the original link to the junk market? I want to see that version too!


  2. Those are REALLY cute! Great job! And VERY thrifty with using what you have!

  3. Those are adorable. But my dear, that is why they make STENCILS! Do you think I could do one darn piece of art work without them...NO!

  4. No-one could have painted letters on that shade fabric, it's just too uneven, and paint would still have bled, me thinks.
    So you did the right thing, the stickers are perfect and the blocks are great - are you gonna do some more ???
    Loving the bin and the seed sign too.

  5. Aww-I think it turned out cute!

  6. They look pretty darn awesome to me!!

  7. hi Bliss ... you are so funny. I love your blog. Glad you posted it. Your blocks look great. I have decided I can't paint or stencil either. I stenciled a piece this afternoon and made a mess. Washed part of it off and after reading your blog ... I am determined to get it done and going back to the shop and fix and finish it. Wish me luck.
    Audrey Z. at Timeless Treasures.

  8. Too funny! We've all been there. The final product doesn't quite match our "Grand Vision". Your project actually turned out pretty cute! Many of mine have probably been dug out of the trash and burned in our neighbor's fireplace. He burns just about anything and my failed crafts are surely no exception.

    I enjoyed reading your comments on my blog. Now I've got some catch-up reading to do myself.

  9. I think you and your paint do agree....those are so darling!

  10. Oh wow! Your project is so cute! I love it!!!


  11. Oh WOW, your project is totally adorable!!! Absolute perfection--You should be so proud. Trust me, even stickers can be tricky because I've made a mistake and put them on crooked! Yours look awesome! I still am in awe of the headboard you is a true work of art. XO Cindy

  12. Trust me, I don't think many of us who have steady and talented hands that can make those letters! I know that I sure as heck don't! As for no talent required? You are full of talent! : ).. Those blocks look great! Even with stickers on them, they turned out so well. And I love your wastebasket as well. (I still haven't figured out my problem with the comment deal on my settings yet, I tried looking for it, any ideas would be welcomed! Lol.) Great job, Bliss! Your blog is turning out so well!

  13. Hi lovely lady.
    This was a great Idea so cute!! Yes you do have a Talent!!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Valentine's Tablescape. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  14. wow ...This is a great job...wonderful ...whats wrong with stickers???
    Glad you are linking up.

  15. You know what, I think they are adorable! And stickers are our friends. :)

  16. Yes, but it was so entertaining to hear about! hahaha! And your project DOES look terrific!

  17. I can't paint letters either. Glad to hear it! Very good eye BTW - these look great.

  18. Now this is a Perfect & Sweet project, I love all the reusing.... Thanks for sharing, hope you'll stop on by too~

  19. Love the fact of working with what ya got. Turned out great.
    Blissful Blessings ;-)

  20. Such an entertaining post. I think they look great.


  21. I really like this idea using the stickers!! Great job !

  22. Your "sticker project" came out wonderful, but bet your painted ones were great too. Very fun project.

  23. You aren't giving yourself enough credit - these are so bloomin' cute!

    I'm featuring you at the Knick of Time Tuesday Vintage Style Party!
    Feel free to grab my "I Was Featured Button"!

    Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you'll come to the party again - it starts Monday evening.

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  24. Anonymous2/06/2012

    Where was I last week when you posted these? They are adorable. And I am not just saying that so that you will be my friend.

  25. I love them, they look amazing. Thanks every so much for sharing. I will follow on my way out because I am sure I will enjoy engaging and supporting your special place now I have found you. I hope you will find a little time to come visit me soon. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  26. You got a belly laugh out of me when I read "no talent required!" I think I could actually do this one too. I'm such a bad crafter, but you make it look easy. Maybe 'cuz it was easy? Thanks for a good laugh and a new project to make...or should I say start and then hide away for 2 years until I find it again?

  27. give yourself a break,your dun great.THE big pat on the back is nothing hit the landfill,you repurposed towards pretty,plus inspired many on the use of old shades when their time comes....thanks


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