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Hello hello hello.....  The November Thrifty Style Team is here with frugal tips, projects, or makeovers.  To take a peek at them, all you've gotta do is click the project photos from the participating bloggers at the end.

Markers, colored pencils, crayons, stickers, you name it I've got it thrown in a drawer for when creativity strikes the short people around here who need something to keep themselves busy.

It regularly strikes a certain 8 year old and sometimes her 10 year old brother as well, and also moving up in the art ranks is a certain 2 year old who currently just enjoys the "click" sound of putting marker lids back on.

I wouldn't mind reclaiming that one kitchen drawer to use as my own, which would be well worth the price of this vintage wood laptop desk that was only a buck at a garage sale.

No one wanted it with its strawberry's and vines, and really neither did I, but the idea of buying something that's solid wood for a dollar makes me bring home stuff I have no use for.  So I put it behind a chair in my bedroom for a couple years.

Vintage Wood Table Top Lap Desk,

When I became inspired to clean behind the chair, I was also determined not to stick that table top desk back there, so I set it next to the dresser in plain sight hoping that would motivate me to do something with it.  Three months later I was finally motivated to get it out of my bedroom.

Vintage Wood Table Top Lap Desk,

I really didn't know what I was going to do with it, but painting it seemed the easiest.  I googled wood table top or lap top desk ideas and came up with only one, that happens to be from a fellow Minnesotan and a blogging pal, Carlene at Organized Clutter.  Carlene has never met something she can't redo, so stop over and see the update she gave to her little desk.

Anyway, I had already decided on white lettering and Coal Black from Fusion Mineral Paint before I saw the one at Organized Clutter.  Seeing that combination from Carlene sealed the deal for me.

The painting only takes a blink of an eye, it's deciding what to write on projects that takes me the longest.  So a coat of Coal Black went on and I let it sit to dry.... for two weeks.  That's how long it took me to decide what I wanted to write on the desk top and also how much time it took me to get back to painting.

I knew if I didn't finish it at this point, that the desk was in danger of going back behind the chair incomplete.  We've had so many big projects going on around here that this little thing was a now or never type.

Vintage Wood Table Top Lap Desk,

I sanded it so it looked like a chalkboard and the letters were more rustic, and I added handles on the side of the desk so it could easily be carried by creative geniuses with short arms.

Vintage Wood Table Top Lap Desk,

I opted not to put only one handle in the center to carry it like a suitcase because each time that was done all the markers and colored pencils would become a mess on the inside, plus those geniuses would have to always remember to latch the desk lid to the base so the stuff wouldn't fall completely out.

Vintage Wood Table Top Lap Desk,

I left the inside as it was - stained wood.  If those strawberry vines weren't on the lid I might have just re-stained the outside and admired it that way, but this isn't some heirloom of ours so paint was just fine.

It's all ready for a bit of creative genius, and I'm sure there will be refrigerator art aplenty from all the little Rembrandt's that run this joint.

 Now go check out what the rest of the Thrifty Style Team has for us.....

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  1. Okay, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I so love this!!!!!!

  2. I love this news look on your lap desk. So fun for crafts, coloring or even eating.
    I don't think your brain ever stops creating amazing and creative ideas! You never cease to amaze me. Hope you are having a wonderful day, my friend.

  3. I know the grands will be fighting over may have to make more! Fun project!

  4. Love how this turned out. Things that get the attention of a sweet two year old. Truth be told I loved the click sound with pen caps too. To be that innocent again.


  5. Hi Bliss ... I have one of those that I painted blue years ago and decorated with white ducks. Since I am reorganizing and down sizing, I have been planning to paint it. Now, seeing how pretty yours is, I am really inspired, thank you.

  6. I want one too!

    Now how’s that new empty drawer project coming along? Picture proof please...

  7. So fun! My kids would have loved this. Such a great idea!

  8. I will be on the lookout for one of these wooden lap desks! And I know you must be enjoying your empty drawer! Very clever!

  9. Projects for kids are the absolute best. Aaand, I think you've just created a future family heirloom for those little Rembrandts.


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