Part 3 The Tale of the Dog - He Glows

Part 1 and Part 2 of the Tale of the Dog can be found {here} and {here}.

As I explained in parts 1 & 2, Mo is doing well with kidney disease, defying the odds and amazing his veterinarian.

Our family went from having a big old dog who lived outdoors, to this shedding lazy hound who not only gets homemade meals, but pretty much gets his way about most everything.

Not everyone in the family has adjusted to such dog pampering, but Mo isn't complaining.

Glow in the Dark Dog Collar,

I made him a pet bowl holder out of an old tote.

Upcycled Tote Turned Dog Feeder,

And lest you think all he does is sleep, I'll have you know he is a loyal protector who is willing to tear apart any noise that gets close to me in the middle of the night.

Even if it means he has to tear through the screen to kill the ferocious beast.

Bad doggie.

So Bliss.... then what's this about a glowing collar?

Well, it started about 3 years ago when I fell off the porch in winter and messed up my knee.  Running out the door in shoes half on.

No details on that mess, the visual of me landing in a pile of rock hard snow would haunt you, all you need to understand is I took a long time to heal and my knee has never been quite right since.

I've lived in fear of falling again and not being able to walk.  I'm overly cautious now on ice, snow, kneeling, twisting my knees (and especially putting my shoes all the way on)  and anything else that could mess me up and leave me in pain.

I don't like pain.  It took a long time for my knee to get to a pain-free point and I do not want to fall again.

Or trip on a dog.

Not even if he gives me that puppy dog face.

Mo..... with that sweet face, who not only has tried to trip me numerous times in broad daylight, but at night he lies in wait.

He looks so innocent right?

I think secretly he wants me to stay on the couch, it's a cozy spot for him and I'm good company if I do say so myself. 

Since he isn't radio active and doesn't naturally glow, I knew I had to find something that would make him visible in the dark.

I purchased a glow in the dark collar and it didn't hold up very well.  Then I found the FurEver Brite Glow in the dark collar.

Think glow stick bright.
 Here he is recharging his collar.

This is his only task each day.  He has a great work ethic don't 'ya think?

I didn't even have to tell him to lay in the sun, he just knew to do that.  This product is something he can enthusiastically endorse, it fits his lifestyle.

glow in the dark dog collar,

This is a day shot of the collar.  When he is charged up, he glows.  Cracks. Me. Up.

Of course it's brightest after he comes in from being outside.  Visiting dogs are jealous of Mo's style'n collar.

He da man dawg.

I'm telling you about this because I love his collar, not because I'm a spokesman for the company (but of course if they come calling I'm available) and they did not pay me to love the collar.

What a difference between the stiff cracked thin line of glow stuff on his old collar and the new collar on the left.

The new one is lightweight, and soft.  And it glows better.

If I was out walking my dog at night this would be great.  Instead I just let him out the back door and I can find him in the dark.... from the window.... in the warm house.

The collar works just like it says it will.  At night Mo glows.  By day he glows.  When he goes outside at night he glows.  When he sits in the dark waiting to trip me he glows.  I am very pleased with this collar and wanted to share it with you.  In case you have a vicious canine who tries to trip you too.... in the dark.

You can read about the collar on the FurEver Brite web page.  And you can rest peacefully tonight knowing that I'm safe from falling, or at least from tripping over the dog.

Because he glows..............

And that's about all he does!

Glowing Dog Collar,

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  1. I had to catch up on Part 2 before I read Part 3. What an awesome story.I know if I only have a year left I am flying down, hopping in the big comfy bed of yours and you are cooking for me. I take mush if necessary:)

  2. Loved the story of Mo! Pets give us comic relief.

  3. that last photo is precious

  4. What a great idea...and I love the pictures of Mo. I have to stand outside with my dogs or they won't go...they are such babies!


  5. I trip over my dog daily. They should make some kind of doggie shampoo that makes the entire dog glow. They'd never be able to get any sleep, but at least we wouldn't be walking all over them.

  6. Mo is da dawg for sure. You crack me up. Glad he glows now. That last shot of him is the cutest thing.

  7. I can use a few of those collars, Bliss.
    Three for the dogs and one for my husband.
    I step on the dogs when I get up at night..not good for someone who's
    already a spaz. And Mr. Magoo, the hubs...he thinks it's hilarious to sneak up and scare me in the dark.
    I'm getting him a case of collars. That man is getting wrapped.
    Now, what do you have for snoring???

