Bedroom Redo with a Door Headboard

Still cleaning out the archives here at the Ranch.  Today I have a glimpse into daughter #2's bedroom, that is while it's sort of clean......

(Originally this guest post was for Shanna at Just Us Four).

I laid in wait till my daughter was gone and sprang on her room with my camera.
Antique Door turned Headboard
Door headboard with original back plate, glass door knob and key

First I picked up the wet towels and sniffed the air to make sure there wasn’t anything rotten in her world.  All was good with her world and my nose, and the towels should be dry in 20 years.

My college age daughter is a talented Miss.  To pay for gas to school she started making beautiful baubles she calls Cake Testers.

Cake Testers
Agate and glass Bead cake testers
She is a DIY’er at heart and a graphic design major, so it should come as no surprise that when she decided to redo her bedroom she didn’t ask for my help making decisions.

Like on color.
She wanted a nice Caribbean ocean color.  Bet she knew I would pick something safe….like beige.

I’m glad she didn’t ask me.
She painted a canvas and made herself this string art as inspiration.
Then hung it on the old gate that has been part of her room for 10 years.
She got herself a vintage door, something we have plenty of due to the fact we are renovating a 100 year old building, and asked her dad for a couple pointers on using power tools.

She also painted the room herself, a tone on tone white stripe pattern that I love.
She made herself a headboard and painted it with custom mixed paint to give her just a hint of the blue-green she wanted, it looks sort of like clouds over a Caribbean beach.

She aged it most excellent with CeCe Caldwell dark wax over a base of Annie Sloan Pure White with a sample pot of La Craie, just don’t ask me the color name.

Once again my designer paints and waxes all play nice with each other.

I’m not gonna show you the bed…..  just picture a bed strewn with clothes and pillows and you’ll get the idea.

I made two contributions to the room; I picked up a giant “B” at a garage sale for .50¢……
It was already a Caribbean green so she just white washed over it and added tacks from the Dollar Store along the edge.
And I picked up a clear glass lamp with a plain white shade at Goodwill for $3.00.
She went right to work on a chevron paint job to turn her new lamp into $3.00 well spent.

Proof she didn’t ask me for help, chevron isn’t my deal.

But I do like how the lamp turned out.
Old Trunk Chevron Glass Lamp
An old trunk becomes a nightstand.
She has been working on her room bit by bit when she has time.

She wanted a chandelier, and well you know the saying….. you can’t always have everything you want…. so she just chalked one on her dresser door.
Previously her room was pink and black from a surprise redo we did for her years ago while she was at horse camp.  Her budget is mostly ZERO so she learned how to reuse what was already there and how paint can transform just about anything.

And I always wondered whether or not she really liked that old gate.

Now I know.

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  1. I love your daughter's style! She's done a beautiful job with her room. :)


  2. WOW! she is so talented and creative- love it! love the artwork!

  3. She is quite talented and thrifty, I wonder where she gets that? Love the room, that B really caught my eye too! You did a great job on it.

  4. LOVE her room, she definitely has quite the touch!

  5. Impressive. U raised them right mama! .50 for that letter...awesome.

  6. Beautiful job! Love the little touches!!

  7. I was very impressed the first time round, I'm still impressed, but now I'm wondering.........didn't you mind her using the dining room table without protecting it ???

  8. I would say that your daughter is VERY talented and creative. She has a wonderful sense of style. I love what she did with the gate! I am envious of how well she can draw too. That is my weakness.

  9. What a wonderful room! Your daughter is very her parents!

  10. Your daughter is so talented!! LOVE LOVE that headboard and the pretty wall art she made! Loving the tone on tone stripes too!

  11. Her artistic talent shines through in her room! I love the chevron lampshade!

  12. All fabulous stuff Bliss! You probably won "mother of the year last year"!

  13. The apple doesn't fall far from the looks GREAT!

  14. She's a clever gal, Bliss -- love her room!
    xo Heidi

  15. I sure know where she gets it from! I love that gate Bliss!

  16. Very talented daughter! Like the use of colors. She has inherited the gifts of her parents, taking nothing and making it into FABULOUS! Really like the garden gate and the fact that she left the key in door for the bed!

  17. What an awesome bedroom! Your daughter has great style. Perhaps she could help my sons ~ their style is retro duck tape with some Legos thrown in ~ have a daughter! ;)

  18. She is so very talented. I remember a couple of projects from another time, no??? The chandelier she drew for her dresser is gorgeous. Must be fun having children that have passion for the same things you do.


  19. Really nice room. I especially like the tone-on-tone stripes and the gate! Think she got your genes . . . and probably some of your jeans as well!

  20. Oh wow. Your daughter did an amazing job. She has tremendous style. I am so impressed. It must have been fun to watch her transform her room, herself. You must be proud.

  21. What a lovely job she did with everything! And, by the way, I love that old gate, too! :)

  22. Wow what an awesome job she did! Looks like she has learned a lot from you.

  23. Your daughter is so talented! I bet she gets it from her momma! ~~Angela

  24. Beautiful room and so creative like her Mom. Love the headboard. If she did not like the gate, would she have kept it for ten years. I think she likes it. I do.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  25. Wow...loving it all! Especially the door. I should have had her do MY doors the first time. :/


  26. Well, I'm pretty sure she's a chip off the old block. You're one of the best around at creating fabulous style out of what ever is in your shed. I love everything you shared with us.

  27. What a pretty room - love love love the chandy on the drawer ( I put them on pieces of furntiure so I'm very partial to them lol ) but she has so many gorgeous elements
    I remember most of them from when she first did them!!!
    And those cake testers are really fabulous!

  28. I remember this post! Beautiful room. :)

  29. I love the old trunk and a door headboard is right up my alley - since I sleep with one every night....
    I've been using my cake tester too. It works like a dream.

  30. Looks like she loves that gate. Now she just made it her own. She has quite the eye for style and a beautiful outlook. Dreamers make the world go round!

  31. I love it all! Very talented :) just like mom!

  32. The room is lovely and whimsical, messy bed and all. I'm pinning the headboard. When my daughter set up house I asked her what she wanted from home and she took an identical trunk. It's moved all over the country with her. Will done, Bliss daughter!

  33. Oh she's going to do well when she's older! So creative, I love the cake testers she made! You must be very proud of her.
    Debbie :)

  34. Wow! Very pretty! Your daughter has the talent of her Mama! Love the gate!

  35. I would say you have creativity in every corner of your home!! What a great room, and the best part, she it herself and it didn't come straight from a PBTeen catalog!

  36. That girl has style! Love that she used lots of old things - but made it her own! We just rearranged my girls rooms - they want all kinds of craziness going on in there - taking a deep breath and letting them do their thing (within reason)!!


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