Copy Cat Cloche

Nah nah nah nah nah .... copy catter, dirty ratter......

Cloche to copy from Okio B. Designs
 Technically this is not a magazine copy, it's a blogger copy.  I wanted to copy all the magazine cloches I found but most of them use amazing tall beautiful cloche's.
I have two small squatty cheese domes.  

As the last person in blogland to own a cloche, I was super excited when I came across not one, but two of these cheese thingy's at garage sales last week.  One was darn near free (fill a bag for a buck) the other was a buck.  So lets just say they were each .50¢ and I came home with a bag of junk that I don't know what to do with.

I got to work painting with what was left of my Annie Sloan Old Ochre sample pot and even had to add water at the end to eek out enough paint.  Sand to distress and wax, Ive got that drill down pretty good these days.
Done painting, now what?  
I was going to put one of them on a base and bought a little milk glass style vase to glue on.  But didn't get around to that.  Maybe after I finish this post.

 The glass dome on the left is really heavy.

Enter the magazine copy cat challenge at DebbieDoos my favorite link party because I can find something and copy it.  Don't need any special talent like thinking up something.  Easy.  Except this challenge took me longer than anything because I had to look at every single cloche photo I saw.  I wanted to do a chocolate cake copy since daughter #2 made chocolate cake yesterday.

I wanted to do this.......

Not this........

 So instead I did this........

Because I looked at photos so long I missed the party!

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PillowPalooza Party

Isn't that just the coolest name for a link party?  Pillowpaaalooooozaaa.  It has to be cool to get me to attempt pillows.  If you've been around for a while you know I don't sew, but hey a couple months ago I told you I can't paint either and no one believes that anymore, not even me!  But really, I can't sew.  It involves math, and accurate measuring and if your me, seam ripping.  Burlap is very forgiving in two of those areas.

So Linda at ItAllStartedWithPaint along with Kari at ThistlewoodFarm are hosting this Pillowpalooza party.  I wanted to make some pillows to jazz up the joint before my son's grad party.  I fully expected I might be linking some pillow flops, but I LOVE my pillows. I Love them!  L.O.V.E. them I tell 'ya.  My mom might even be smiling down thinking there is hope for me and my sewing abilities yet.  Ummm probably not mom, were you watching when not once but twice I tripped over the cord and then tried to sew with the pillow already IN the burlap?

First thing I had to do was borrow a sewing machine.  This one worked like a charm even though it clearly isn't a new model.  I got out the directions to thread it, and it was like reading Greek to me, but it was sort of like riding a bike.... I got right on and went back to home-ec class 40 years ago.  I also prayed the already loaded bobbin held out.  It did.  The lady who sold the machine to my daughter in law had her name on the instructions.  Florence.  Florence also had her name on the foot pedal and machine. 

I had all those burlap sacks left from my breakfast nook valance making task, and I have seen all those amazing pillows you ladies make from burlap.   I was fairly confident I could sew a straight line.  I took some teal paisley pillows, (don't be jealous) and just cut the burlap bigger than them and stuck it inside, paisley and all.
You know you want this fabric, admit it

At the beginning of the week I glued them, but it wasn't working and that's when I borrowed the sewing machine.  I stitched all the way around them and just frayed the burlap when I was done for a fringe.  I was actually amazed at how I was able to get the pillow in nice and snug.  I thought they needed something so I went through some jars of buttons that I've had for 25 years.  I bought them in plastic bags at a garage sale from an old lady who saved them for years, so some could be I don't know how old!

Found the perfect buttons, and also a key so I sewed that on one too.  I cut the bottom of a coffee sack off to make a lumbar pillow.  Only had to sew the top as the other three sides were already stitched.  But I guess you're not suppose to stitch the whole thing shut otherwise how the hell do you get the stuffing in?  So I ripped a corner back out and stuffed a bunch of pillow fluff in that I took out of an old pillow.  Then I glued the buttons on with the wrong side showing (on purpose) because I liked the vintage writing on that side of the metal buttons.

These sacks are the softer burlap not like the ones I used on the valances.  I also sat outside on the porch to fray the edges so I didn't make a mess inside this time.  But I was in my jammies.  I looked up a couple times surrounded by coffee sacks thinking maybe Juan Valdez and his donkey would show up. 

Tonight I went grocery shopping and stopped at the farm store just to see if there were still some coffee sacks left.  I bought 8 more.  They cost a whole $1.28 each.

This one is my favorite.

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My Kodak Moment Dresser

Yesterday I was in a funk.  An unmotivated, too much to do, foggy funk.

Kodak Dresser,
I had a to-do list, like scrub the toilets and floors, so I was avoiding it. 

A wise blogger reminded me that the last time I was in a funk I got creative with the Rock 'n Roll Dresser, so I decided to work on something that wasn't on any list.

Kodak Dresser,
Simple and white Before

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Bliss Ranch Master Bath

That cute little brunette is me.  About 25 years ago.  
I lied.  Just in case you are skimming and not really reading, I said...... I LIED!   
I have to confess, I don't want anyone thinking that is me.  (Well really, yes I do).
So it's not me, but isn't she a cutie?  That's Holly from the blog Bella Nest.  
If you want to see some of the Bliss Ranch master bathroom, 
click on over to Bella Nest where I have a guest post today.
While you are there snoop around and see what Holly's got to offer.  
I guarantee she won't be putting a picture of me up saying it's her!

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The Little Engine That Burlaped

Is burlaped a word?  Some wise blogger said that if you write it in blogland it becomes a word.  So mine is burlaped.  Or maybe it should have two p's?  Burlapped.  Sort of French sounding when you say it that way.... buur'lapped.  What ever.  I hate burlap.  I hope to not burlap often.  But I love burlap.  I love everything I see buur'lapp on.  I hope to have it on many more things.  Versatile, quaint, country, chic, all rolled into one adorable fabric.  Fabric of fraying messiness, little fibrous pieces of smelly textile.  I hate burlap.

