Tomorrow & Yesterday

I had a busy three days.  Well, really only two, the 3rd day was all in my head.

Friday I used $60 worth of gift cards at Home Goods (and then that again in cash out of my pocket; what the he!! how did I spend so much and add it up so wrong?).

Daughter #1's mantel mirror
Saturday was a day of introductions, well my math is off again... 1 introduction, as I took my oldest daughter to a Junk Market trunk show and some antique stores.  She's hooked now.  One of my favorite blogs had a booth at the Junk Market show (yes THAT Junk Market of fame), and I didn't introduce myself to her because I was too busy drooling over all the stuff she brought.  

You'll have to read Chipping With Charm's review of the Junk Market trunk show here, because I was too shy to take my camera out of my purse.  She's got photos.  That and the fact Daughter #1 doesn't know I have a blog and she was by my side drooling.  She said I should start one, I just haven't told her I did. Maybe it's just a phase I'm going through and I'll be done blogging in a week.  Probably not.   While you are on Chippen's blog, play the Junkers version of Where's Waldo? and see if you can find my treasure tin can in her photos.
My treasure
So today, I spent finding a place for my new treasure, fixing my signature so it doesn't have a shadow anymore (don't ask how long that took me AND OMG IT'S NOT GONE I SEE IT, son of a bbb) locating a home for the yellow seed sign that came out of hiding during the mantel re-do, and making my plan for these pieces of crap wood. 

Yes that is snow and napkin stuck to the black piece, and glue stuck to the other.  I picked them out of the trash.  But it was our own garage trash.  These pieces of crap wood will hopefully be my craft project for tomorrow.  Rumor has it that the black one is from daughter #2's high school locker shelf.  I'm making something (hopefully) out of it for her big sisters mantel.  Then I will sneak over to her house, put it on her mantel 
and take a picture of it with her new mirror 
for the blog she doesn't know I have.  
Going to bed now, but first banging my head on the desk because that darn signature shadow is back.

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  1. Anything worth have is worth fighting for. Just keep telling yourself, no shadow! LOL. And I can't wait to see the project.

  2. Laughing that you haven't told your daughter that you have a blog! My daughters encouraged me to start one, so obviously they know and visit mine. BUT, somehow my relatives-in-law found mine ( and follow secretively ) so it is in the back of my head that EVERYTHING I write is being read by them. And my mother. And my sister. You get the picture.

  3. Sounds like a fun day! And I also laugh that your blog is a 'family secret.' Somehow it's easier to let it all hang out for strangers, rather than people we know and love!

  4. need to tell your daughter before the March show so we can say hi!!!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on our's a shame we didn't meet in person, we have sooo much in common!!! Next time, k?
    Love your daughters new mirror...can't wait to see photos of her mantel. And congrats to converting her to the "junk side"! ;) Chat soon, Laurel

  5. The Junk Market sounds like sooo much fun...What! Your daughter does not know you have a blog!! Funny. I love Debbiedoo, I just emailed her today, to ask if something was blog appropriate LOL I am having a dress form party on Feb 7th and I was asking Debbie if the name of my dress form was appropriate....You will just have to wait and see! Following you back


  6. oh my gosh silly!! Tell the girl!! :) She knows you will be (already are) a brilliant one!!!


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