Metal Sleigh of Greens

While I'm on this coppery kick I decided to paint Santa's reindeer sleigh.

As in the sleigh is shaped like a reindeer.

Actually as I look at it, it's not shaped like a reindeer, it's shaped like a sleigh with a deer head.

Now don't everyone get your tinsel in a twist that I painted this once silvery thing.

Matthew Mead Metallic Copper Paint, Sleigh Bliss-Ranch.com

It wasn't that I didn't like it just the way it was, but I've had it for over 15 years and it never really fit in with my rustic more natural Christmas decor.

Matthew Mead Metallic Copper Paint, Sleigh Bliss-Ranch.com

This year I set it aside to get rid of it, when I came across a similar sleigh full of the most beautiful stars and frosted evergreens.

My inspiration was found on the Stone Gable Blog.  I'd show you a photo but you'd be all like, "ummm, Bliss.... yours doesn't much look like that beautiful starry sleigh of wonder made by Yvonne.

So stop in at her blog and tell her Bliss sent 'ya, but don't come back here and laugh at mine ok?

Matthew Mead Metallic Copper Paint, Sleigh Bliss-Ranch.com

I wanted this to be low cost.  After all, this deer was plucked back out of the giveaway pile.  Notice my old red and green ornaments turned new copper and glittery?

Rudy received a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics in Copper, supplied to me by Fusion Mineral Paint.  Copper is the color that fits in better with my earthy family room tones.

Matthew Mead Metallic Copper Paint, Sleigh Bliss-Ranch.com

Yeah I like silver.  I love white.  If the decorating fairy dropped down and granted me three decorating wishes one would be to banish all the dated pine from my family room.

But instead I've gotta go with what I have, and I'll tell 'ya, at this time of year the warmth of the Christmas tree surrounded by the comfortable homey oranges of things like my new rug, a roaring fire in the stone fireplace, well they couldn't be more perfect for a homespun old fashioned Christmas.

Burnt Orange Rug, Bliss-Ranch.com

So anyway, I took a foam floral block that was also in a pile to pass on and clipped the edges of it so it would fit into a ziplock bag to which I could add water to keep my greens fresh.

Matthew Mead Metallic Copper Paint, Sleigh Bliss-Ranch.com

I placed the plastic bagged foam in the sleigh and started sticking in whatever I had from the pile to get rid of, along with some of the bottom boughs from our tree.

Matthew Mead Metallic Copper Paint, Sleigh Bliss-Ranch.com

Also in the toss pile were some plastic stars I saved from an old IKEA light.  The stars have open ends that fit over the dogwood branches.

The stars give the illusion that my arrangement resembles the inspiration arrangement. Next year I think I'll just invite Yvonne over to give my whole house Stone Gable style since she's got the touch.

Matthew Mead Metallic Copper Paint, Sleigh Bliss-Ranch.com

So as I wait for that decorating fairy to drop down, I'll reuse what I've got, finding inspiration in the talents of others.

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  1. Ok wait... I have a sleigh and the brushed steel color... I'm off!

  2. Beautiful makeover, B...enjoy your homey colors of Christmas. xoxo

  3. I got rid of a lot last year so I don't have a junk pile. I have way too much as it is! Love all these coppery accents you're creating!

  4. Bliss I love the change. It updated and I think much prettier


  5. Ohhhh that's gorgeous! Saw Stone Gable's too. Now I want one!

  6. That goes perfectly with your decor now, Bliss! I love the color and the look!

  7. I love how this turned out. Of course, I loved the silver look before too. But, since you were going with a copper look this year, your new color looks perfect.

  8. I bet your new rug looks awesome with the tree etc. When my living area was red and green I never wanted to take down the decorations. I have a bag full of those stars from an Ikea light as well. I thought I was buying a replacement light for the stars last year but it ended up being black. I guess that wouldn't matter when it is dark... Your little sleigh is pretty cute!


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