Red Yardstick Table

Ya'll...... the southern way.
Youse Guys..... the Midwestern way
You all or you guys........ that's how I learned it growing up in California.

So if any of you guys want to pop over to ReFreshReStyle and say *hey* to Debbie, you all will see my guest post of a little table redo using CeCe Caldwells Traverse City Cherry paint and some yardsticks.  While you are there check out the stuff the Divine Ms. D. herself whips up.  She's no slacker.

The Before

I tried to be classy on her blog (not counting saying wh*rehouse) since I was a guest and didn't want to look like a giddy schoolgirl, but since this is my blog I can say it.......

CAN YA'LL BELIEVE I have a guest post with 
DEBBIE FROM REFRESH RESTYLE..... ME ?????  Pinchy pinchy my cheeky cheeks.

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  1. Anonymous11/13/2012

    Great post! Congrats on your guest feature! Your table turned out fabulous!

  2. Congrats, but I do think that table deserved a feature! ~ Maureen

  3. Anonymous11/13/2012

    I've lived in the midwest my entire life and I have never heard the term youse guys. I have however, heard and used the term you guys. That's a new one on me.

    1. I guess I should of clarified and narrowed it down more..... youse guys is terrible grammer and used by many in Minnesota. Think it's the way the Swedes talk! So you will know when you cross the border into MN from the rest of the Midwest.

  4. I'm off to go check it out, you potty mouth, you! :0)

  5. Anonymous11/13/2012

    Consider those potty mouthed cheeks pinchy pinched!

  6. You lot ...... the British way !
    I went, I read, I loved it, I commented, I returned !!
    Actually, I get her blog in my e.mail so found it before I came here - big congrats Mrs. B, but you definitely deserve it, I mean, just look at your 'popular posts', super creative !

  7. I don't know who that is but it sounds like a big deal! I will go check out your giddy school girl, cussing post!

  8. I don't know who she is, however in my humble opinion it's her that should feel so honored. Ps. I wasn't sure which cheeks you were refering to so I kept my hands above the shoulders.

  9. Of course we can believe you are a guest over there! You could be a guest at the White House!
    You are an awesome creator Bliss!

  10. Pinch... pinch... pinchy... pinchy!!!

  11. Okay, I'm heading over cuz I'm a sucker for a yardstick project ... and cuz I love your projects. So pinchy pinchy ...



  12. Went for a visit...LOVE your table! And your stories...I bet you were a "stinker" ;)

  13. SO cool! Hopping over there now to you guys. I bet it is all, like, so cool!

  14. That table is so great, Bliss...such a transformation! Too bad you didn't have your mom's yardstick, too lol! I've been saving yardsticks for quite awhile for something fun like this...you did such a great job!

  15. You crack me up! Love the table!
    PS hope you like the meatloaf

  16. Bad ass table is bad asss! Love the color and the heavy distressing. Beautiful B!

  17. Really great table transformation! Youse Guys sounds like Chicago mafia. LOL I am not surprised at all that you were over at Debbie's place! Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. What a fantastic table! I love it!

  19. Bliss-your table was a huge hit! I am so thankful that you were my guest! You're the best and come anytime y'all!
    Love ya,

  20. Love this! It came out just great! I've been saving up yardsticks when I find any that don't say Home Depot on them...so far I have two.....it'll be awhile I guess.....miss ya!!

  21. It's nice to be classy but sometimes it's fun to be the girly school girl. I love what you did with the table. As usual everything you touch becomes more beautiful.

  22. Well thanks. You wouldn't say that if you saw my sugar cookies.


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