  8. P.S.
    I got so wrapped up thinking of all the ways to make Magoo glow that I didn't mention how adorable little Mo is. Even if he's out to get you. ;)

  9. I love that last pic...and you are a pro on taking to Mo! He is so lucky to have you as a Mommy..I know I will look into this collar as my THOR sleep on my side of the bed...and I have to watch out when I get up in the nite...Now I have to say trip over the dog...I know the story too. I stepped back and THOR loves to be at my side and he was right behind me while I was working on a dresser...I stumbled...Croc's are not great when you are off balance..and down I went,tried to catch my self...and yeap....cracked my wrist!!! I love my Thor but he can be found always in the worst spots, to create a trip...and he unlike yours takes up a lot of space, German Shepard again thanks for the story, the laughs and the ouch I know what yu mean...

  10. He's a squishy face doggie, not to be confused with a smooshy face doggie. Too cute, Mo is! Thank you Bliss for your help!

  11. That lost shot is too precious!! Loved reading about Mo and especially his glow in the dark collar. I never heard of such a thing but it's a great invention!

  12. I love that last picture of Mo!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  13. Okay, seriously?! That last picture of Mo is so adorable! And loving that glow in the dark collar. Not needed here. My pup spends the entire night in our bed and under the covers ...



  14. OH I do love that face! Is he a puggle? My pugs seem to think it is their purpose in life to get between my feet and knock me down... And I don't blame him for claiming that gorgeous bedroom, he's no dummy!

  15. Too funny and Mo is just too cute! Glow in the dark...what will they think of next!

  16. I think the glow collar is a great idea. I have a pug and another little black dog that is invisible on my navy blue carpet at night.

  17. Oh my goodness. Mo is adorable. I know this was a 3 part series but I am going to need more Mo. He looks super sweet...not evil at all, like my puggle.

  18. Oh my gosh that last pic is adorable. Thank goodness he's not jumbo sized or you'd have to put a collar at both ends! Glad too that you've labelled Mo's H2O & gourmet fare. He's one lucky guy. Except for when you used to step on him, that is. :)

  19. My dog Rufie doesn't need a glow in the dark collar, he sleeps on the bed and growls if you even move a muscle, let alone get up. Yes he's a very spoilt pooch but I can't change my bad habits now !

  20. Adorable pictures of Mo. So cool that he glows with his collar.

  21. That is fantastic...great for dogs in the city when they like to can see them in the night. I love how he works that collar charging! Wonderful pal.

  22. Oh, what a sweet face!!! Love this idea!!! Our boxer Lady is forever sleeping at the side of my bed and I trip over her when I get up. every time. not her fault, I should learn. But, gosh darn. Love the idea of this collar!!

  23. What a great idea! Our dog is a sneak. He'll sneak up on you at night and scare the wadding right out of you. It's just because he's so quiet, but still. A glowing collar would be a good thing.

  24. Oh sweet Mo...I think I'm "in love" :)

  25. Mo! What a sweet little face. I loved reading his story and how good you all were to him.

    Bill is way too giant to miss, plus he's so white he sort of glows all by himself.

  26. Great idea! We recently had a loved one trip up over her dog and sustain an injury, too. Gotta pass this along!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

    P.s. curious: what's a wadding? ;)

  27. Anonymous11/13/2012

    After pulling myself out of the freezer because I completely MELTED when I saw that last photo of Mo, I have to say that Mo is one lucky dog. But you knew that already. Is he really a Puggle???? He is adorable with his big eyes, cute little ears and glowing collar. Speaking of glowing collars - that may be the solution for our big fat cat who is the size of a baby seal. One of us is constantly tripping over him because he insists on laying in the darkest places in the wee hours. He giggles when it happens....

  28. Well how about that - I think you ARE a dog whisperer. I never thought about making homemade dog food. You're a genius - but I think I've already told you that.

  29. Hi! I'm visiting from Debbie's Pet Party. Your pup is adorable!! Love the custom pet bowl holder and the glowing collar! Good to see he's doing a good job at his one daily task. :) Very cute pics!!

  30. Mo is the best...I remember this story and it is awesome! Lucy says hello and you made her day!


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