Log Reindeer

A popular project around here this time of year are these log reindeer.

Originally I posted about them a year or so ago for a Christmas in July link party, but now that I'm really feeling Christmas is on it's way, unlike in the month of July, I decided the deer should appear in December. Log Reindeer

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Handmade Ornaments

Making ornaments back in the olden days before Google or Pinterest, people either had to come up with an idea themselves, rely on magazines and the ideas of friends, or reinvent something they saw and make it better.

I'm going to share 11 of the 25 years worth of ornaments I've made.  These might not be the cream of my crop, but they were the ones I could easily find in the ornament bins.
Handmade Ornaments Shotgun Shell Santa
2005 - Santa made from shotgun shell casing

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Bins Under The Coat Cubby

Pretend you hear a little dinner bell as my butler Mr. French announces that "organization is served".

Bins with wood tags
Do you remember Mr. French?  Probably only if you were watching TV in the 60's like me.

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15 Upcycled Christmas Decorations

Wanna see some fun upcycled Christmas decorations?

On a HomeTalk board that I curated?

Yes you do.

Click {here} to head to HomeTalk for a peek-e-poo at the upcycled treasures

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The Cold Snap Called Winter

My friends got my back.

And this time of year they want it covered so it stays warm.

Thanks to Tina from What We Keep, who lives in the warm south, for understanding my true feelings about winter in the north, and sending me links to clothing that display my disdain.

Winter is extra long when Mother Nature starts sending flakes from the sky in November.  So maybe we could just skip right over it?

Buy it {here}

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Magazine Monday is Back...Only For Today

I'm not a fan of mayo. 

I'm president of the I Hate Mayonnaise Club.  At least I thought I was till I Googled it and found out there is a real club for mayo haters with someone who says they are the prez, so I'm not alone.

There is like a whole underground of mayo haters out there.

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Coat Tree Street Sign

This oak coat tree has lived with me for 27 years.

It's held many a fall jacket, and many a little toddler snowsuit.

Coat Tree Street Sign

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Kodak Dresser 4 Throwback Thursday

For Throwback Thursday, TBT for you letter savvy readers, I decided to revisit one of my most popular blog projects, a Kodak dresser from 2012.

I'm throwing it back 2 1/2 years in blog years.

This dresser was the second one I painted, and the second one I lettered on.

Yup, that's right I got a big 'ol letter "P" for Paint - from Paint U...niversity.  I better buy a jacket.

Kodak Dresser

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$5.00 Piano Bench

I picked up a piano bench at the same auction as a headboard that I turned into a cottage entry bench.

Five buckaroos.

Painted and lettered Piano Bench redo

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Easy Map Drawer Tags

Back in the olden days the "boys" room contained more than one boy. 

Now it's home only to our youngest; his big bro snagging a room of his own after the next in line left and the next in line before that left it vacant.

The girls each managed to hang on to their respective rooms.

It's a yearly chore to sort through clothes that have been grown out of or ones that have just wore out from wear.

I have not figured out how to slow down the growing process of children, therefor halting the drawer purging and the resulting necessary purchase of larger sizes of cotton.

Contact Paper Map Drawer Tags

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