Spooky Halloween Silhouette Windows

It's Shock-tober at Bliss Ranch, and that means highlight some of my favorite Halloween projects from around this haunted house.

One dark and gloomy October day a few years back before the Bliss Ranch blog existed, I decided to make my version of Martha Stewart window silhouettes.

I followed her tutorial here.

Halloween Silhouette Windows Bliss-Ranch.com

Well, I kinda followed it.

Actually... reading through her tutorial, I didn't really follow it, so I think it would be more accurate to say her windows were my inspiration.

Halloween Silhouette Windows Bliss-Ranch.com
Dark gray house paint and an old window, before hanging curtains in front
I love me some Martha but I think Ms. Stewart over complicated the process.

Plus Martha had more time and money than I did - she used chiffon over her windows, I used thrift store finds.

Halloween Silhouette Windows Bliss-Ranch.com
With fabric curtains and rear lighting
My windows were not for inside my house or to be seen by neighbors from the road.

They were used in our back shed for a party.  They are hung on some permanent shelving against a temporary black poly wall.

Eventually the food spread takes over the table beneath.

Halloween Silhouette Windows Bliss-Ranch.com

The Martha-Stewart-Bliss-Version-Window-Silhouette-Tutorial

1.  White sheets.  I stumbled on half price day at the thrift store.  Picked up all the old white top sheets they had.  Think it cost me $3.00, and I had extra to cover furniture for the haunted house look.

2.  Get old windows.  Mine - 100 year old ones from our old barber shop building.  I used a couple that had divided glass and a couple without, any window will work, so find free ones.  Cut the sheets about 5 inches larger all the way around than the outside frame.  Lay your window on top and mark the edge so you don't paint your silhouette out of view.

Halloween Silhouette Windows Bliss-Ranch.com
It's Halloween decor for goodness sakes, doesn't have to be a work of art
3.  Buy cheap dark gray interior latex paint, or do like I did, get the really cheap black paint because you already have white, and add the white till you get the dark gray color you want. 

4.  If you can't sketch, find a talented daughter or husband who can draw things free hand, then all you have to do is slop paint between the lines.  Do not paint on the sheet while it is directly on your dining room table.  The paint will bleed through.

5.  Let dry a good long while so it doesn't smudge.  Over night should be good.

Halloween Silhouette Windows Bliss-Ranch.com
After with the sheers in front
6.  Staple gun the dry sheet to the back of your old window as taut as you can get it.

7.  While at the thrift store, also pick up some yucky haunted house looking window sheers to use as your curtains.  I noticed yucky haunted house looking things were not hard to find at the thrift store.

8.  Hang the sheers from branches you gather from your yard, that way your whole project will cost next to nothing.

My way allows you to skip Martha's whole template enlargement and grid thing.  Which just seemed like drawing it twice anyway and made me feel like I needed special skills.  

If you want your template enlarged by all means follow Martha.  My template is plenty large already thank you very much. 
Below, illuminating behind with an orange glow from fake pumpkins, in addition to the blue light.

Using a blue bulb mimics moon light.

Halloween Silhouette Windows Bliss-Ranch.com

The idea for my windows was to create the illusion of being inside the haunted house, 
looking out at the creepy things in the night.  

The sheers were hung on branches because branches are free and curtain rods are not.  The sheers were long and they dropped down behind the food table.

We evenly spaced the windows along the wall and experimented with what color bulbs and at what distance to hang them behind each window, until we got the look we were after.  Trouble lights work good for hooking/clamping the light right where you want it.

Halloween Silhouette Windows Bliss-Ranch.com

Above, without a black light.
Below, with a black light hung in front.

Halloween Silhouette Windows Bliss-Ranch.com

Once all the food arrived the table was packed.  

And once the night was over, the cupboard was bare.

Halloween projects continue at the Ranch with Pallet Props next time.

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  1. This is SO awesome looking...I just love all of your great Halloween stuff, Bliss...your parties must be the.best.

  2. You could give Martha a run for her money with your fabulous Halloween party decor! Now I'm getting in line for the food, which I know is delish!

  3. Now this is spectacular, love seeing what you do every Halloween.


  4. your house is the one i want to party at on halloween. you rock.

  5. I'd say that Martha Stewart doesn't have anything on you! You did a fantastic job! I can't get over how professional everything looks. It doesn't look handmade at all. You really know how to throw a party!

  6. You better have a Wonder Woman costume for Halloween ... cause this is WONDERFUL ! Way cool!

  7. You are the coolest person I know.


  8. What an amazing table background Bliss - you must have the most amazing Halloween parties in town!
    Too cool for words

  9. I want to party with you and Cassie too!! I think these are better than the original!!

  10. This is awesome! Each year your Halloween decorations are "to die for" (ha, see what I did there!) Martha ain't got nothing on Miss Bliss!

  11. You always make me want to decorate for Halloween. Of course in about 3 hours I will have forgotten all about it. Whew!

  12. So much fun Bliss!!

  13. You know how much I love your Halloween stuff, Bliss! I am so jealous!

  14. Here is the post I wanted to comment on. These are amazeballs! That's all!:)

  15. Too bad the these couldn't be seen from the road, although you probably would have had a lot of lookie-loos!!

  16. Can't wait for the invitation to your party. I'll be camping out by the mailbox until it gets here!


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