Rustic Veggie Crudites Display

A rustic veggie crudites display......it was a last minute decision, sort of.

I mean, I thought of it months before hand, but with so many wedding prep thoughts clogging the working part of my brain I had to let it go.

Until 5 days before #2 Daughters wedding when I said, nope, gotta have something.

The 'something' was just a little something-something to nibble on while having beverages. 

A bit more than pub mix but nothing with peanuts because the groom is allergic. I didn't think sending him to the emergency room would make a very good impression on the new in-laws.

Wood Spool, tree slice and log crudite display, Bliss-Ranch.com

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Sculpting Cement For A Frugal Spa Update

Autumn has arrived once again in parts of the country that experience the change of the seasons, which is always somewhat bittersweet for me.

I love Fall, hands down it's my favorite season, but it also means that when it's over, frigid temps and cold wet slushy snow are soon to be bestowed upon us.

Cement Sculpted Fake Stone Spa Surround, Bliss-Ranch.com

So before the cold stuff falls from the sky we wrap up outdoor projects, and round here there isn't any DIY we won't attempt at least once on our own.

Sometimes the projects work out, sometimes they don't, and I have resigned myself to the fact that no matter if a project might or might not turn out, it will always take longer than anticipated.

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Instant Pot Crab Apple Sauce

It's apple season in Minnesota.  They are everywhere.  The University of Minnesota has been developing apples specific to the region forever, and those varieties are now also grown in other states.

Big lush, tasty, crisp, apples.


And then there is the under appreciated crab apple.

No....not a grumpy sour person, the actual small apple.

Crab Apple Instant Pot Sauce Bliss-Ranch.com

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Thrifty Style Fall Sign Giveaway September

September has arrived, and with it Fall arrives too. 
If you're lucky Fall brings a few cool evenings enjoying a cup of hot cider
fresh apple pies, and a bountiful harvest.

It also brings an Autumn giveaway with the Thrifty Style Team.

If you visit each of the participating thrifty team members you'll have a chance to win  a little something-something from their thrifty stash.

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Two Sided Railway Sign, Thrifty Style Team July

It's time for a summer Thrifty Style Team post but why does it look like Christmas in July?
I promise I'm not getting a head start on my December 25th decorating, nor did I just leave holiday decor laying around that never got put away, although that is the better possibility of the two.

No, I re-purposed the back side of a Christmas sign with a little thrifty style, and it happens to be July.

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Thrifty Style Team June, Update a Painted Door Mat...Again!

Just shy of two years ago I got a wild hair not to part with any cold hard cash for a new front door mat.  I didn't know then, that my thrifty welcome mat redo was going to become one of my most popular posts.

So recently when I got a new question on the refreshed door mat post asking how it had held up I decided before I responded I better take a good look at the mat.

For this months Thrifty Style Team I will revisit how I refreshed that door mat.... for the second time.

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Cedar Hot Tub Cover, Patio Updating

I'm gonna get right to the point with this post and tell it like it is ...... the typical spa/hot tub cover sucks!

Those of you with outdoor spas are nodding your head in agreement, and the rest of you are wondering why the typical spa covers suck.

I'm going to tell you why vinyl covers suck, and why our new cover from Canadian Hot Tubs is awesome, but first let me give you the cover story (pun intended) of our spa and its old vinyl cover.

Canadian Hot Tubs Roll Up Spa Cover, Bliss-Ranch.com
Red Cedar Covers for ALL types of hot tubs and spas!

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Easy Metal Door Update, Thrifty Style Team May

It's May in Minnesota - the birds are chirping, the trees are finally getting their leaves, flowers are starting to bloom, and it's time for the Thrifty Style Team with frugal finds for the month of May.

This month I have done a cheap update to an old, metal, dated dirty door.

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Thrifty Style Team Projects, Where are they now?

April's Thrifty Style Team post is a where are they now? update on five of my past thrifty monthly projects.  You can find the links to all the projects I mention at the bottom.

April showers bring May flowers, but I'm not sure what April snow brings besides more shoveling and mud when it melts.

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Thrifty Style Team Home Decor Giveaway

The Thrifty Style Team has a little something different going on this month.
Burlap Coffee Sack, Bliss-Ranch.com
If you visit each of the participating blogs you'll have a chance to win something from their thrifty stash.

Me.... I'm sending off an authentic Guatemalan coffee sack, minus the coffee beans.

Burlap Coffee Sack, Bliss-Ranch.com

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