Hells Kitchen Sign

Have you ever watched the show Hells Kitchen?  Chef Ramsay yells at all the chef wannabe's, turning up the heat on them.

That's me when someone messes with my food on the stove.

So it's fitting that the buffet table at a Halloween party we co-host has a sign letting everyone know where the food comes from. 

Old Barnwood Sign
Sign under black light in dark shed
  We've had these old barn wood signs for 18 years and I paint over them depending on what I need the new sign to say.

Make Old Barnwood Sign

 The boards already have this great crackly finish.

This one got a base of red, some letters from my Cameo Silhouette, and a light coat of white over the top before the vinyl is peeled off.  The white shows off nice under the glow of a strategically placed black light.

Oh and an old plastic top of a pitchfork that was on the bottom of a Halloween bin.  I added a piece of dowel I picked up off the garage floor.

The name of the game at Halloween is make it cost nothing!  I will use any old piece or part of anything for costumes and decorations.

The party is in a shed - it ain't Martha's house for goodness sakes!

What's black and white with E-6000 all over?

Metal Candelabra redone with battery lights

A garage sale candelabra for .25¢.

But lighting taper candles in a shed with hay bales and corn stalks for decorations isn't really very smart.  Burning Down the House is only a song I like to dance too, not something I really want to do.

So while I realize any kitchen in hell is pretty hot, the authenticity of heat from a burning shed isn't what I had in mind.

Tin Molds

To remedy this I took three of the little vintage tin molds I also picked up at a garage sale and glued them on with the E-6000.

Then I plopped in some battery candles for a safe alternative to real flames.

Metal Candelabra Halloween Redo
Yes this is still an unfinished dining room chair.  Shuddup.

The candelabra will make it's way out to the shed and also go on the buffet table.

And get a load of these embroidered flour sack towels......

Flous Sack Towels, Bliss

I. Love. These.

I. LOVE. THESE.  Do you hear me?

They are sooooo darn cute.

Tina from What We Keep was having a fundraiser for two doggies her heart went out too, and when I saw the Bates Motel towels I had to have them. Thank you Tina, I love all of them.

So Bliss, what's really up with all this Hells Kitchen stuff?

Well lets just say it all goes with the costume of a certain devilish chef.  And of course every well dressed devilish chef needs a Hells Kitchen towel to complete their ensemble.

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  1. We love bells kitchen here but wonder how there are so many crap chefs out there lol, sign is awesome and Tina's towels are amazing!

  2. So glad that you like them, Bliss! You are going to be one hellish chef ! Love your sign and candelabra.
    Use the back stretchy ribbon to secure your Hell's Kitchen towel to your arm and then afterwards it can be a headband. I love those stretchy ribbons. Hope the party is a huge success and wish I was attending!

  3. Fun sign with the black light shining on it! And the towels Tina made are perfect for the occasion. Now I can't wait to see your costume! I know it will be a standout. Does it involve butcher knives?

  4. Oh man... you didn't recover the dining room chairs? What the "hell" have you been doing girl?
    Great sign, great candelabra! Great party I'm missing!

  5. I bet your party is going to be fun! I love all the props you've put together. The towels are so unique. I've never seen any like them before.

  6. I wish I could see the whole shed decked out - I'm sure it's going to be amazing!

  7. You are having the party of the year, Bliss. Those towels are too cute!!

  8. I hope we get to see photos of the devilish chef!!

  9. I'll send you my address for my invite to your party. It looks too cute & spooky to not see in person! I love his new show with the kid chef's. He's such much nicer.

  10. This party is going to be awesome...I can't wait to see more! Great sign, Bliss!

  11. What a great buffet sign! You are one clever girl! Can't wait to see your costume! (You will be showing it here right?) Smart thinking on the .25 candelabra. Gotta love E-6000. "Burning Down the House" is one of my all time faves. Love Tina's towels and her cause on that one. Perfect for your buffet!

  12. Your party is shaping up to be one devilish good time. Love all your ideas and I'm passing them on to my daughter who is having a party as well. She's always trying to scare up some fun ideas and you seem to have the magic formula for doing it without breaking the bank.

  13. I went to Hells Kitchen in NYC! Your sign is spooky. Can't wait to see the devil that goes with it. Loooove Tinas towels!

  14. You. Are. The. Coolest!
    Or should I say the HOTTEST?
    Can't wait to see the reveal of the shed and the costumes!
    <3 Joanne

  15. I love that sign! And the cheap candelabra has taken on a whole je ne sais quoi now!!! This party will be the talk of the town i have a feeling!! Awesome job!

  16. You take your Halloween party seriously. Hell's Kitchen is perfect. And those towels are the perfect blend of chic and subtly creepy. Can't wait to see your coustume!

  17. I hope you post pictures of that certain chef in her costume with all her accoutrements!

  18. Love, love, love those towels too!!! Almost makes me want to host a Halloween bash myself. But that's a big almost. I much prefer to live vicariously through you!!!

    :) Linda

  19. Bliss this sign is fantastic and so are those towels!!!! I can't wait to see all the pictures!!!


  20. More super cool Halloween fun that cost nothin'!! You picked it up off the garage floor... that's great. Haha. Your sign and candelabra are both rockin'!! and embroidered hand towels?? Now that's sayin' somethin'!!

  21. Growing up, my neighbors last name was Bader. You can imagine my dismay when I strolled by as a young innocent child and saw Master Bader scrawled in chalk on the sidewalk. I'm still scarred - wish I could go to your non-Martha shed for this shindig!

  22. I love those too! The towels are fabulous!

    Did my no reply fix work? Thanks for all your help!

  23. Safety first!! Thrifty second! Love the towels... and the sign. Perfect. ;)

  24. LOVE your sign! And love the Bates Motel towels!!! I have the whole "stabbing music and screaming in the shower" from Psycho as the ringtone for when my oldest sister calls me. Because she IS truly psycho....


  25. I always knew you were a hellion cook. Sounds like the atmosphere will be perfectly devilish.

  26. Love the towels too! I was so glad to help out with the doggies and Tina is amazing isn't she? Hell's Kitchen rocks!


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