Restoration Hardware inspired Clock Knock-Off

I was gonna refrain from entering a project for a link party at East Coast Creative where a Creating With The Stars contest is going on for the next four weeks.  I just didn't have a new idea.

For the main contest Bloggers have been paired with Super Bloggers and each week they compete/create in a pre-determined category and the rest of us folks can vote for our favorite till there is one blogger left that wins it all.

There is also a link party of the same theme that anyone can link a project up to.

But I had to create something, I couldn't resist....... the theme this week is my fav - knock offs.   All the people of the land know I love a knock off challenge, so before the clock struck noon I was plotting.

The Mark
(The original photo has been removed, so I don't breech any copyright laws, but lets just say mine looks exactly like it)
At 11:26 on Sunday I told my old clock that the time had come.

Or maybe I told it that it's time was up?

Had run out?

Whichever....the old clock was getting a makeover because of the one I saw on line at Restoration Hardware - sale price $205.

Restoration Hardware Inspired Clock Knock Off Bliss-Ranch.com
Waiting for wax to dry

I said to the Brawn of the operation,  "hey sweet honey bun, handsome hunk of man, talented beyond belief fella..... you busy?"

It didn't really happen like that, I was in a hurry and buttering someone up takes time.

I did say, "BRAWN..... would you go to the garage and cut some wood for me?".  He said sure, so I showed him the RH picture and our old clock laying on the counter, and said "cut me a piece of wood to fit around this old clock then".

And do it now thank you very much.  (Because I waited till the last minute).

Had I not waited till the last minute with the decision to link a knock off, the top contender was this Restoration Hardware wood and metal thing RH calls a coat tree.

That rolling coat tree costs over a thousand smackaroos.  I was gonna knock it off for free with stuff I already had in the garage, even though I didn't need one. 

But that's not happening.  The clock was ticking, it was Sunday already.

And I had a few distractions.......
I blinked and WWF Smackdown had broken out.

All the cushions were pulled off the couch, covered with blankets, and being used as an elevated wrestling mat.  Elsewhere, someone was in a headlock and someone was in tears.

Between stealing moments to create a clock knock off,  I made homemade pizza, had a 5 kid movie night from ages 3 to 23 and watched Disney's Frozen.

But I made time to finish my project.

I turned our ticking time bomb into a wood framed fool-the-eye-metal time machine!
And. I. Love. It.
Here is what we did:

1. Cut the form from MDF, using our handy dandy technologically advanced measuring device..... an old pot lid.

Restoration Hardware Inspired Clock Knock Off Bliss-Ranch.com
2. Epoxy old dusty water tubing around the inside edge for a raised look and also to create a spot where the metal hardware mesh/cloth could be sandwiched between to hide the staples. This area had to be higher for the clock hands to clear the mesh and move freely.

Restoration Hardware Inspired Clock Knock Off Bliss-Ranch.com

 (Water tubing????  Yes, because that's what I found in the garage to make a circle).

Flexible plastic water tube.  Also known as clock parts.
3. Put screws in for the little metal divit thing-a-ma-bobs.

4. Give the whole thing a base coat of brown Rustoleum spray paint.

5. Sit down and start working magic with craft paint in copper metallic and regular black and brown so that eventually the wood frame looks like it's made of metal just like the original.

6.  Give it a light coat of Annie Sloan clear wax, and a dab here and there of AS dark wax - then buff just enough for a faded metal sheen.

8.  Link up at East Coast Creative then hit the hay before the clock strikes midnight and my old clock turns back into it's boring old self.

Restoration Hardware Inspired Clock Knock Off Bliss-Ranch.com
 I love it so much, that time is standing still.
Or maybe that's because I forgot to put the battery back in?

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  1. I can't get over how much yours looks like the one you copied! Amazing job! It's beautiful. Clocks can be so expensive, so it's a good idea to just revamp one you already have. I've done that to a few of mine before by changing the paint color etc.

  2. Have I mentioned lately that I'm in the market for a clock that looks EXACTLY like yours? LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE....need I go on?! Will you come here and help me do this to my clock...and bring some water tubing. PLEASE!?!?!?


    You blow me away.
    That is all.

  4. Wow! That is pretty super fantastic!!!! I don't know about the list you did not make but I find it hard to believe there would be very many to top this.....Wow! Even the paint job makes the wood look like true blue metal...Great job! A big thumbs up!!! Blessings!

  5. Wow, oh, wow! I love it and what a great knockoff!

  6. What a vision! Super great. I want one now.
    Thanks for showing us!

  7. Bliss that is absolutely amazing and by golly if you don't win then I think it's rigged!

  8. That's A-MAZ-ING Mrs. B, I absolutely love it and such a fantastic good-as-the-original-if-not-even-better copycat, and all whilst playing referee and cooking and watching a movie - wow !

  9. holy moly! that is AWESOME, bliss!

  10. Great job dear Bliss. I was going to ask you how you got the curvy round stuff....I took a picture of a clock at Meier a while back that I was going to knock off - because like you I have the face but nothing else. But you know me- it might be 3 years before I actually do it. This is a great knock-off!

