The Elements of a Teen Boys Room

To give you an idea how long I have been working on my youngest son's room, the above photo was taken last year.  I purchased the letters at Junk Bonanza.

Looking at the picture I see this was sometime before Brawn made a new table top.  And even before that, August of 2011, is when his whole room was started.  Before I even considered starting a blog.

The olden days.

And sometime between last year and yesterday, I lost an O.
My Roll is now only R ll.

That just doesn't have the same ring to it.  Rock and R ll.

Fortunately Junk Bonanza is this month.  Maybe I can get another O.

I told you a couple posts ago about the secret of the original Rock & Roll dresser.  The stinky secret about the smell of that free yellow dresser, and how the scent never went away.

The smell didn't go away, but last spring the dresser did.  It now lives in the smelly garage.

The two twin pallet look headboards are above the beds, where they have been for a year when I first posted about them.

The bed spring bulletin board now needs to be repainted, it doesn't match his new dresser quite right.

It never got hung up, and today I couldn't find it to give it that new coat of paint.

And what is this thing waiting for stain?

When a set of three lockers isn't the height you want, you kindly ask the man with the tools to build you something to raise it up.

For all of you bloggers who have used pipe in your home designs....the nightstand below is 15 years old.  Ummm hmmm, 15 years old.  I called it being resourceful back then.  It matches the pipe curtain valance and the pipe shelving we made all those years ago in our boys room.

Back then it was occupied by two boys, neither of which is the current occupant.

So old in fact the wood is getting a new darker look, along with the shelves.

And how about a huge, heavy, real slate chalkboard right out of a school.  I picked it up this summer for $5.00...... and as I type, the tray is currently drying in the garage after a new coat of silver spray to clean it up.

But Little Rocker was sad.
He had no dresser.
No bulletin board hung.
His Roll was missing it's O.

So I am getting the goods together, no more procrastinating, and pulling all the elements for his room together.

I warned the lazy dog that the next batch of photos he will not be obscuring the new good smelling dresser.

Rock & Roll Dresser Take 2.  The slightly larger, different configuration, almost identical copy of one of my own projects.

This weekend my goal is to find my O, because, well...... that's the only way I can really roll!

As per Shannah @JustUsFour, the winner of the $250 Target gift card giveaway was Stacey Roberson.  Congratulations Stacey.

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  1. Oh it's gonna be good! Stop teasing and get on with it! I'm tired of waiting. I can't sleep. My fate lies in your hands.

  2. Teenage boys must be destined to be last on the list, I started mine a year ago and it's still not done. Pity about the dresser.

  3. It may take you a little while to get rolling, but once you do - there's no stopping you! Can't wait to see the reveal! I'm getting ready to start on my youngest son's room too. His big brother left for college, so little guy is taking over big guy's room. We don't have grand plans, but he has a theme he wants, so I am gathering some ideas to get it done.

  4. Looking for the O. Story of my life.

  5. ^Lawd I can't believe I wrote that. You have a hundred commenters. I'm going to get a reputation.

  6. ^at 53, that might not be a bad thing.

  7. Well I look forward to seeing this unique teen room when it's all done! Sounds like you're going to have some great elements in it. Good luck this weekend too.

  8. Yes, you are Kirby! Listen up everyone! Kirby is a wild thang!
    Hurry up and show us, Bliss...the anticipation is killing us.
    And you leave your poor pup alone...he's resting.

  9. This post is just full of creativity, Bliss...look at all that good stuff. Can't wait to see dresser #2. Hope you find your O, Bliss...wish I had one for you...

  10. This whole and comments are cracking me up ... or maybe I was already cracked? Hope you find your O. I'm so glad it's Friday. Have a great weekend!

  11. Good luck finding your O.... and you better get busy on this before the poor kid goes off to college! I love the part about the pipe table, as always, everything that is old is new again! Great projects Bliss!

  12. I heard Oprah had all the O's and she's hoarding them. Looks lovely, can't wait for the reveal!

  13. I would imagine you're not the only gal looking for a "O" this weekend... just sayin'. ;-)
    Can't wait to see the new and improved dresser!
    xo Heidi

  14. It's all looking good as is already, never mind the missing O's, smelliness or first round finishes! This can only get even better from here, looking forward to rock and roll room round2!

  15. News Bulletin: Quirky & Fun Lady Looking for Her "O" :)

    I'll go for that! Can't wait to see the finished product.


  16. I hope you found your 'O'. What a terrible thing to lose :)

    Love any post that has Mo in it. He can obscure anything in wants in my opinion :)

  17. What a pipe dream. You are just ahead of your time, you are. And I know about stinky dressers. I'm hoping the one I had isn't stinking up my daughter's apartment too badly. Hope you've had success in the O department. Actually, I hope everyone has. Especially Kirby. Or me.


  18. woohoo Bliss--that's going to be an awesome room! I have a dresser...that is sort of like your smelly dresser....hmmm I've been looking for something to do with it.


  19. You guys were way ahead of your time using pipe on that night stand. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  20. great post!! that is a cool room for boys hang out!

    buy painting canvas

  21. I hope you found you O! This has got to be the coolest room ever. Will we see a whole room photo? Because I really can't picture it all until I see one! :)

  22. " O " no Bliss LOL - can't wait to see the full " reveal "
    LOVED that dresser from the moment you did it what a shame about the smell

  23. I bought a stinky drawer at Junk Bonanza last year! It took a good eight months to stop smelling.

    Or.. I just got used to it. You be the judge! Can't wait to see the room!

    I just opened my box of summer clothes- yes- in September. I'm always behind on projects and apparently.. Unpacking.

  24. Bliss, that "O" is missing because haven't your heard? Rock and Roll is noise pollution. Hahaha. Look at you calling out the young ones with your pipe table. hehehe. I see so many things on pinterest and recall my mom and her friends doing very similar things when I was still little. They all crafted and created like crazy. Everything old is new again. I guess those sayings stick around for a reason! And, its so funny how the minute you want to take a photo, you pet will be right under your feet. Little camera hogs ;)

  25. Your O will find its way back to you.......Ask Brawn to help you look.

  26. Oops, I missed this post too (I bin tired !!), so I see in the next post that you found your 'O', so are we now waiting for teen boys room reveal and dining room reveal - how exciting !!! and Christmas is just around the corner !


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