Where Are They Now... At The Ranch

This throw back Thursday I decided to write a "where are they now" post..... as in how are a few things from past posts fairing today or how is a new product I've received holding up.

I'll go two years back, one year ago, and one month ago.

First up is the oldie that I can't refer to as a goodie.  It's the one project I lay awake at night thinking about and not in a good way. 

Vintage Building
Our vintage barber shop building that you can read about {here}.

I first mentioned this building two years ago and showed you some of the demo.  The front windows are all installed but the inside top floor is another story.  {Get it, another level, the top, another story.... yuk yuk yuk}.

I could almost show you the same inside photos today - the mess may have been cleaned up - and I mean the may have because I don't remember - and some wiring and plumbing have been done, but the inside top is still gutted.

Vintage Building
There are just not enough hours in the day, but fingers crossed Spring will see us spring into action. 

Last year this time were the six dining room chairs I redid.  Recall they were a thorn in my side, and while I redid them a year ago, they took a year to get to that point. 

Dining room chairs

Parts of the chairs still look as good as the day we first sat on them, fortunately that would be the seats and the backs.  Brawn's tack straightening and hammering skills were better than we expected.

Areas of my paint job however, could be improved upon.

There are spots on the legs where they have knocked against each other or rubbed together when moving them, where the paint has worn off.

Dining room chairs

I've convinced myself that doesn't bother me, because frankly, there is no way in helll I am ready to recreate that whole chair painting ordeal after only a year.  The anguish is still fresh in my mind.

The wear marks stay, I'll refer to them as patina.

Last up is the new faucet we installed a month ago.  Gifted to me from it's a high arch beauty with pull out sprayer, that the Delta video referred to as "romantic". 

The best part is that its a touch version. 

Delta Faucet
That means when my hands are covered in raw chicken from making all those gourmet meals I serve around here, all I have to do is flick my finger at it and the water flows.  It works perfectly and I'm very satisfied with the product and the shopping experience.  I'm looking forward to ordering more DIY products from - to be specific, I'm hoping to make a big list this spring for a certain vintage building.

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  1. Oh, you and those chairs. I can still remember all the angst! Patina is good.
    Another story.....hahahaha.

  2. I have actually been wondering about your old building. I'm enchanted with it, but it is now clear that the actual workload involved with it is not enchanting.

  3. I am stunned to hear that your chairs are showing signs of actually being used. LOL! When you finish that building, I want to see it. In person. Warning.

  4. Those chairs look beautiful with or without a bit of nick and scratch on them. Hellllloooooooo real life! If it bothers you too much maybe you can just touch up the areas and not repaint the whole thing? What do you mean you want to torch me?;>)

    I hear you about the building- I have projects like that, too xo Diana

  5. It's fun to look back at some of your older projects. I've had some paint come off some furniture that I've painted too. I usually just write it off as being "distressed" that way! I'm sure you're hoping to get that building completed too. But, now you have something to do if you ever get bored!

  6. I still can't believe how time flies, two years back and you posted about the barber shop and a whole year ago you finished the chairs. You know paint rubbing off wouldn't worry me at all because I love a bit of patina. It's also completely understandable that the building's not finished, what with 6 kids, decorating and furnishing their various rooms and homes, having the grands visit and creating stuff for them, not to mention updating your own place, oh and then there's work of course. I'm sure you get at least 5 minutes free time a month !

  7. I'm confident that this spring will be NOTHING like last spring and you will get to move on to the funner things in life. Dang, I wish I had a 2-story barbershop building. And thank you for pointing out the story joke, because I didn't catch it.

  8. I still totally covet those chairs.


  9. It is fun to look back and see all you've accomplished!!!

  10. Patina. Good word. I think I'll adopt it to describe each an every surface in and outside of my house. Including me ...

    ;) Linda


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