Bliss Ranch Pick 'O The Litter Project Recap

This post starts the same way every year......

Another year over.

The days march on the same no matter if we would like them to speed up or to slow down.

In the world of blogging with a life of making projects, it's nice to be able to look back and see concrete evidence that I did in fact accomplish something on the to-do list.

So here are my top 8 "PICK 'O THE LITTER.  

The concrete evidence for 2015, which might be known only to me, as the project year of before and afters. 

2015 Project Before and Afters,

In no particular order........

Toy box to Cool Spool Cabinet  It still holds toys - just better.
Vintage wooden thread spools for knobs and 
reproduction spool cabinet labels on a faux drawer front.  

2015 Project Before and Afters,  Spool Cabinet

Maybe my favorite post of the year, Flynn & Malone Blanket Chest.
Raised wooden shoes and a tale of two Irish Lassies.

2015 Project Before and Afters,  Blanket Chest
IKEA Rast Hack Contest WINNER!!!!  Apothecary Cabinet

IKEA Rast Hack, Before After,
IKEA Rast Hack, Before After,
I entered, I won, thanks to all who voted for my hack.

 Trash to Treasure Coffee Sack Dresser 
Freebie son's renter left behind, Eddie's loss.

Before After Coffee Sack Dresser,

Made from spool tops and as of yesterday, three have been made.

Spool Top Clock Before After,

$7.00 Garage Sale Find gets it's second redo

Table Redo Before After,

Rustic Potting Bench made from an old bench and metal headboard.

Rustic Potting Bench, Before After, Bliss

for Daughter #1, from a pine garage sale find.

Pine Kitchen Table Before After,

In case you are interested, here is the 2014 Project Pick's

2014 Project Recap,

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  1. You are amazing, Bliss. These are all top-notch projects. A good year.

  2. I have said it 500 are a rock star. everything you touch is amazing. I still have dreams about that clock. Happy new year!

  3. Bliss - The spool cabinet is my all-time, best looking, most fabulous DIY project ever. You did some amazing things. You are so talented.

    Happy New Year.


  4. LOVE them all, need to write a book about repurposing, too!! You are the best! Happy 2016!

  5. The apothecary cabinet is my favorite but all of your projects were awesome!

  6. Wow! I second Linda - if you wrote a book I would definitely buy it!

  7. You blow my mind!!
    And number 8 will always be a WINNER to me :)

  8. You had an amazing year. #7 was probably my fave, but it's real close with all of your others. Everything you touch turns to furniture bliss in my book. Happiness and blessings for 2016!!

  9. It was a very good year! Love all your projects, but that IKEA dresser transformation is the pick of the litter for me!

  10. You can do no wrong in my eyes, but I'd have to join you in my most favorite being the blanket chest with the shoes. So clever and very cool.

  11. All are absolutely AWESOME! That apothecary chest from chair pieces? Say what??

  12. so many fabulous projects Bliss... my favorite? the rast apothecary cabinet--definitely a winner in more ways than one!

    congrats on a great year, I look forward to 2016!!

  13. Always amazing and SEE ... other people think you should write a book too! Told ya :)

  14. Doesn't look like litter to me around here Bliss!

  15. Hey! It's me, Amy! I'm baaaaaack. Oh yes I am. Muahahahaha.....

  16. I think the wood spool clock is my favorite!

  17. Sooo inspiring! Seriously, you rocked it last year Bliss, as always!!


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