Because Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

My day job.  
Some of my blogging buddies are curious, who wouldn't be, I'm curious about what makes all of you tick too.  I'm a semi retired photographer.  That means I pick and chose what I do and how much I do of it.  And while I consider all the people I photograph to be "the beautiful people",
part of what I get to do comes with perks.

For example.....

I got to follow around a telephone crew and photograph their progress for their corporate office in Wisconsin.  Nice shot of them staring in that hole huh?  The only perk was that one of my BFF's works for that particular company and I got to put faces with some of the names she has mentioned.  Photos of guys and their equipment.  Sounds better than it was.

I'm honored to shoot weddings and be a part of young love as they embark on writing their story.  This couple was a mere 20 years young not even old enough to drink at their reception. And the temperature was like 105 and very humid that day.  Their photographer was a pudgy middle aged woman, with frizzy hair from the humidity - hot, sweaty and thirsty. Between these photos and driving to their reception, I called home and told Brawn that
I was sure helll could not be any hotter than my internal temperature.

I photograph seniors graduating from high school.  Big families and small.  And of course the smallest of them all, the teeny tinys.

My photos have been on the cover of one magazine two different times.   Now before you gasp and think wow, let me tell you it's nothing to get excited about.  It wasn't a decorating mag, and nothing creative.  In fact they told me what they wanted.
It was more dull than the  photos of the telephone men.

Eye in the sky.
I also do aerial photos.
Flying around in one of these.....

Taking pictures of people doing this....

From way up there....

Oak Ridge Men... They don't look like "boys" anymore!
To backstage here....

Now THESE are boys.... Lost Trailers

Of people like this....

 and this.....

John Rich, from Big & Rich

 and this duo....

Eddie Montgomery

Troy Gentry

And a cowboy or two.... or 20....
Jason Aldean

I am a paparazzi.

I'm not just a frumpy house wife who spray paints soda cans to hold fake flowers.  
I told you there were some perks!  

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  1. Ok firstly is it not like 2am there as I have just got up.
    Secondly, I thought bringing up six kids was a pretty big job in itself.
    Thirdly, now I know why your photos are always great and I am pretty stunned and impressed, and actually it looks like alot of fun.
    Now you could actually reach fame and fortune, through humour or photography !!

  2. Oh...looks like a fun, creative outlet. I would suck at taking aerial photos, every photo would have a blurred effect. Pretty impressive!

  3. Wow! I love learning a little more about you! And I love your photos! That wedding shot is great! So cool!


  4. Great photographs! But I have to tell you: my main thought when seeing the wedding photo as "Wouldn't it be great to be that young and skinny again?" Sigh.

    Taking band pictures sounds like a dream from my younger years!

  5. Wow, I had no idea you did photography. Those are beautiful shots. Well, not so sure about the guys staring at the hole.

  6. Wow! That is some amazing work you've done! And juggling it all while raising a large family is truly an accomplishment to be proud of.

    That Coke can shot was a dead giveaway. I KNEW you were holding out on us. :@

  7. sure have a lot more interesting life than I have! That's really something! Thanks for sharing and you will be growing like crazy with all those great pics!

  8. You're awesome, and your pictures are terrific!

  9. What Beautiful photos! You do awesome work. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Great pictures! You do an awesome job, even when it's just some guys looking in a hole. : ).. Great to get to know a little more about you!

  11. Bliss! Wow! I am completely impressed! You obviously have a real talent.. those are amazing photos. What fun! And now you can add "lyrical genius" to your resume too!

  12. Wow, I am impressed! To think I knew you when... I knew I was in love with your photos! lol Thanks for sharing about your wonderful talent!!

  13. You could teach me a thing or twenty! Love your photos! I wanna be a paparazzi just like you :)
    I will photo people looking down holes if necessary ;)

  14. Hey Girl, just coming by to say "Hi"! Amazing photos! I know that it must be a tough job at times, but from the looks of this post, it could be super rewarding!! Love having you come by!

  15. Some gals have all the fun! I've always wanted to be a do beautiful work!

  16. What a variety! I'm partial to the teeny tinies (since I have some of my own), and the cowboys (because, hello, that looks like fun).

  17. Awww...sigh! What wonderful pictures!! I love it!

  18. I KNEW you must be a photographer! Your photos are always so pretty. And that wedding photo.....spectacular.


  19. FUN! Your photos are beautiful. I pretend to be paparazzi at nascar races...but I end up with many a blurry pic. Yours are truly awesome!!


  20. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! You just blew me away. Oh my stars girlfriend..are you ever GOOD!! You've knocked my socks off. (Thanks goodness my feet are clean.)

  21. Incredibly impressive. I feel like applauding you loudly. It appears there truly is never a dull moment at Bliss Ranch.