  11. Oooh I like yours better even!! Great job!

  12. I shared this already on fb and now I'm pinning! Just wow!

  13. I love it too! Fantastic job!

  14. AH-MA-ZING! Old water tubing...genius!

  15. That is seriously awesome!!! You are so clever and it looks fabulous!

  16. Bliss!!! That is awesome! You amaze! It looks exactly like the original. Those pot lid measuring devices are always my go to. Unless I'm feeling fancy and use the cake plate dome thingy.

  17. This is so cool, Bliss! I love it!

  18. This is the best knockoff I have ever seen Bliss! Brilliant use of junk, and y'all brought it all together beautifully.

  19. I am TOTALLY impressed!!

  20. Stop it right now! I award you Winner of Crafting with The Stars! This is amazing and my jaw is still on the ground! Pinned it last night and I'm pinning again!

  21. If I was actually speaking right now I'd be stuttering. I love this clock, your work is awe inspiring.
    For what it's worth: I really, really need a rolling coat tree. Didn't know it til I saw that picture, but now really need one. In case you NEED a new project, but don't NEED a rolling coat tree.
    And I used a can of cat food recently for one of my very precise circle templates.

  22. Holy Hey-Zeus crap on a pile of biscuits and gravy.

    You. Are. DAAAAAAAMN. Good!!!


  23. This is AMAZING, Bliss!! You did one fantabulous job on this!
    And wrestling, headlocks, & crying...story of my life. I want the t-shirt.

  24. Wow that turned out fabulously! I love the creative use of items you already had, those are the best kind of projects. Great job girl! The WWF story made me laugh. I remember as a kid the neighborhood boys used to play that. One of them even made a tinfoil trophy belt. awesome. ;)

  25. FANTASTIC Bliss!!! I love this so much and RH has great things but they are expensive. I love some of their chairs and would like to get them for our new kitchen but I will wait for a sale f or sure. Maybe even World Market online if I can get the right color. Anyway, you should win an award and sorry the WWF broke out.


  26. Amazing Bliss. Love it and you did a fantastic job. No one will ever know you used plastic tubing around the clock face. Good luck ... you are already a winner.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  27. AMAZING Bliss!!! You really hit this one out of the park! The patina you painted on, the tubing, the hardware cloth.... AMAZING!

  28. Um, WOWZA!!!! I'm speechless ...

    :) Linda

  29. That. Is. So. Cool. It's a brilliant knock off is what it is!

  30. Ditto to ALL the above!

  31. It looks totally amazing! I honestly don't even own a clock but I could sure get on board with this one!

  32. Hickory Dickory Dock. The clock knocked off my socks. The clock turned 4:10, the mouse ran out of the house (or maybe I am the mouse to go teach tonight). I had to read this before I clocked in for my class tonight. Happy I took the time to read this post. Its about time I started thinking outside the pot lid and used up all the spare parts in garage. I just might save myself a few minutes if I would see what I have there instead of taking hours to browse through yet another dumpster to pass the time. You can sigh and roll your eyes now. Or check the clock and see how long it took you to read this ridiculous comment.

  33. Wow, I love it You did a fantastic job recreating it. I see so many neat clocks folks have made online--one of these days, I may have to try my hand at one. Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. Unbelievable.....I absolutely love this!

  35. Bliss..you are a master!! Love it! This makes me want to get moved and back to crafting as soon as I can!!

  36. You are the coolest of cool! You just knocked it off with stuff you had in your garage??!!! My garage is full of crap!! Can I come live with you?! LOL!!~~Angela

  37. Wowzer, you totally nailed this one! Pinning.

  38. Wow!!! I had a vintage clock just like it that I sold in a garage sale. Darn!!! You did a fabulous job copying the RH clock! The tubing around the clock opening is a fabulous idea!

  39. Seriously remarkable how much they both look alike. Yours really looks just like old metal and your plastic tubing as trim is so clever, especially since you randomly found it in the garage!!

  40. This is amazing! I LOVE this type of industrial look. Our living room is a mix of country chic greys and whites and industrial browns and blacks. I LOVE this idea! I may have to find a cheap clock at Ross and give this project a try! Thanks for the inspiration!

  41. You are a genius!!!! Amazing. I wish I had an old clock that needed redoing!!! I cannot believe how that wood looks like metal. Love that you used on old pot cover. I have used large mixing bowls to make bubbles on my little girls wall. :)

  42. Anonymous4/01/2014

    Tick tock! FAB clock! Truly inspired.

  43. Anonymous4/02/2014

    I could never think that fast to put that all together; looks great; looks like the "real" thing; I would buy it if it was for sale

  44. Holy schnikes....YOU. ARE. AWESOME. =) Marcy @day2day SuperMom

  45. Wow!! It looks every bit as expensive as the RH clock! You have talent and imagination to use what you did.
    Playing catch up after being offline while laid up with my back. Nice to read your posts again!
    Debbie :)

  46. Just discovered your blog. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST KNOCK-OFFS I HAVE SEEN YET!!!!!!!

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  47. I think you are a Knock Off Genius!!

  48. I already thought you were pretty dang cool...but this is stinkin' AMAZING!!!! You are now my hero times two! I LOVE it!

  49. Ok, ok . . . now you're just showing off. C'MON woman, give us a break or give us a brawn. My Hubs can do this stuff too . . . just can't get him going. What's your secret?


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