Office Update With A Photowall Mural

I'm pretty excited about today's post for a few reasons....

1)  Something was checked off the to-do list
2) Something looks pretty darn awesome with a mural from PhotoWall (but who wouldn't want to remove a 26 year old teal paisley couch from a room?)
3) The man of the house can quit using the dining room table for paperwork
4) There is a discount code at the end of this post for any readers that would like to order their own mural from PhotoWall.

Back when this house was built it was popular to have a more formal living room area if there was the space, I guess to entertain guests. You know - one room without a TV and toys. 

Fact: with six kids there was never a room that was without toys, and the people we entertained usually brought more kids and more toys.

PhotoWall Office Mural Vintage Letters

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Thrifting At Occasional Shops

It's time for the February Thrifty Style Team lead by Julie from Redhead Can Decorate, and for my thrifty post I got out from behind the computer and thrifted my little out.

I'm sorry Mr. Bezos, there will be no deliveries for me this week.  I no longer need a basket for my mail, which was my thrifting goal.

Thrifting didn't just happen on Saturday, I actually went out twice, once on Saturday and then again on Sunday.  No that's not how I usually roll, but I went to half of the local shops on a date with Daughter #2, and then again to the other half of the shops the next day with a new date.

And I know since today is Valentines Day, that there is a burning question in your heart.... you want to know did I purchase on both days?

Yes I did.  I myself.

I'll be showing you the items I plunked down some dollars for, as well as the lovely stuff I left behind, and make sure to click the links at the end to visit the sweet members of the Thrifty Style Team.  Both they and I would love it if you do.  It's Valentines Day but there is no particular theme to our posts this month, I just felt like including all this love .  

I have written before about the occasional sales in a small town a few miles from me, although I'm not necessarily the kind of shopper the owners want as clientele.

I wander around the 15+ shops to get ideas, then come home and figure out how to recreate the look myself, of course for less.

The shops are all open for four days starting the 1st Thursday of the month, and some are open full time.  I don't go each month, and many times I don't come home with a single thing.  What I really like is going along with someone and watching them spend their money.

Occasional Sale Shops

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