Mr. Gadget's Birdhouses

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I always check out my new followers.  So don't sneak in and think I won't notice you.  Yesterday I spotted a new one with the name Gadget in it.  Inspector Gadget is in the house.... the birdhouse that is.  Sounded interesting so I went to read more and found myself looking at every single thing this guy makes. He does the type of stuff I always imagine my husband doing when he retires.  I'd pay Brawn now to do it if it would get rid of all the schmidt in the garage.  Brian transforms junk into amazing junk.  Birdhouses out of anything you can think of.  If you want to see more go take a peek at his website GadgetSponge, or his etsy shop where you can buy his creations.  He also re-purposes items out of wood.

I picked my fav's to show you...

Look closely at all this to spot what he uses for the details.  I think the birds that fly in after Winter to live at my house would feel styl'in if they had a house like this.

Or this, the Chevy version for fast birds.

This copper beauty would look good at a certain bloggers house.  
Kim @ SavvySouthernStyle collects Copper Molds.  
I think she needs this birdhouse in her Southern yard.

I have to say it again... remember to look at the details.  
This red house is my favorite just for that reason.

Yes Virginia there is a birdhouse for you.  Holly over at DownToEarthStyle told us yesterday her house is on the market and she's moving to Virginny!  I can see this birdhouse IN her new house.

Last is a lamp made by Brian.  It's just darn cool.

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  1. Cool cool!! Those birds are going to live better then me! Heading over to check out prices.

  2. Those are soooo cool! Thanks for sharing them with us. I'll have to check out his site.


  3. So imaginative and fun! Love the use of odds and ends. I have seen his work on Etsy and it is fascinating!

  4. Thank you so much Bliss! What a great spotlight. I couldn't be more appreciative. I truly believe in keeping junk out of our landfills and repurposed to give it a longer life than originally intended. We all have stuff around the house that can be regenerated into something fun, useful and rewarding.

  5. Wow, those are amazing! Thanks for introducing GadgetSponge!

  6. those are flippin awesome! nuf said!

  7. These are so cool! Thanks for sharing. (And I am making DL get rid of a lot of his 'schmidt' before retiring. Because it would be just my luck to have him keel over and leave me to clean it out!)

  8. NEAT! Off to check out his etsy shop. :)

    Have a great weekend, pal!

  9. Just came back from visiting Brian~ he's got an eye for making these things, doesn't he?
    I love the desk he made from the piano pieces. Gives me the urge to start building something!
    Thanks for sharing- he's a really interesting artist.

  10. These birdhouses are awesome...I have a little collection and am always looking to add to it. Thanks for the link to Brian!


  11. So awesomely cool! I'm digging that red one too. And the license plate one. And the license plate lamp ...

    ... and when we purchased a new used car with new plates and they told us to destroy the old plates, do you think this would qualify?



  12. Wow, he's super cool. I'd love any birdies visiting my garden to sit on a spoon before they retired for the night - clever, clever guy.
    Off to check out his blog xx

  13. These are awesome! I don't think I'd let any little birdies live in them they're too cool. Off to check out his site!

  14. I wonder if I have junk loving birds in my trees? If so, they would be really happy in those digs. Very talented and clever artist!

  15. How cool are those birdhouses? I have never seen anything like them before. My birds would think they were all uptown if I had one of those :)


  16. I am drooling all over this eye candy. My husband IS retired and he would not be caught dead making all this cool stuff. I think I'm in luuvvv! Thanks for sharing Mr. Gadget with us.

  17. Anonymous3/23/2012

    Wow - the creativity is inspiring!


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