Spring Mantel

I was determined to get a mantel ready for the spring mantel party at The Lettered Cottage.  I also had to take down the green from St. Patrick's Day since that is over.  You need to know that prior to January of 2012 I lived with this mantel for 20 years and the only time it saw much action was at Christmas, and occasionally Halloween.  The rest of the year it pretty much had a big picture hanging above and three candles and caused me decorating distress, I could never get it right.  It got no love, no attention and certainly no one ever walked in and said I love your mantel... decorating.  So this mantel decorating stuff has been hard for me, putting things together does not occur naturally in Bliss's head.  I also discovered I don't have much for spring decorations or Easter, and nothing is blooming outside yet to bring in.  I have seen some amazing spring mantels on line today so I may get the hang of it by emulating the others, but for today, this is it......
It's not quite right yet to me, but I really have come a loooong way with my mantel. 

 I want to use eggs from our chickens, they lay brown ones, 
but I have not got around to blowing them out.

Poppa Rabbit had to have his ear glued on for this gig.  
See they are watching their babies in the grass through the window.

 It's simple and I like just the bit of color, but I tell 'ya some tulips would be great.

Linked up the mantel to The Bunny Hop with AtThePicketFence
Vintage Inspiration Easter Party @ CommonGround

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  1. Your mantel looks great! Love the sweet bunnies and eggs and the frame! I had to do some minor surgery on my Easter decorations too.

  2. Your mantel is very cute! I love seeing this side of you! Could you please write that book...it would be a best seller, I'm just sure of it! I don't have a purse so to speak, it's a bag and the same thing happens in it! And I hate malls too! Either sill or serious answers would go over really well from you!


  3. Beautiful mantle! Also, I think calories from desserts don't count if you didn't really want it but went along with it anyway. Can I borrow a few bucks for a Blizzard?

  4. OMG!!! I don't know what DL is either...I have been wondering forever! If you figure it out let me know! Love your mantle I am a person that lets my mantle collect dust too!


  5. What sweet and funny 10 random things about you. I loved hearing what you think becoming a blogger has given back to you. I am so happy to be following you along on your journey and learning a little bit more about you (as reluctant as you might be to share).


  6. Thanks for sharing your random things! I personally dislike malls also, and most any shopping in general that isn't looking for junk or goodies for my house:)

    Love the large beater on the mantle!

  7. Blllllliiiiiiisssss!!! Let's go to the bbbbeeeeaaaccchhh! I really enjoyed reading all your random thoughts. I learned a lot about my new bloggy friend! You are so much fun and I'm happy to have stumbled upon your blog! =0)

  8. Yay, Bliss! DL is my Brawn. (He doesn't want to be in the blog, so I let him stay 'undercover.') DL are his initials.

  9. Miss Bliss your mantel is very sweet. I love Momma & Poppa Rabbit and the touches of color you added. And thanks for sharing your random things...it seems we have a lot in common except for the purse thing; mine is too small to be a black hole.

  10. I love the mantle and it's always fun reading facts about other bloggers! I love popcorn and do not like the mall either...unless I have a bunch of money to spend :)

  11. Your mantel is cute, it's fun to find out some more about you, and can I borrow a few dollars??

  12. Anonymous3/21/2012

    I love your blog and most of all your sense of humor.... I was going to ask if I could borrow a few dollars from you but it looks like Korrie beat me to it... HAHAHA
    New Follower here.... Love your place..


  13. Bliss, I love your spring mantel! I have a hard time with "I" as well! In the past I have been tagged and normally I don't do them, but the one time I did, I had my husband do it...and I titled it ten things my husband said about me. Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  14. i love it! it looks so pretty! i love the bunnies!

  15. Ok, I'm crying! Your answers are so funny!!! Oh the Places You"ll Sag is hysterical! I too am in my early 50's and who knew?!!!
    Now I understand what problems gravity can cause! And before I forget... because I can't remember a darn thing anymore... let me just tell you that I LOVE that thing on your mantel with the bird nest in it!! A mixer? LOVE it!

  16. You are so stinkin' funny. I just know we were friends in a former life too. Oh the places you'll sag. What about "I do not like dimples in my butt"? You could write a whole blog series, have them made into a book, and make millions. Can I borrow like $40 or $60 once that happens? ~L

  17. Your mantel looks so pretty! I love the weathered letter and the old frame....and I am not looking forward to reading the book....oh the place you'll sag. I don't think it has a good ending :)


  18. You know Bliss, I too pretty much let mantlescaping go over the years accept for the same as you did for a few holidays. Now since blogging its really become fun. And I love what you've done. Bet the family loves it too. Or does Brawn just roll his eyes and say 'Oh shes at it again.' (smile) Say girlfriend you are always one of the first people to comment on my posts and you haven't come. You just can't get rid of me that easily. You're stuck with me as a friend f.o.r.e.v.e.r. So get your bu-- over there and make me feel wonderful again. (smile)

    A few hugs to you but not quite as many today.


  19. PS Amen and amen to your answers. Mine are exactly the same. Great minds think alike don't they. LOL And # 8 is exactly how I feel. Just love love love blogging. But not the sagging!

