Romantic Faucet from

It happens over time.

The romance fades.

The faucet that has been purchased for a new home gets old or wears out from use.

Touch Flow Delta Faucet

Before you know it 20 years has gone by and your faucet, though still supplying ample water, is dated and not working to full capacity anymore.

The large size pots you own bang into the spigot and your spray handle no longer retracts.

It's a sure sign of age when your sprayer no longer retracts.

Sad but true.

Old faucet before replacement,
20 years of working hard, and it's out with the old faucet
Too many dishes for a family of eight must have been washed under it's watch and the old thing just couldn't keep up.   Poor dear.

So what's a gal to do?  Start some internet shopping of course.  I went to .

One of the great things about shopping at is products have these little videos that go along with them that show the item you're thinking about buying in all it's working glory.

If you're like me and need that visual, the videos are an excellent bonus.

The faucet I was eying up had four videos from the manufacturer that I could watch.

According to the Delta video, my faucet is 'adding some romance to the kitchen'.

Hmmmmm... maybe if I do the dishes naked it might.

Touch Flow Delta Faucet
This was no easy contortion for Brawn.

We have a bottom drawer under the plumbing at floor level, which leaves a very small work space in the cabinet to connect all the stuff to make my romantic faucet spray water.

And the contortion gave me a nice photo up his nose.

Ordering on line at was like a smorgasbord of faucet styles and brands, and I didn't have to get out of my jammies and drive an hour to the home store.

Not that I don't like home stores, I just like my jammies more. 

Touch Flow Delta Faucet

With the videos and photos on the web site, I knew before gifted me with this faucet that it was going to fit in my sink, be easy to install, and how it would look on a real sink with real water flowing out of it.

Touch Flow Delta Faucet
That is one romantic faucet if I do say so myself.

There is a customer service specialist that knows the product, with a number you can call for installation questions, product questions, or just if you like the cute guy's picture on the faucet page.

Hey Andrew.                 

Questions about Delta 9192T-DST?  Andrew would be happy to help.
Andrew from

There are PDF files to download on installation and all the info you need right on the product page, but if you still have a concern, Andrew is only a phone call away.

You get real people when you need them at  And THAT makes for great customer service!

They have more home improvement products and DIY stuff than you can shake a stick at.   Not just faucets, although Valentines Day is right around the corner and you could have your very own romantic kitchen rendezvous. 

And with those specialists at the ready, if all you home improvement fans get lonely during business hours, you can dial one of the specialists up and talk shop with them, free of charge.

Brawn was thinking about a new generator, till he saw the romantic faucet.

I just wanna touch that faucet all over.

And so does everyone in my house.

Touch Flow Delta Faucet

This is the romantic pull down nozzle. And it retracts soooooooo nicely.

Touch Flow Delta Faucet

But I have saved the best for last.

The very best.

The best of the best about this faucet.....

Touch Flow Delta Faucet

See that word in the left bottom  ..... Touch .... well it means exactly that.

Touch that faucet where ever you want on it's shiny chrome body and just like magic water flows.

Now THAT is romantic!

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  1. We got a good portion of what we're using for our bathroom from loves that place! (Not fsponsored, though.) I need to replace my faucet...maybe I should talk to Andrew.

  2. I'm sure your water tastes even better now! That is one sexy faucet and I love the whole "touch" concept. Now I want a new faucet and mine is less than a year old. *sigh*

  3. I need a new faucet so bad. The hot water handle is stripped off and takes a very special touch to use it. Now it drips constantly. My friend is redoing her kitchen and I'm going to install the one they are taking out. I would sure rather have a brand new romantic one! Yours is beautiful. I think a drawer under the plumbing is a great idea but maybe the floor should be removable?

  4. It's a beauty, Bliss! Love the touch aspect...we've come a long way from pumping water lol!

  5. That truly is one sexy faucet! Now Braun's nostrils, not so sexy. But I can't get the visual of you washing dishes naked out of my head ...

    :) Linda

  6. I never thought of a faucet as being sexy, but darned if you aren't right!

  7. Oh that is a beautiful faucet! I can see why they call it "romantic" too. Now, I bet your husband wouldn't mind you doing the dishes naked. LOL! That would make for a very interesting romantic evening I'm sure. I was contacted by too and look forward to installing something new as well. Great company!

  8. Oh it really is a beautiful, "romantic" faucet! Enjoy!

  9. I love, love, love your new delta touch 2 0 faucet Bliss! I have had one for 1 1/2 years and haven't even had to change the batteries yet. I wondered how often I'd have to crawl under there to do that. I seriously don't know how I ever had a regular ole faucet. Guess what... you will visit other people and try to touch their faucet on, promise! You get that use to it.

    lucky you to be on the receiving end of such a great faucet from :)


  10. Anonymous2/03/2015

    can it be pretty and handsome.. that's how I see it.. Thanks for sharing a style shape design I have not seen..


  11. TMI girl. ! we love our touch and motion faucet. I hope you enjoy the new spice that yours will be giving you as well.

  12. Wow, that is some romantic faucet! Yay for you! I can't imagine that faucet in my 109 year old house...there wasn't even water in this house when they built it! But then again, times change.

  13. Very state of the art and sleek looking! I was just complaining about our faucet that's too short to rinse big pots easily. I like the idea of the touch control!

  14. Forget romantic, my faucet is leaky and has zero personality. I'm thinking I might have to break up with my faucet reeeaaal soon, especially since now I know that there are so many sleeker, smoother ones out yours ;-D

  15. Oooh so pretty and shiny!!!!! I love that it's got that magic feature too!

  16. Beautiful new facet! Very sleek! We get excited over the funniest things, don't we? :) Hugs, Leena

  17. Shiny! love it, I wish I had a romantic touch :)

  18. I don't need any taps at the moment, sexy or otherwise (but yes, they're very cool) so can I just lust after all the things around the sink, like the scale and the Blue Label box.

  19. Beautiful faucet. I love the graceful lines of that goose neck. Very romantic and sexy too.


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