Throw Back Thursday Valentines Copy Cat Vignette

I'm going on my own little trip down blogging memory lane.  

Valentine Copy Cat Vignette
Since it's Throw Back Thursday, as well as the day before Valentines Day, I decided to revisit one of my first posts.

It's January 2012, my 8th post in my first month of blogging.  

I really had no idea what I was doing, much like 3 years later.

But there was this gal named Debbie-Doos, Ms. Doos as I call her now, and she had a thing called the "Newbie Party".  I jumped right in to that, but it was her monthly magazine copy cat challenge party that got me excited.

She would get tons of participants every month, and I thought why not?.
Image From The Graphics Fairy
And darned if that Ms. Doos didn't feature my little Valentines Vignette on her blog.  Much like the Velveteen Rabbit, I felt real in the blog world getting my first feature, and for that Ms. Doos, I thank you.  You created a monster didn't you... I'm still here.

Re-post below.

OK, I have to start small, I'm new. 
Nothing big and ambitious for my first try at Debbie Doos Copy Cat Challenge. 

I was looking through a new mag on my nightstand and saw this little Valentine set up. 
Valentine Copy Cat Vignette
The Mark
I thought how cute- could I do that?  Naaahh.  

Then I learned Debbie has a monthly copy cat challenge.  I'm not good at math but I could put that 2 + 2 together!  

I decided to give it a whirl and duplicate the Country Living magazine vignette.
Inspiration Magazine
I've always wanted to try my hand at those cute little banners. 

I do have an abundance of random playing cards because I am not playing with a full deck, but I didn't particularly think the card banner in the inspiration photo was "Valentine cute".

So I came up with my own.

Valentine Copy Cat Vignette

I pulled a couple pages from the 'ol red encyclopedia, printed out BE MINE on the computer, and cut it out.  Then I ransacked the school supply drawer for a glue stick.

I located ribbon and scallop scissors and I was in business.

Valentine Copy Cat Vignette

I think I really could of put this together just like the magazine photo, but we're suppose to put our own twist on it right?

The only things I didn't have a match for were pink spray paint for the tray, or the cool paper straws.

I also opted to use a hydrangea since my rose bouquet didn't do a thing for the display - and my white tea pot was buried somewhere in the garage.

Valentine Copy Cat Vignette

I had some left over tags from Halloween specimen jars and made them personal for Brawn and I.  Doesn't everyone make specimen jars around October?

I even have a couple of the same glass jars but they were packed away in Halloween bins and I wasn't gonna dig through those! 

Notice Brawn's decanter, it's a vintage reproduction from some king that I picked up at a garage sale.

Valentine Copy Cat Vignette

I learned from my first copy cat challenge that I don't really try new things anymore.  Instead of looking at all the beautiful photos in the magazines and on blogs, then thinking I could never do that, I realized it's all set up right there in front of me, all I have to do is just as Debbie says...... make it my own.

Valentine Copy Cat Vignette


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  1. Your vignette is so much cuter than the magazine you copied. I miss Debbie-Doos newbie parties. They were so much fun.

  2. I remember this well and that inspired me to my own version of your copy cat! I still put it up for V'day in various forms.

  3. I hadn't seen this cute project, it! I like seeing some of your earliest stuff! Happy Valentines Day!

  4. Yep, yours is way better. But then yours always are! Showoff.


  5. I think it might have been at Debby Doos that I met you. I was a newbie then too and appreciated her party very much. Your copy cat project was darling!

  6. I have to say my friend yours is better. Have a great weekend


  7. Anonymous2/14/2015

    I have to say I like you copy better MUCH BETTER..for sure! Lovely


  8. Yours, definitely.I can see why Debbie Doos featured yours, it's adorable! What I love about holidays like Halloween and V-Day is that you can use those thrifted decanters once owned by a king as part of your decor.

  9. I can't believe that was your 8th post (I remember it too) and now I see that your cute banner must have been the very thing that inspired my Christmas banner for the café, a couple of years later - isn't the mind a wonderful tool.

  10. I remember this post - must have been right when I started blogging. I love the banner. Way cuter than theirs.


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