  20. Funny or serious, the fan club needs to know - don't ever stop saying I...
    It seems like you're definately being pushed towards that second career - Mrs Bliss photographer and author. I'm still willing to carry the bags !!!

  21. Two things: 1) your mantle is awesome! That chippy frame is the perfect touch for the springy pieces! 2) you're totally my kinda girl -- funny AND sincere. :)

    Happy Spring, my bloggy friend!

  22. #2 is totally me and that is probably why I like you so much. Ohhhh I do need a few bucks since you mentioned it. I do not take checks though.
    Hope my blog is coming up, still troubles in paradise for me. Here is the new url just in case you have to readd it.
    Your mantel looks adorable too!

  23. Oh, ML {that stands for "My Love"}..... you CRACK me up!

    Oh, TGTBT {Too Good To Be True} Mantel Love! Where did you get that beater? That thing is AMAZING. I said it before... but, I said it again! And the genius ways of "nesting" in it. I love it!

    Oh, MNBP {that stands for My New Blogging Pal} you make me smile frequently with your sweet comments and the incredible ways you have reached out to me.... it's appreciated and love <3


  24. Hi Bliss~
    I broke Mama Rabbit to bits when I was taking her out, glad your Papa only needed ear surgery.
    Your mantle is adorable and I loved the answers to your tag questions.
    Sagging, hair sprouts and wait...is there any cash left???

  25. Let's start with the mantel. I think I recognize the letter from Buffalo. Or maybe they are all over the place. Just not on the Range.

    I was already laughing when I read the part about gluing Mr.Bunny's ear on. I have no idea WHY it's funny, but the fact that the parent bunnies are BEHIND the window is hysterical to me. Were you laughing when you put them there? This is the kind of silly stuff that will hit me when I'm alone in my car and I'll start laughing. Uncontrollably. All by myself.

    By the way, could I borrow a few bucks? (The Easter weekend sale in Buffalo is only 3 weeks from now.)

    With you on the mantel thing. Our old mantel is not very deep, so everything I want to put on it is too wide to fit. So most of the time it just looks sad.

  26. You...are a mantel goddess :). It's adorable. Loving the nests. And I think you are pretty darn cool...and a great blogger!

  27. Hi Bliss, love the old photo and am I correct that wire thing is a beater from a large mixer? Cute. Thanks for sharing about yourself. When I first started blogging, I assumed most home decor bloggers were all 30 somethings, but, heck, a lot of us are a "little older" than that.

  28. Your mantel looks fabulous! I love the stonework too!! I enjoyed finding out a little bit more about you!!

  29. Bliss ...
    I am relating to #3! Make it stop!!!! :)

  30. Love your mantel, I have the beater as well as one of the jars, I keep my shampoo in it I also have a matching one that is stockier.
    I also, hate malls I am a fall baby but do not like the fall.
    I smiled while reading this post cute!
    I just started a blog will you check it out? Let me know what you think, maybe you have some ideas/ tips for me.


  31. You mantel turned out very cute. I'm sure your flowers will be blooming eventually. You may get to enjoy yours after all of ours have petered out! It was fun learning new things about you. I can agree with you about not liking to shop at malls. I go there for specific stores, but not really interested in walking the halls and browsing at a bunch of stores that mostly teenagers shop at. You don't love popcorn, ice-cream and pancakes????? What????? That is where we are very different. I adore all of those. I have a big sweet tooth though. I never pass up buttered popcorn at the movies either. I'm bad too. I was tagged by someone and never even did it. Bad....I know!

  32. You make me laugh!!! I don't like pancakes either. They're too heavy. They just sit in my gut all day and make me not hungry for the more fun meals, like lunch, second lunch, dinner, and bed time snack time.

    PS - your mantle is lovely.

    PPS - Can I borrow a couple bucks?

  33. Love the metal orb-thingy on the left with the eggs in it. I also have no idea what DL means.

  34. Love your mantel and learning more about you! I love fall as well and meeting all sorts of wonderful bloggers like you :)

  35. Isn't this blogging thing opening your eyes to your house so differently? I never thought to decorate my radiator covers like mantels ...

    ... or what about changing out some pillows and throws by the season ...

    And that "Oh The Place You Sag" book? I could co-author.

    My biggest issue right now is Summer has Sprung here in Chicago and I'm still walking around with Winter butt. And Winter butt does not fit into Summer butt's capris ...

  36. I turned 43 this year. Yikes. Happy to be ALIVE... but the changes hit hard the last couple years. How do those celebrities do it?

    The mantel is darling. The lil bunny family is so cute. Sorry you missed the party. There are lots more going on ;) Hop on over and link that little Qt up!

  37. Hi Bliss,

    I think your mantel is adorable with the cute bunnies. I love all that you wrote about yourself. :)


  38. Bliss,

    You have been tagged a Wonderful Blogger! Come see what to do next ...


  39. What an honor! I loved read more about you. The bunny mantle is adorable.
    I'm vow to get myself some kind of mantle for next time, I missed the fun, too:(
    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such sweet comments.
    Feel free to link to the party, too!

  40. Hi-I think I fixed the problem with my comment button. So sorry about the trouble. I asked you if you will be selling the white cross with the crown on it? These are two of my favorite things, thank you very much for following me, I also follow you. Blessings


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