The Silhouette is at the Ranch.... O yah!

 The smells of Thanksgiving are filling my home.  And I like it.
Every day for the next month there will be something shake'n or bake'n around here.  And the newest thing shaking is that a Christmas present to myself has arrived.   I make sure to get what I really really want.  And I'll tell 'ya what I wanted what I really really wanted........
A Cameo Silhouette.

Ain't she a beauty!

And just because I'm a budding Cameo Silhouette artist, the folks at Silhouette are offering my super fantastic readers a chance to purchase their own Cameo or Portrait on Black Friday for a great price.  OR, if you already have one, get 40% off your supplies.

To get any or all of these BLACK FRIDAY deals here is what 'ya gotta do........
Come back November 23rd - Black Friday starting at midnight after you clean up your turkey.  Go to the Silhouette America web page link: and enter the promo code BLISSRANCH.  You can order your very own Silhouette CAMEO® that includes 1 copy of Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition (MSRP $349.98) for $229.99  a most excellent price!  If you've been waiting to get one, now is the time.

The new Silhouette Portrait for $179.99 


40% off at  You can stock up on supplies for the New Year, or better yet create your own awesome Christmas gifts.

Offer expires November 30th, 2012 .... You have a whole week to use the code.
(*rain checks not available. 40% off discount excludes the Silhouette Cameo, Silhouette Portrait, downloads, download cards, subscriptions and gift cards.)
 Santa Brawn is usually cobbling away in his workshop all through December making gifts, and as the proud owner of my own Silhouette you can bet he'll be cobbling a lot more.  Making signs and letters and more signs and more letters to make dressers like this:

And bar carts out of dressers like this..........

And signs like this.....

Before I had a Silhouette Cameo I had to do the letters freehand or I was limited to the font/stickers I could find at the store.  But not no more sweetie!  This fantastic little vinyl cutter is going to open new doors for my creativity - my lazy creativity that is -  I avoid doing many of the projects trapped in my head because I know how long they will take and the tedious steps of making my own letters.   I can't wait to get going on it, I just have to order myself up some of the 40% off vinyl and I can fire that puppy up!

So while you are making that midnight turkey sandwich, I'll be getting ready to hit the black friday sales all from the comfort of my chair.  I'll probably have a turkey sammy too!  Are you going shopping on foot or do you let your fingers do the walking?

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  1. I totally let my fingers do the walking... I started during the hurricane, 14 days off work so what is one to do but start Christmas shopping on line.
    I may hit Pier1 on Friday (mainly because I really like to shop) but that will be it for me.... I'm also going to look for more info on the Silhouette portrait.... it might be an early Christmas present to myself!

  2. You are killing me! That's at the top of my wish list! Hmmmm...guess I better start selling a lot so I can get one!

  3. I completely ignore Black Friday in general....I don't consider myself a big shopper. I can't wait to see your Cameo projects! Have a happy turkey day : )

  4. I am happy for you and excited for us! An easier way for you to make your blog fans envious! Happy Thanksgiving to my FAVORITE blogger. (was going to write "favorite, classy blogger" but i was afaid someone would call me a liar.) HA!

  5. o how I want with all the stuff I am doing now...O how I would love...but more important is for me to say are the best,love your writing and pics.. and after 38 years in retail...26 as the manager of a Dillards store... nope yu have to drag me to a store...and those that open on a TDAY...nope will not is to important. I know that sometimes I worked every day from mid Oct to Mid January only days off Thanksgiving and if any shopping on line

  6. Okay--exactly what does that thing do? Does it cut out letters? Onquiring minds...

  7. LUCKY YOU!! Can't wait to see what you create!

  8. How fun! I got a new toy for my birthday. I got a wee projector, which will project awesome graphics direct from my computer. I have a Cricut, but rarely use it. I wonder if the Silhouette is any easier to use?

  9. So envious girl! It'a at the top of my wish list this year too!

  10. You lucky duck!! That thing will be worn out by Easter... he he. Have fun and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo

  11. Hope you're having a great day!! What a great gift for stopping you now!

  12. I stay as far away from a store on Black Friday as possible! In fact, I curl in the fetal position and suck my thumb - I'm so afraid of entering a mall!

    I have longed for a Silhouette - maybe it will be in my stocking this year!

  13. That machine looks like it was made for you! You will have so much fun using that. I won't be hitting any sales today. I did manage to do some shopping last week, but may take advantage of the Cyber sales coming up. I hate large crowds, so I'm better off staying home this weekend!

  14. One of those would be top of my list if it weren't for the fact that the dear old geezer has already bought me a new tv, and that's a birthday AND christmas present !
    But the best thing about it is, I get to go out and find an old tv cabinet to paint !

    I'd like to give thanks that you started a blog Mrs. B - looking forward to more amazing makeovers x

  15. Congrats on your new toy! Can't wait to see all the great stuff you create with it.

  16. You are going to have so much fun with your newest gadget! I can HEAR the excitement in your voice and look forward to all of your creations using this new toy!

    No shopping for me. I didn't even get out of the house today for an estate sale, and that says it all. :@

  17. I can just imagine all the wonderful things you will be making with your new toy. Enjoy!

  18. So how does this gadget work? Does it come with its own designs or do you put something on your computer and it copies the image? Don't keep us in suspense. This important stuff for us crafters.

  19. Awesome! I'm sure you're gonna love it. Perhaps I should tell Santa to bring me one? ;-) Seriously, can't wait to see what you create!

    I wouldn't get out in that frenzy of "shopping" for any reason. So nice to sit here and type orders + I have everything else...just have to wrap.


  20. Anonymous11/26/2012

    What a great gift to yourself! I should do that. Otherwise I will end up with another pair of slippers or pajama bottoms. Seriously. How many of those does a woman need?

  21. Ohhhh...I'm jealous!! I've been thinking about one of these!! I'll let you do all the hard work and then tell us how it is!!!

  22. DANG girl! And you were rocking it hard already. Lord know what you'll accomplish with your new toy? I'm ready to be amazed. Go BLISS something ;)


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