Flocking The Tree Using A Pro Grade Flock

I'll get this out of the way right off the bat.... every time I typed the word flock for this post I either giggled at the way it sounded in the sentence or determined it sounded really bad and decided to rephrase it.

But the white stuff that goes on Christmas trees to make them look snowy is called flock, so if that word bothers you then think of it like a herd of sheep or a gaggle of geese flying over your house in their flock.

How to Flock a Tree with Pro Flocking,

Apparently in the state of Minnesota no 'cut your own tree' lot within a 2 hour radius of my home flocks trees.

People here probably don't want to cover a tree inside their house with anything that looks like snow when at some point over winter we can just peek outside and see as much of the flocking stuff as we want.

But I've wanted to try a flocked tree in my family room for the past few Christmases.

That spray flock in the can?  I don't know what it covers but not any size tree taller than me.  Worthless.  I tried it last year and bought what I thought was plenty of it at the dollar store.  I don't think 100 cans of the stuff would have given me the look I was after.

Make my own flock?  Well I may have created my own flock of 6 kids, but as far as making a messy bowl of homemade stuff to fling on the tree - count me out.

How to Flock a Tree with Pro Flocking,

So because I know I'm never alone in my thoughts,  I took to the internet to see if anyone else was using the pro flock at home.

Carrie over at Lovely Etc. did, and she was thinking like me...... if you want a well flocked tree, use what the pro flockers use.

Carrie and I are going to rule the home flocking world, sifters in hand.

There are a couple brands of flock out there, so in the middle of November I picked the one that had the best shipping price to my front porch.

How to Flock a Tree with Pro Flocking,

And a few weeks later we received an email and a phone call that their system had been hacked into, and were told there was a chance our credit card info was compromised so to be safe suggested we call our credit card company.


In the middle of my internet shopping spree I had to cancel my well used credit card, but by golly at least I was gonna have me a flocked tree.

In fact, we have enough flock to flock trees for several years, and we can flock your tree too - it's a big bag.
How to Flock a Tree with Pro Flocking,

The powder reacts with water, so in a year that the beginning of December might have below freezing temps, this process would leave real icicles on the needles and an icy driveway.  Lucky for me it has been in the 40's - perfect flocking weather.

Brawn was on his own for the first round of flocking.  I wasn't home and even though I showed him photos of how thick I wanted the flock to be, he used it sparingly thinking he could always put more on, but didn't know how it would work to take flock off.

He ended up having to flock the tree twice to give it the look I was after, and this is one of those sentences I had to re-write three times before it seemed clean enough to leave in the post.

How to Flock a Tree with Pro Flocking,

To apply the flock he used a vintage hand sifter, you know the kind - like gramma used to use with a hand crank.  First he tried a regular plastic colander that's used for draining noodles and it broke under the stress.  What stress that was I don't know.

A pump up sprayer was filled with water, the tree sprayed down so it was damp all over, the flock was sifted on - then immediately the tree was sprayed again with a fine mist of water in the area the flock was applied.  The powder fluffs up and sticks in place when the water hits it.

Brawn danced the tree into the garage and let it dry for a couple days.  Since this was our first time flocking, we didn't know if there was enough flock on or not prior to the decorations going on.  We didn't know what the final look would be, and I think maybe next year we could give it a heavier dose, at least on more of the tips. 

How to Flock a Tree with Pro Flocking,

This month I've been copper-izing old ornaments with metallic paint from Fusion Mineral Paint.

I painted and glittered the little house above and a whole box of plastic garage sale ornaments.
Painted Ornaments, Fusion Mineral Paint,

The tree is in our family room which has cedar log siding, and I decided it would be swell if the ornaments worked with all that burnt orange instead of against it.

Orange and Plaid Winter Warmth,

The earthy colors look nice against the white snow dusted tree, and I've got other rooms to use all the red, green, and silver I've collected.

How to Flock a Tree with Pro Flocking,

I added snow drifts to some of the ends, and next year we will just flock it thicker.

