Junkers United Barn Wood Window Cabinet

Welcome one and all and thanks for stopping in if you're visiting from one of the linked blogs.  I'm Bliss and you're at the ranch, where I redo junk and try to make projects for little or no cost.

This post is filled to it's junky little rim.... with a party and best of all links to the other Junkers United Team members and the projects they created specially for this party.

Barn Wood Cabinet,
For my junk project I've upcycled one of the gazillion old windows I've accumulated.  It's not an earth-shattering-never-before-seen project, but for us it solved a storage problem......

the storage problem of where to keep the toilet paper.

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Black Purses

Today I have a tale to tell about purses, JC Penney, and a random act of kindness I received.

~ The Purses ~
Now I am not a purse snob in any way shape or form.  I can use a $10 purse just as easy as a $100 one.  I've got Gucci and I've got Garage Sale.

It always comes back to features for me, so in that way I am a purse snob, I like what I like for comfort and ease.

I don't like to fiddle around looking for my phone when it rings, in fact I don't like to answer my phone at all so there is a good chance I won't even if I can find it.

I need a certain kind of handle to fit comfortably in my small hands.  Not too long so it drags on the ground, and in the perfect purse world the handles would be just long enough to also wear on my shoulder.

Notice the rounded handles on all those retired purses.

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Cake Tester Giveaway & Moo Cards

It's that time again when I raid my daughters pretty baubles and decide I should give a cake tester away, compliments (unbeknownst) of her.

Cake Testers

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Plates, Plates, and More Plates

This post contains a things that some of you might not want to read.  It's probably going to provoke death threats and suggestions that I have an exorcism, as surely the devil is making me do what I do.

The threats will be a kin to what happens when someone paints a vintage piece of furniture and the crowd goes wild, and not in a good way either.

They don't like the message or the messenger at that point.

Plates for Mosaics

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Alberts Barn Burn

This post is not for the faint of heart.  Or at least not for those who see a decrepit old barn and want to load all of it's wood in the trunk.

(Now that would be funny - someone trying to fit a whole barn in their trunk).

Alberts Farm
Old Alberts Farm

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Vintage Pump Organ Knobs Turned Wine Stoppers

I'm not sure why I didn't think of this sooner, I mean I've had these knobs for two years.

Vintage Pump Organ Knobs Turned Wine Stoppers

They're vintage knobs from an old pump organ I believe, possibly Victorian.

At least that's what Google tells me.

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Restoration Hardware inspired Clock Knock-Off

I was gonna refrain from entering a project for a link party at East Coast Creative where a Creating With The Stars contest is going on for the next four weeks.  I just didn't have a new idea.

For the main contest Bloggers have been paired with Super Bloggers and each week they compete/create in a pre-determined category and the rest of us folks can vote for our favorite till there is one blogger left that wins it all.

There is also a link party of the same theme that anyone can link a project up to.

But I had to create something, I couldn't resist....... the theme this week is my fav - knock offs.   All the people of the land know I love a knock off challenge, so before the clock struck noon I was plotting.

The Mark
(The original photo has been removed, so I don't breech any copyright laws, but lets just say mine looks exactly like it)

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Lets Play Kitchen

When I was a little girl, play time was usually all about being a mommy.  I never played lawyer and can't talk about those times playing doctor.

I loved dolls, playing house or going to the pretend store.  I have all my old dolls, they are pretty scary and hidden under my bed.  Any with curly hair got a hair cut.

The play food was really tiny back then too.  If I'd of eaten that size portion all my life there would never have been any discussions with my thighs about their girth.

I think I need to find an old armoire and convert it into a play store like this one from  Inspired Whims....

For the past year I've been pinning ideas to my Kid Stuff Pinterest board of cute play kitchens, with the intention of making one for a certain 3 year old.

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Soda Crate Storage

Originally I made this crate for a guest post over with Angie at Knick of Time, and I decided that since a year has gone by it was time I showed it right here on my own blog.

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