New Finds Of Old Stuff

I could just as easy title this post old finds, or finds that find me.

The stuff is old, and some of it shows up in my driveway without any solicitation.

Such was the case with this little oak desk......

Vintage Oak Desk,

Some friends asked if I wanted it and then a few weeks later delivered it.

It has an ink well on the top.  We have an eagle that flies over head often, if he drops me a feather I'll get some ink.

I'm not sure what to do with it, we don't need any desks.  I might dismantle it, probably to the horror of our friends.

I snagged a free waterfall desk a few weeks ago that I wanted only for the drawers, like this old one below which I also only want for the drawers.....

Old Desk,

$2.45.  Yeah, weird amount, it was at an auction.  I've now got more drawers to make into something than I have ideas to make them into.  I think this makes the 4th desk in the shed.  I really need to get painting.

The missing drawer is still on the center console in my car.  I'll probably drive around with it there for a month.

The coffee table below came from the same auction.

Coffee Table Before,

It's nothing special right now, but I'm hoping a coat of white paint and some dark wax will have those legs looking pretty spiffy.

While I had no idea what I would be doing with other finds, there is a plan for this old weathered table to be cut in half.

I see a potting bench in my future.  As my daughter and I attempted to pack this into my vehicle the folks at the auction place said it would never fit.

Potting Bench Before,

They also had a look on their face saying "what do you want that old piece of junk for?"

Auction Finds,

I probably got the last laugh on both accounts.

Some china came home with me from the auction too, Homer Laughlin Virginia Rose.

Homer Lauglin Virginia Rose China,

I smash china for mosaics, so when it's cheap I can't pass it up.

Two boxes of this for a total of $4.25, is cheap.  The pattern is pretty and there is a nice silver rim along the sculpted edge of everything.

I'll probably try to sell this instead of smash it.  The money can fund my habit.

Homer Lauglin Virginia Rose China,

32 pieces of ceramic chess men from Alberta Molds circa 1973 now live on my desk.

Alberta Molds 1973 Chess Set,

I have never played chess in my life.

Apparently there is nothing I won't buy for a couple bucks.

Some friends took Brawn and I to a local farmers market/flea market combo on the 4th of July.

Orange Garden Tools,
I came home with radishes, green beans, cherries, two orange garden diggers, and a basket on a stand.

I already had one orange digger thing, does this make it a collection?

The basket on a stand was priced right, $15.00 bucks.

Well, it was $20 but Brawn can't pay full price at a flea market so the cute old guy let it go for $15 and kept telling Brawn what a good looking wife he had.

Only very old men say that to him.

While I questioned the mans eyesight, Brawn forked over the fifteen bucks and since the old guy liked me so much, Brawn said he'd think about throwing me in on the deal.  He told me later he felt bad saying that to the old guy, got his hopes up and thought he hurt my feelings.

Just an FYI.... Brawn is way nicer than I am.  Hurt my feelings.... really?  I of all people could understand why he'd want to throw me in on any deal.

Anyway, I really like the basket, but not so much the colors.  I guess it's not too bad for aqua and pale yellow.

Moses Basket Before,

I saw a photo of a similar basket used at the foot of a bed to hold blankets and pillows.  That basket was aged for a vintage look which was more to my liking.

I guess it could go in the laundry room to hold clean clothes too huh?

Do I even have any clean clothes in my laundry room?

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  1. I've had great luck at the two yard sales I managed to get to this year. Love your junk!

  2. Wow....awesome pieces of furniture! Love the laundry basket! Nice...

  3. You find (or it finds you) the best stuff!!! I LOVE that weathered table. When are you opening your shop? Seriously!

  4. LOVE your finds, Bliss! The basket is really really would be fun in a laundry room!

  5. Bliss ... I know you will make everything look beautiful. My favorite is the laundry basket.

  6. Cute finds. I love the desks.

  7. Your posts always make me laugh and I love seeing what you're up to! Thanks for sharing and makig me smile today! Hugs, Leena

  8. I officially challenge you to paint that darling first desk, and then sell that baby on craigslist (or in a shop if you prefer). As Nike says, just do it!

  9. Hey, lots of cool crap here. I like the legs and decorative stuff on that coffee table. And wondering what you'll do with all those little chess dudes. It'll be fun to find out!


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