Basil Click and Grow Kit

Bliss you grew a green thumb?

Not hardly.  But I am going to grow some basil.

Bliss Ranch has lots of easy care shrubs and flowers in the yard - emphasis on the easy care part.  And I do plant flowers and greens in window boxes and pots each spring but the results of that vary from year to year and my interest in, (or lack of) keeping them alive.

Almost every spring of the last 30, there has also been a vegetable garden.  And usually every year I am disappointed in myself and ability to reap what I sow.

Some folks have lush plants and live off the land with ease.

I am not one of those, but I try.

One thing I can do, and do it well, is make home made pesto from fresh basil.

This year, no more trips to the store to buy basil that always looks less than impressive ...... I'm turning over a new basil leaf with this handy dandy Click and Grow kit.

I've had this kit since December, but due to the little sticker on the outside of the box I'm just now getting around to phase 1.........

Because of the fact that it is winter here, I mean really really Winter....

So much winter that if you sit down to relax out side you will literally freeze your azz.  What happened to the February and March thaw I hear tell of..... it was still below zero in February and single digits in March here!

Enough of the winter doldrums, what is Click and Grow?

It's a smart garden.

From their website......
"Inspired by NASA, we've created a solution that gives plant roots an optimal amount of water, oxygen and nutrients at all times.
It's a bit like giving plants a personal trainer, a chef, Harvard schooling, loving parents and a dog.  Flowers and herbs will love growing up in our smart garden!"

The instructions are pretty straight forward, and there is a video on their site that tells me exactly how to get my basil growing.  I don't think I can mess this up!

I told my kids that when I was their age I named my houseplants.  Remember when you were suppose to talk to your plants and they would grow better?

Phase 1, of birthing my basil.
So we named our basil plant - something strong to survive.  We used to have a cat named Pesto, so that name was out.  You wanna hear the cute story of that cat?  No?  Tough basil, I'm telling it anyhow....

Pizza sales at school.  Us on vacation on delivery date so I asked a friend to pick ours up.  When we returned and I stopped at her house to get the pizzas, there was a yard full of kittens.  I had to thank her somehow for picking up our pizzas, and what better way then to take a kitten off her hands....... so in with the pizzas a kitten went.

When I returned home, hungry little feet came running to snag a pizza out of the box, and inside with the pepperoni and plain cheese, was a little gray tiger kitten.  

They asked where I got it, so I said it came with the pizzas.

Photo source-web Screen saver
Being the gullible sweet kids they were - they believed me (for years and years in fact) and in honor of the Italian pizzas the kitten was named Pesto.

So what strong although uncreative name did we give our growing basil plant? 
 The very appropriate name of my father.

Here is the schedule of Herb the Click and Grow basil plant:
  • Sprouts in 5-10 days
  • Full size in 2-4 months
  • Enjoy it for 4-6 months
I'll let you know how he's doing, along with the other plants I'm going to cultivate and nurture this spring.  Yup, I'm gonna be turning over more than a new basil leaf.

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  1. Hmm...I just usually plant my basil outside the kitchen door. This idea seems newfangled. And that kitten is one I could add to my collection in order to become the BV cat lady.

  2. I still talk to and name my plants. I would love a pizza kitten...but Sam is allergic. Maybe a pizza puppy?

  3. Pizza, a Puurrrfect little kitten and Pesto???
    Sounds like a perfect combination for a cold snowy day here in Montreal!
    I've never heard of the click and grow - anxious to hear how that works out for ya!

  4. Looks like an easy way to grow herbs. I just do not have a green thumb anymore so I let other people grow flowers and herbs for me. Good luck with your basil.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. Four to six months to enjoy?!?! Surely I would be able to kill poor Herb long before then! ;)


  6. We're both gardening today ;) Send me some pesto! meow

  7. Herb! Ha. I love it. I hope you succeed in growing basil. I am so tempted. Sounds almost fail proof.

  8. I'm afraid in 4 to 6 months I would lose interest in the basil and that would be the end of that so I hope your attention span is better than mine. However, I do love Basil, the kitten in the pizza box. That kind of basil would hold my attention for years.

  9. How about that?! I've never seen anything like that before. Good luck with your new plant.

  10. My husband is the one with the herb garden. Every year he gets about 5 or 6 different types and plants each one it its own pot. Some of them grow and grow, the basil however always gives him grief. Maybe he needs a Click and Grow, too.

  11. The Pesto story is soooo cute!! Glad you told it! Cannot wait to see how Herb turns out!

  12. I have never heard of this product, sounds like an easy solution if you go on holidays and can't water your plants. Basil is one plant that is a must grow every summer...and I still have some in the freezer from last year. Your little kittie story is adorable...
    Debbie :)

  13. I have bought pots of basil before and one actually went on for months and months and even flowered, but I've never grown it from scratch or even seen a click and grow. Good luck to you and Herb. Perhaps if it all goes well you'll do a post on your pesto recipe, seeing as it's so good !
    The best pizza in the world to me (because it's not my favourite foodstuff) is the one that would come with a kitten !

  14. You know, I get so excited each spring to plants flowers, etc. Then by June they're burning up in this heat! I love basil and other fresh herbs. I hope you have success with this "Herb".

    It's been so crazy around here ~ just trying to catch up a bit.

  15. Oh man...basil is my absolute favorite. I must have one of these.


  16. Mmm..we love basil. I need this. Good luck, if you are anything like me..well:(

  17. This is a real thing?? I must have it!

  18. A little in love with the kitten. I would like to try this. But no light in my house. Dammit.


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