Coffee sacks.  If you are lucky a few green coffee beans will fall from the seams when you cut into them.  If you are doubly lucky you will have mounds of thread-shred-shed all over you, your floor, your dining room table, and everywhere else the stuff walks off too.  If you are smart you will do this on a sunny day outside.  No comments please about me not being smart, it was a weather issue and you should know by now I like to work on the dining room table anyway.

There is a tremendous difference in the weave, texture and feel of burlap coffee sacks.  For this project (what is the project you wonder?) I wanted to use the lighter colored sacks, which were the looser, coarser variety.  They were all clean and flat when I bought them.  I washed them to get the smell out and it turned them into mangled twisted, sacks of lettered wrinkle.  They didn't even smell till after I washed them.

Draw Straight lines

I do not sew.  I found out this weekend I don't even cut or glue all that well.  Math, forget it, I measure by using from my elbow to my wrist.  Works.  Sometimes.  Usually not very accurately.

Donna over at Funky Junk always has ideas I think I can do.  She makes stuff look "Bliss-able".  Her faux shades were the perfect no sew project for me.  I chugged along, uphill, and got it done.  Chanting "I think I can, I think I can" when I was up to my elbows in math calculations for cutting and lining 5 shades that should of all been of equal size.  For the full tutorial go to Funky Junk and do it the way she says.

Easter weekend I found myself in a farm store staring at a bin of coffee sacks.  $1.29 each, some are two sided, bonus!  I had no intention of making the valances from Funky Junk even though it was love at first sight, but that was because I didn't own any coffee sacks.  Now there they were and I bought 8 of them.  3 have been cut up for five windows above our kitchen eating nook.

 The blank canvas, of which I have five of the same size.

My hot glue gun was crap.  Yes crap.  So I used fabric glue.

The evil, mutant shredder. 

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I am a Lucky Duck

I am a lucky duck
March was a lucky month for me, maybe because I'm Irish.  Not in a monitary way, I didn't win the Power Ball or Mega lottery or anything, and I didn't even lie to anyone at McDonalds and tell them I did.  However in blogland I was a lucky duck in March.

First Little Miss Maggie sent me some typography goodies.  They were wrapped with care and all pretty.  Blogland sure has some thoughtful people.  I'm a lucky duck to call them my friends.  You need to stop by Maggie's blog and see all the vintage ledger pages she has, all the great ideas to use them and how she prints onto tissue paper from her computer printer.  See those little hand towels?  They are too cute to use!  I don't know yet what I will make with my stuff so for now I have them by my computer to admire them....  Thank you Maggie, I love it all, I'm a lucky duck.

This is printed tissue paper!

Inspiration waiting to happen
It was a crazy month for this lucky duck.  Seems I was sending the top secret address of Bliss Ranch to someone every week.  Next I won a barbed wire wreath from Shannon at Rusty and Redone.  Real barbed wire.  I asked her if she had to claim it as a weapon at the post office!  Stop by and say hi to Shannon, she is a sweet gal and a crafting machine, always doing things for other people.  I put the barbed wire on my front porch temporarily so I didn't harpoon anyone with a barb.  I have something in mind for it, but have to wait till spring is sprung here, so for now it's fine on the old metal thing on my porch - that I don't know what it is.  Anyone know what that galvanized thing is?  Thank you Shannon I love my deadly weapon, I'm a lucky duck.

Barbed wire is perfect at a Ranch
If you are counting that is TWO gifts this lucky duck received in the mail so far.  But I'm not done.  Kristin from My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia dropped me a note that I won her giveaway of a vintage mini french tabletop cafe chalkboard from Daune at Cottage In The OaksYou're kidding-me?  I love leaving comments on blogs and many times don't even know I'm entering a giveaway. The best part of winning on Kristin's blog was discovering Daune's blog.  Pop in for a visit at both blogs you won't be sorry - great ideas and two wonderful ladies.  (You see a theme here - blogland is full of wonderful people!)

Several of my kids had to say.... mom you know you spelled happy wrong right?  Duh, didn't think I had to explain "hoppy" with ears below it...on Easter.  The chalkboard is on my counter now and the menu is still on the other side.  I think it will next be used for my son's graduation in May.  Thank you Kristin and Daune, I'm a lucky duck.

More?  Yup.  There is one more.  Karah at The Space Between had an idea called the Pass It On Project.  She got some other great bloggers involved, and I was one of the recipients of a gift from Linda at It All Started With Paint.

What a clever use of paint chips.

She passed on something that is very valuable to me as I am someone who can't sew....... pillows.  She had the gift all wrapped, and cute tags (which I saved it all to reuse when I do my pass it on).  The care and kind note, I tell you, this blogging stuff chokes me up.  The pillows are sitting on a chair in our bedroom waiting for me to decide who I will pass one on too along with the gifts I make.  That's a hard decision to make, so many wonderful blog friends. Thank you Linda, I love my pillow.  Yes, I am a lucky duck indeed.

And what's up with all this lucky duck quack?  Well somewhere in the middle of teasing another blogger about making a duck scarf for her kids' two ducks, a duck came to live with us.  (I'd say be careful what you wish for, but I didn't wish for a duck!)  One of my son's friends bought one and I guess it wasn't working out at his house.  So the day before Easter he asked if my son could duck sit.  Needless to say Klous now lives with us and my daughter bought him a friend.  Clyde.  Now those are a couple of lucky ducks!

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