Fusion Fever Concludes With Homestead Blue And A Custom Mix

If you've been following along then you know for the last few weeks 
I've had Fusion Mineral Paint Projects fever.  


noun fe·ver \ˈfē-vər\
: a state of excited emotion or activity
This wasn't the kind of fever that makes a person sick, nope this was the kind of fever that gets the creative juices flowing, and might just have sparked a Fall painting frenzy for me here at the ranch.

Fusion Mineral Paint Tables,

Crystal from Team Sutton Designs took a roadside find table and painted it with a custom mix of Fusion Mineral paints to create a creamy gray.

She used Fusion Casement and Coal Black, mixing until she got the color she was looking for and staining the top that previously had veneer failing apart on it.

Fusion Mineral Paint Table Team Sutton Designs

It's a little stunner now, and when you click over to Team Sutton Designs with the link below, pay attention to the detail Crystal included inside the drawer.

I've mixed up a few colors myself with Fusion Mineral Paints, I'm no expert, but when I get to the bottom of a jar I don't waste it - it goes into another jar that's just about empty and I use the custom colors on signs where I don't need to match something specific.

Homestead Blue is a beautiful color that I particularly like to add wax over the top of which tones down the blue shade a notch more to my liking.

Fusion Mineral Paint Table by Creative Moments

Lee Ann from Creative Moments has done just that with the table above that caught her eye because of the interesting hardware on it.

Along with the Fusion Homestead Blue paint, Lee Ann used some black wax in all the nooks and crannies which gave an otherwise dated table a facelift while accenting the details.  And I have to agree, that's some pretty nice brass hardware that she shined up.

For more projects from both Team Sutton Designs and Creative Moments,
 follow the links below.

In case you missed any Fusion Fever posts I have listed them below the Fusion Mineral Paint projects that were responsible for my August and early Fall fever.  These ladies painted their hearts out all summer long but their creativity won't stop now that the heat has passed, so check in on them from time to time to see what they have put brush to paint on.

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  1. You really showcased a lot of gorgeous pieces! I love that Homestead Blue!!

  2. That blue with that stained top is amazing.


  3. Now I am doing my Peggy Lee impersonation. Thanks. (Great pieces!)

  4. You know your home looks amazing! I can’t believe all you’ve accomplished in such a short time!

    Best wishes!!

  5. The homestead blue is really pretty! I'm reading backward so I'll see the rest of the colors soon.


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