Switching up to earthy copper made my old tree skirt look like it had seen better days.  In the past we would cut these huge trees and i could never find a skirt large enough for the base so I asked a very talented neighbor who sews, to convert a comforter with a pine cone design to as round a shape as she could, and we used that for the past 20 years.

This year I cut some burlap coffee sacks in half and laid them around the bottom.  The powder flock doesn't really come off unless you repeatedly rub up against it.

Coffee Sack Tree Skirt,

The skirt gets covered up anyway and so does the red three sided crate that I made a couple years ago for a Christmas copy cat challenge.  The inspiration was provided by Becky at Beyond The Picket Fence.

DIY Christmas Tree Stand Crate Cover,

I think I will make a new crate in shades of metallic gold and copper and pass this one on. 

For wrapping gifts I usually stick with wrap in un-decorated shades with one patterned wrap.  I picked up some Rudy's from Hobby Lobby to go with the plain copper and deep brown solid wrap I had.

I also picked up some burnt orange ribbon to tie the tags on, but by the time the flocking was done and wrapping begun, that was a detail that only you and I would notice and only because I am pointing it out.  So it mattered not to me.

Rudolph Wrap and Tags, Hobby Lobby,

I'd say from a flocking stand point, the tree was a success.  Next year I'll have to watch the temperature to make sure that when we haul our tree home it's again warm enough to flock without creating a pool of ice outside.

How to Flock a Tree with Pro Flocking,

Right now the only snowy tree is on the inside of our house, but that will surely change before December 25th. 

Christmas is coming, and I know the real flocking is coming too.

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  1. Oh Bliss, gorgeous tree! I never knew you could flock your own!

  2. It looks flocking great! And gives new meaning to WTF!


  3. Your tree is beautiful. I am sure it was a job to flock, but it really looks like it is covered with real snow. Love the copper ornaments ... one of a kind, I am sure.
    Merry Christmas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. Bliss, your tree is STUNNING. Turned out so beautifully...and the tree in front of the window...well, I just want to come spend Christmas at your house! Great job!

  5. Ooo,ooo,ooo, I'm so glad to know how easy this is. It will be real flocking for me next year! And since mine are fake I can just do this in September! We can't have a real tree because we are out of town so long at Christmastime. Your tree looks bea-u-ti-ful!

  6. GREAT POST ... when I quit laughing, I'll come back and comment!!!

  7. Wow that is really flocked! Gorgeous flocking on your flocked tree. You two know how to flock like pros...I need to stop!! Is there any shedding of the flock?

  8. Your tree looks beautiful! I love trees like that. I really like how you made snow drifts on the edges of the branches too. It looks pretty in that corner full of windows.

  9. That tree is flocking PERFECT!

    Seriously, after I stopped gasping for air from laughing while reading on my phone, I had to visit the computer to see the tree. Amazing. I love the imperfections of real trees... why don't they make Charlie Brown fake trees?!

    I don't think I've laughed this hard since... well, reading other posts of yours?

  10. What the frock! It's a amazing! Pass me the frock! Love it Bliss!

  11. You know I meant to say flock! I cannot not spell!

  12. Anonymous12/15/2015

    So funny… is it weird that I've never even heard of "flocking a tree"? I guess that's because here in New England there's plenty of snow & flocked trees OUTSIDE. Love your tree though - really pretty.

  13. Your tree looks flocking amazing Bliss! Have a wonderful Christmas! XO

  14. Your tree is beautiful! Can I ask what type of lights did you use? Green wire or white wire lights?
    Thanks, Starr

    1. We used green wire because that's what we had, but I think white would work equally as well. The lights are regular clear little bulbs.

  15. Okay, that's it. Next year, I'm flocking my own tree..unless you want to come to IL and do it for me...I might have a house by then! Merry Christmas, girlfriend!

  16. Your tree looks beautiful by the window and you are the queen Mother Flocker! hehe

  17. Love it.. love it... thanks for sharing Mother Flocker!!


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