Bean Bag Toss - Yard Art

I've been gone.  Gone, as in I have not been home.

First we took a few day trips over the past few weekends.

Then we went on vacation.

Often we have stay-cations and play at home, so all these little jaunts so close together are not the norm.

But while I was home for a couple days I did a little painting with some new outdoor paint from Maison Blanche.

Bean Bag Toss Yard Game #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

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Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Deep Fried Recipe Edition

Anytime I post a recipe I have to quantify it by saying, I am not a food blogger, I am a food eater.

My thighs don't lie.

Thank you to my son for being my hand model.
So while I'm gearing up for a couple of paint projects after I return from a quick vacation, I'm gonna share one of those secrets to having thunder thighs, the food that gives me the courage to paint, the sustenance to forge on with my paint brush.

Cheese.  In fried curd form.

I do not advocate eating cheese curds on a daily basis.

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Wisconsin Beer, Cheese and Fireworks

As I travel on with Midwest week, I'm gonna write about beer.

I realize some of you might be wondering if I've hung up my paint brush in favor of hitting the road.

Yes, I'd much rather travel around than paint.  But this wanderlust is only temporary.

I toured around St. Paul in part 1 here, and part 2 here, and now I'm heading across the border to Wisconsin for contraband. 

New Glarus Beer, Wisconsin,

Beer, cheese, and illegal fireworks to be exact.

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Touring St. Paul, Part 2

Read Part 1 of touring St. Paul {here} and come along with me now for Part 2.

I mentioned in part 1 that George our tour guide had a bit of an agenda when he planned what we would see.

His wife Betty lived for a time in the city, but never visited some of the sights, so part of our day was related to Betty's bucket list. 

After breakfast at Mickey's Diner we headed to St. Anthony Falls.

St. Anthony Falls are the only true water falls on the entire Mississippi River.

St. Anthony Falls

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Touring St. Paul, Part 1

I suppose you think all I do is sit home and upcycle, repurpose or paint old ugly pieces of furniture?

No, sometimes I hit the road to see what I can see.

If last week was mosaic week at the Ranch, this week would be Mid West week.  

*I need to add a disclaimer right here...... many of my photos are drive by's.  Brawn doesn't pull over in the city just so I can take a photo, which is hard anyway on a freeway right?  So I just kept my mouth shut (for the most part) and snapped through the windshield.

So back to St. Paul.

Skyline St. Paul,

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Stained Glass Mosaic Tray

I mentioned in my last post that it's mosaic week at Bliss Ranch.

The first project {here} was like stormy seas and this one is like a sunny day at the beach.

If I had any sharks we would have shark week too, but I'm fresh out.

All I've got is shards.... of glass.

I know, lame pun - just humor me.

Stained Glass Mosaic Tray

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Stained Glass Cook Book or Ipad Stand

It's shaping up to be mosaic week at Bliss Ranch.

I finished up a couple projects that graced my dining room table for a couple weeks.

Kitchen Ipad Cookbook Stand

If you spend any time on Pinterest or reading blogs like Homeroad, you know exactly what a trivet ipad holder is.

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Bliss Ranch Takes a Turn on the Blog Tour

Angie over at Knick of Time invited me to participate in a tour around blogs - the proper introduction would be a Blog Tour, and it's sort of a "what makes you tick" type tour.

Angie passed the torch to me, so click over to check out her tour, then you can learn everything about her creative mind and what makes her tick.

And creative she is, so there is a LOT to learn!  She ticks a lot as well as tocks, hence her blog name, Knick of Time.

How about a piano turned into a desk?

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Best Burgers?

Bliss Ranch has this gig over at Kirb Appeal - sometimes-usually-but not always - once a month.

I get to write stuff and I don't have to create a new project or even use any pictures, but I throw some in for visual interest and for Fiona.

Habit Burger
July's post, that really was done in August, is about burgers.

Huffington Post had an article about the best hamburgers around.  My pick came in at #2, and I don't think some even belonged on the list.

But different taste-buds for different folks, right?

Stop by Kirb Appeal and bite into my post to find out who was #1. 

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Stargazer Lilies

I am sort of an accidental gardener.

About 5 years ago I picked up this bag of mystery flower bulbs, buy one get one free.  They were only .99¢, and I figured if they didn't grow or if I killed them, I wasn't out much coin.

At that time I really wasn't sure what a lily was, nor did I know there were over 100 different varieties.

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