Sales & Junkmarket are Chipping with Charm

Junk Market via camera phone
Friday was a big day for me for a couple reasons.  
First - I blabbed about my blog.  It's true, I'm a blog blabber.  But I didn't blab to just anyone, it was to my two daughters.  Only my husband knew of my blog, if you have followed for a bit you know this of me (also know keeping secrets is not my strong point).  I had always wanted to tell my girls but first they had to pinky swear to secrecy so the whole flipping town wasn't voyuering my house my home my thoughts.  So on our way between Junkmarket and monthly occasional sales, I revealed my secret blog.  And what did they say when I told them.... both said similar things like I thought you might, and I know.  Gee that was easy.  Guess I wasn't as secretive as I thought.  

I've also created junking fiends out of them, they want to turn our old barber shop  building into a vintage shop.  Hmmmm.  Sounds fun, and like a lot of work.

 Second big deal for me.....  
At Junk Market I stopped in to say hello and meet one of my favorite rusty chippy bloggers, 
Lauren @ChippingWithCharm.  (Hope she likes that photo I photo-napped from her blog). Since Hershey was nice enough to name chocolate after me I was going to casually leave her a packet of Hershey's hot Chocolate "Bliss" so she would know I had been there.  But I couldn't not say hello.  She has those kind of big eyes that you just can't lie too, and she looked right at me so I had to admit who I was.  I got all tongue tied talking to Lauren and she's just the sweetest thing.   I even stuttered.  I don't stutter, what the heck?  Lauren, I can't believe what a geek I am!  I wanted to come back and just yak and yak with her but she was busy selling her goods so I didn't interrupt.  I felt like I met a celebrity. Lauren had some really cute stuff too, but of course I'm there to knock off ideas and left with a jar of salsa from another booth.

So what did I buy?  Well I discovered that not only am I buying stuff for myself, I'm telling my daughter things would look good in her house and if she doesn't have my vision I buy them and inform her if I can't find a place for it she has to buy it from me.  Hence the candle holder and ammo box below.  The yard sticks are mine for sure!

I did find a place to hang the candle thing, but the box is still sitting here. As much as I like it, especially the bathroom appropriate lettering, I am not sure I have a spot for it.  And other than hanging it on the wall as a cabinet I'm not sure what else to do with it.

I also got this very heavy ladder.  I think it's from like a silo or some barn thing.  For now it's in the guest bathroom just to get it out of the way.  Don't know what I'm doing with that either and daughter didn't see the vision.  She obviously has not seen the link party for ladders over at Funky Junk Interiors.

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  1. I can't keep a secret either. I'm surprised to hear you got tongue tied! I think you're making that up! But it sounds like you had a great day with your daughters. Love the ladder! Can't wait to see what you do with the box! Opening a vintage shop in your old building sounds like a great thing to do!


  2. Good morning sweet Bliss,

    Glad you finally let your "secret" out of the bag! LOL! I am in love with that ladder. I have it's cousin at my house :) Thanks for the link about the ladder party and have an awesome day.


  3. towel or magazine holder...the ladder! Very cool!

  4. My Mom has a really cool ladder thing going in her living room, I'm going to go through my pics, it's got to be in the back round somewhere, if I find one I'll send it on FB.

  5. Now that's hard to believe that you of all people would have gotten tongue tied Bliss....LOL! Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your daughters and love your finds. Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  6. I would never be able to keep my blog a secret, my family is constantly peering over my shoulder to see what I am writing!

    How neat that you met Lauren! I love her blog. She seems like a really nice person. I like what you bought, too. The ladder would look nice just about anywhere you put it. I have always wanted one, but don't have 1 inch of space left! Glad you had fun!


  7. Tee hee, tee hee... Bliss chocolates. Cute! I like your style!

    Also, everything you got is drool worthy. Especially that candle holder. ~drools~


  8. LOL ... my wife says I'm horrible at keeping secrets too.

  9. I think it's great that you finally told your daughters. Sounds like they just need a little junk lovin' education.
    Love your buys - ladders look great whatever you do with them and enjoying teeny weeny glimpses of your house Bliss !

  10. How funny. I am a secret blogger too. I am sure your girls are beyond proud of you! Great finds this past weekend.

  11. You found some fabulous that ladder!!!! My family could care less about my blog but I'm pretty sure the whole town reads it just so they can gossip behind my back! LOL

  12. How does it feel to be out of the closet? That's funny about your daughters...I have the opposite problem...we all rush the same object and believe me they don't care that I deserve it because I'm OLD...they'll snatch it right out of my hand if I don't hold tight! That ladder is the bomb...the color is perfect!

  13. I can't get my friends to read my blog, so who cares? It's all about the connections, right? And I posted my apple ladder on Funky Junk--LOVE ladders!

  14. What great finds! I just put in an order or will you pick me out something nice next time you're out? Love your style!

  15. Ammo boxes are just right for flower boxes. Daughter #4 made mine. The top is cut in half and attached to the ends for legs. If you turn the box one way you can add dirt and flowers. If you flip the box the other way it looks like a seat/bench and you can set flower pots (or grandkids) on it. My bench type has the cutest lizard painted on it. Just an idea.

  16. Well, I LOOOVVE the metal ladder!! Great thrift finds!!

  17. The ladder is great and I love the color....I could see wind chimes on that when it's outside this summer...there I go again.... moving things! You have a good eye...keep it up and save some for me!

  18. Oh, I'm so jealous!!! Next year, I'll have to get my girls together and hit that sale. Celebrities and everything! Your ladder is divine - love the color.

    I'm so glad you're out of the closet.

    Your own shop. With your girls. My dream job!!!

  19. I'm glad the family secrets are out ;-) You found some great stuff! I would LOVE to find a stash of yardsticks!

  20. Such great finds!!! Wish they have markets like that here too!!

  21. Send me some Bliss! I know how you feel I stuttered a lot when I met the Nester :) I read the part about the bathroom appropriate lettering twice :)
    I enjoy reading your posts!

  22. Boy the secrets are just spilling out all over the place!! :) I love those purchases you made. That ammo box must go in the bathroom. It's perfect!

  23. I'm a serious blog blabber ... and I'm a blog geek too. I'm going to have to try and contain myself at Haven ... with Rhoda and Sarah and Beth, oh my ...

    Explosive Projectiles! Tee hee ...



  24. Enjoying your blog. I'd love to come shopping with you, what great goodies you found.

    You crack me up girl!

    Karen @

  25. LOL!!! You crack me up!!! A "celebrity" huh? Just wait until I tell my hubby that...things will have to change around more scrubbing toilets for me :) hahaha...
    It was sooo great chatting with you and your girls! I'm sooo glad you didn't sneak away. We have so much in common...I could have blabbed your ear off all day! So glad you told your girls too...can't wait to see what you do with your barber shop ;) Chat soon, Laurel

  26. Terrific treasures!!! Thanx for coming to party!


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