Old Neon Sign Museum

Ever hear of the Neon Museum? 

Well to me it's like the museum king of rusty chippy old signs, and I'm gonna take you there to see some of the coolest vintage signs ever. 

Neon Museum Las Vegas Bliss-Ranch.com Do Not Reproduce

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Romantic Faucet from Build.com

It happens over time.

The romance fades.

The faucet that has been purchased for a new home gets old or wears out from use.

Touch Flow Delta Faucet Build.com Bliss-Ranch.com

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Maison Blanche Pewter Organza Topped Table

Summer of 2013 I picked up this scratched table for $7.50.

Before Christmas I put it in place in all it's beat up glory to see if I was going to like the size.

I did.

Old Table Painted Faux Metal Top Bliss-Ranch.com Maison Blanche
I brought this garage sale table home for a few reasons, one of which being it wasn't gonna break the bank.  

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Paint Like Me Givewaway Winner

Winner Winner!

I'm out of town without access to post the details of who won all the goodies above,  SO..... 
hop over to Fox Hollow Cottage  
and read the announcement from Shannon.

Good luck, I truly hope it is one of my readers.

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Vegas Baby!

No I don't have a Vegas trip to giveaway in addition to yesterdays Maison Blanche giveaway, which you have all week to enter {here}, and no I'm not going on a trip where I will gamble my life savings and leave my children penniless.

I'm smarter than that. 

Wait, we don't have any life savings, we've been spending it all.  Hmmm.....

But yes I am heading to Las Vegas this month, so it's story time at the Ranch about previous visits as I prep you for the reviews to come when I get back.

This post won't have any DIY photos - I DO do things other than projects you know!

Vegas and I are no strangers.  Growing up in the Los Angeles suburbs of the San Fernando Valley, my first trip there was when I was 16.

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Spotlight Feature at Junk Chic Cottage

Kris from Junk Chic Cottage and Susan from Must Love Junk have a regular feature on their blogs called Saturday Spotlight, The Real Life Behind The Blogger.

I tell 'ya they have had some blogging power players in their spotlight.  I enjoy reading about every guest, and I'm always inspired by something I've seen on both blogs as well as those of their guests.

Kris's Dining Room

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A Big Old Heavy Sander

What possess someone to write a post dedicated to a power tool?

Ours is not some slick shiny new contraption that I'm like overly proud of or anything.

Nope, it's rather a dirty old rusty beast the size of Alaska.

And heavy!  If I used this more I'd probably qualify as a weight lifter.

Craftsman Sander Bliss-Ranch.com

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Pine Coffee Table Makeover

The year 2013.

The date, December 24th, yes Christmas Eve.

I was working on a gift project and had a fail.  It was a dresser with a photo transfer that I messed up.

Old Dresser Bliss-Ranch.com
So I went to plan B which was to paint all the pertinent information on the dresser front, of the couple it was being gifted too.

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Positive Affirmation Sign

A few weeks ago I made a sign for a certain 4 year old who is beautiful inside and out, and while I normally would piece together my own words or sayings - at which I've been known to spend hours doing - I didn't have hours in December.

Positive Affirmation Sign Bliss-Ranch.com

And as it turns out I didn't need hours after I saw this free printable perfect for a little girl of great worth who can do hard things and make good choices.

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