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The ideas tour might be arriving as we head into Fall, but my project won't be fall-ish looking. Instead you'll have to use your imagination, because mine will be fall-ish smelling.

In Minnesota we like to make our summer last as long as possible, and when the leaves actually change that's my cue that fall has arrived, the apples are ready for pie baking, and the days might be cool enough to turn the oven on.

I don't have to remind everyone what an unusual year 2020 has been, we all live every day with the ever changing new rules and information. For me this changing landscape of life has left me a little creatively .... dry ... I guess would be a good word. I haven't exactly been tearing through the days creating much, the ideas are just not flowing.

Vintage Tin Sifter 
Lots of folks have turned to their kitchens over the past six months to bake and prepare more meals, some due to either more time on their hands and necessity, or because home really has become their castle but the castle didn't come with a cook. 
Spring and Summer saw more families getting very comfortable in their kitchens. Now we are going into the third season of change and wondering what is this Fall chapter is going to bring?

Bread. Fall is going to bring more home baked bread.

Probably more baking right through the Winter months too. Thighs the size of Texas anyone?

Men and women who have never baked bread prior to 2020 are now versed in the terminology of yeast and rising dough. Muffins? They come in countless varieties and are easy to make into a treat or healthy breakfast. Homemade birthday cakes and countless other floury goodies. Old fashioned baking ways are being embraced once again and I'll bet some bakers are even using a vintage gadget to get their baking done, a flour sifter.

Vintage Tin Sifter Sign   

I've had an old sifter for almost 40 years. In my early days of wife-ing I learned to make bread as my grandmother and my mother in law did, and I used this sifter along with that tedious baking task.  My mom went to the store and just bought a loaf.

These days I use my bread machine even though I still think the way my gramma made bread from scratch tasted much better. She was a baker for priests in Minneapolis and her breads and sweet rolls were very well known, but there was nothing fast about her process, and that time commitment is probably why my mom picked hers up in the bread isle of the local Safeway.

But Fall is the perfect time to have the smell of fresh bread wafting through the air. Mmmm mmm. 

Fall is also a good time to make a low calorie sign so those thighs don't get any bigger.

Vintage Tin Sifter

This little red handled sifter, the kind you had to crank the wooden knob, has an honest to goodness antique patina on it and I wanted to get it out of the dark cabinet and use it once again.

But I had no intention of turning the handle to sift flour for making bread. Most days I am my mothers daughter.

My preference was to have the sifter cut in half for use on a sign.

Vintage Tin Sifter

My readers know I like to use Old Sign Stencils on any project I can. Using pre-made stencils makes fast work of lettering and I can whip up a project in less time than making a loaf of bread, even faster than using my bread machine, but maybe not quite as fast as my mom running to the corner store.

But occasionally the words I want on a sign are unique to me, so I have to make the stencils myself, which doesn't stop me from using my Old Sign Stencils where I can.

For this sign, I decided on the smaller of the two OSS grain sack stripe for the edge of the board. So much easier than taping off a length. 

Old Sign Stencils Grain Sack Stripe

Speaking of the board...... I used one of those prefinished closet/shelf boards you can find at the lumber yard. They come in wood grained, white, black, etc., but I still paint over them. I use whatever sign size piece of something is on hand in the garage.

The board is 41" long and 12" wide, a good hefty size.  I painted it with Fusion Mineral Paint Champlain, which is my favorite not bright white.

Like I said, sometimes I need a sign to say something specific, so I make my own stencil from cardstock in my cutting machine - I had to tape it together at the bottom because I suck at measuring and spacing.

Homemade Stencils

My fictitious flour company needed a name, so I enlisted the help of three of my offspring who were within earshot. I asked for suggestions and then we voted. I liked all three of the choices; Red Handle Flour Company, Blue Stripe Flour Company, and the winner.............

                                               Tin Sifter Flour Company

Vintage Tin Sifter Sign

The red handle of the half sifter already had a loop on the inside, so it was fastened to the wood with a screw and then another one was put through another loop on the outside and both hold the whole, no wait.... the half... thing nice and secure.

Vintage Tin Sifter Sign

The font I chose had a center cut out, so I used the piece of cardstock letter to go back in and stencil that detail on. I also didn't want to paint the red knob or the well worn red handle, so decided to use a vintage blue and Fort York Red, two colors often seen together in the olden days of bread making.

Vintage Tin Sifter Sign

The colors of the sign might not be very Fall like, and are a departure from the normally neutral colors I tend to use, but I really like the vintage-y look, and the best time to bake cake, pastry or bread isn't in the hot summer anyhow.

Vintage Tin Sifter Sign

This sign turned out pretty nice, I think I'm going to sell it. To who, I don't know. I just know that as much as I like it, I have ZERO wall space to put it on.

Vintage Tin Sifter Sign

The lettering below the sifter is also from one of my Old Sign Stencils. I mix and match any time I can, plus it saves time over making my own on cardstock.

Vintage Tin Sifter Sign

Just don't stop in at my house expecting to see me harvesting wheat or to buy any bread flour from the Tin Sifter Co.. Bread flour was hard to come by around April and May, but I'm not sure if that's still the case because I have a son who works at a grocery store and when he spotted a large bag of traditional bread flour he brought one home for me.  I can bake bread now till the cows come home.

Vintage Tin Sifter Sign

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And what does Fall really looks like around Bliss Ranch? I will leave you with the photo below..... it's dahlia harvesting time!

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  1. This is awesome - and so creative! Yes, 2020 is definitely the year of homemade bread...among other things! Great to hop with you!

  2. Your sign is SO CUTE! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Your sign is awesome!! I love the sifter and the colors you used!

  4. Super cute sign Bliss!! Love the sifter on it. I admit I made homemade bread and it was less than stellar. Of course, I hadn't made bread in decades. lol No bread machine here. My neighbor grinds her own wheat berries! Of course she has 5 teenagers.
    Be safe, be well and have more fun!! ~ Christina

  5. I love the sign that you created! I grew up using a sifter very much like yours and my mom is still using it. This sign will look fabulous in someone's kitchen. I predict that you'll have absolutely no trouble selling this beauty!

  6. This is completely adorable, I have a couple of old sifters that would look darling in a sign or two. I love that you could totally put some fall leaves in the sifter too. Great idea!

  7. I seriously love this! I have an antique sifter that I painted a little snowman, I need to find another one so I can cut it in half and do something like this.

  8. Oh I LOVE this sign so much! I'm a baker...baking bread right now! You are so creative!

  9. Oh my goodness, how creative! I just love the uniqueness! Yay for fall inspiration!

  10. I love love LOVE the 3D element of the sifter in this sign! GENIUS! And equally so how you cleverly came up with your own customized sayings while they flawlessly team up with the others!

    I'm deeming you an official pro signmaker at this point.

  11. friggin cute! I love the sifter! Great idea to cut in 1/2!

  12. I love this sweet sign so much! I wouldn't be able to part with it!
    Baking homemade bread is something I have always wanted to try but never seem to be able to find the time for. Maybe this winter!

  13. This is the cutest! And I really love your story about your Grandmother baking for the priests in Minneapolis. What a great heritage that sifter has to be a part of baking so many great recipes from your Grandmother. I love it.


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