  22. Cool - so it was you following me into Starbucks the other day! I can't escape you paparazzi!

    Fab pics - hope mine can be half as good one day!

  23. How happy I am to have come across your blog while out hopping around blog land! I even got to know you before I got to know your blog! What a great photographer you are (I've just recently found the joys in photography) I couldn't stop scrolling through your posts. They're all so fun and interesting! Can't wait to see more on that old barbershop building you're renovating! My husband is a builder and we took on a 100 year old house! It's a never-ending proposition!

  24. Very interesting. When is our first photography lesson? Please share you knowledge. Your pics are great!

  25. What an interesting day job. Well, except for the flying part, I could do without that ;) Thanks for stopping by, and in response to your question: painting on the glass seems to be working out fine, although I only did it two weeks ago. I also followed advice to use the side of the chalk to cover all the chalk paint first, I guess to condition it, then wiped it off. I used a brush and the liquid paint type of chalkboard paint and it is quite smooth. Hope this helps. Oh, I had to chuckle about the Oak Ridge Men.

  26. 1. Pick jaw up off floor.

    2. Type Wah?

    3. Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Type What?

    4. Resist the gushing.

    5. Gush.

    OMG are you kidding me? What an amazing amazing life you have!

    Maybe I should do a post about my pre-bloggy life. Something with a bit of color? And maybe some pics of celebrities that I've worked with ... ever so briefly ... I think my most amazing experience was actually writing the words that Lauren Bacall spoke. And sitting with her in a theater in a circle and collaborating on those words ...



    1. Perhaps Lindda is an appropriate handle for this comment.


  27. Sounds like some GREAT perks to me! How fun to see glimpses of what you are doing! Your photos are wonderful!

  28. Those are all beautiful pictures Bliss. Love the one of the crowd, I think is cool! (When I first opened the page I thought those were your kids,your wedding day and your last concert!!! Oh and lets not forget "your private" plane in your backyard!!!)

  29. Gosh... you're the coolest Bliss I've ever known. Those are some perks! I knew your photography was good! Now I know why. Was that you peeking in my window last night?

  30. Wow!!
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  31. WOW Bliss this is all awesome! Do you need an assistant? Enjoy your weekend, Gail

  32. What an awesome post! I wish I could take pictures like that! Thanks for stopping by!

  33. How exciting! I never knew you did that. That is an interesting job for sure! You've taken some great photos.

  34. Even stalkers need a little somethin' on the side, Bliss!
    You seem to have the best of both worlds- fun job and fun hobbies.
    What fun!

  35. What a fun job,(Unless it is 105 in the shade LOL) and a great skill for a blogger. I'd say it has some exciting and interesting perks! Thank you for the insite


  36. What a fun job you have! And wonderful photographs!

  37. wow..I love your have talent!! the guys with the hard hats are my favorite...too funny!!

  38. Hi lovely lady.
    WOW How exciting! I never knew you did that. I also would love to have a job like the one you have. Thanks so much for you sweet comments on my new Tablescape. If you come and follow my new linky I will follow you also. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  39. Now that is a fun day job!!! You sure get to spend some time with eye candy!;)

  40. And what is exactly wrong with a frumpy house wife spray painting I CLEAR my throat LOL!!!!!!!! Oh boy your job sounds awesome. You do fabulous work there. Who woulda thunk it? Thanks for sharing.

  41. I already stumbled on your deep dark secret but I'm glad you're sharing it with the rest of the blog community! Awesome shots lady!!! I'm jealous!! :)

  42. I KNEW there was a reason your photography is always so good!! What an interesting life you lead!

    (When I was in 5th grade I decided I wanted to be an aerial photographer. So, my SE teacher arranged to have pilot friend of hers take me up in his little 2-seater. I'd never flown before and was sick as heck. But it was fun! Can you even imagine that happening now?)

    Anyway, can't wait to see the latest spray-painted soda cans! ~L

  43. Anonymous3/06/2012

    Now I am already a big fan of yours but knowing that you got THAT close to Jason Aldean... Can I lick your shoe? Or at least be your Official Camera Caddy? Or could you at least sign my shirt? Being that close to him AND taking his photo has got to count for something right?!

  44. Okay I was missing something in my life and realized I hadn't been to your blog in a few days!
    So now I'm fulfilled again. beautiful pictures!
    You don't live in Houston do you? Some of those pics look like they came from the Houston Rodeo. ;)

  45. Oh, that is great! Don't quit your day're awesome.

  46. Looks like fun - most of the time anyway! Great photos :)

  47. You have the COOLEST. JOB. EVER!!! Can I come work with you???? Your photos are amazing and I love the couple on their wedding day. At least you have perks with your job, like listening to live music, people watching, seeing the beauty in life. Lucky! : )


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