Tones For Tots Speckled Frog and Little Piggy

Not only do I have an end of summer fever for all the Fusion Mineral Paint projects I see, but in this 5th post I'm running extra hot for anything that uses colors from the Tones For Tots line.

Fusion Mineral Paint Tones For Tots Speckled Frog Little PIggy,

At a garage sale many years ago I picked up a bassinet identical to the one Mary from Orphans With Makeup has updated with Speckled Frog from the Tones For Tots line of Fusion Mineral Paint.

Orphans With Makeup Speckled Frog Bassinet Fusion Mineral Paint

I wish I would of known then how to dip a brush in paint and give something a soft color splash.

I also wish I would of known how to set up a nursery as cute as the one Mary has staged in the photo above.

The Orphans With Makeup blog is always styling up something beautiful, so if you haven't stopped over to meet Mary yet you really should.  Stroll around from the link below, and if you don't find some inspiration from at least one of her beautiful painted pieces, there is something wrong with 'ya!

Then again, you don't have to paint something yourself, Mary sells her creations.

Coast & Country Vintage Little Piggy Cabinet Fusion Mineral Paint Tones For Tots

The only thing I like more than a great furniture up-do, is a great furniture up-do that incorporates words on the project.

And I love the above Tones For Tots project from Coast & Country Vintage in Little Piggy, "to the moon and back"!

Coast & Country Vintage is a mother daughter team that blogs and sells Fusion Mineral Paint (among others) in Canada.  Click on the link to their blog, you will not believe the before of that cute little cabinet above.  Let's just say it has a twin and originally they were connected.

The Tones For Tots line are beautiful soft colors, but it's worth mentioning you don't need to only use them on things for baby.  While perfect for a sweet nursery, they are equally nice on any thing you want a soft color on.

Please visit both Orphans With Makeup and Coast & Country Vintage at the links below.

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  1. They are really sweet, soft colors!

  2. I'm loving that buffet as a changing table...

  3. Those colors would really work in my house--beautiful!!

  4. I love the names of those colors. Too sweet!

  5. Both colors would work for #2 I hope. We are hoping for a girl of course.


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