Selia Faucet Combo

We're working on a Jack and Jill bathroom makeover with Pfister Faucets, and right now the bathroom  looks like this.....

Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo
It might not look like much to you, but new copper pipe has been plumbed and checked for leaks.

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Tree Branch Wall Art

While I'm busy helping work on our Jack and Jill bathroom makeover - which really means since we are at the plumbing stage I'm sitting and watching - I decided to repost this cheap, simple, basically free project I made a couple years ago from a tree branch.

I regularly pin things to the Bliss Ranch Pinterest Boards that I intend on doing.

I'll be busy making stuff till the year 2050, which when I first typed that year it sounded so far away, but for a baby born today they would only be 34 years old.  Wow.

Tree Branch Alphabet Art

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Beauty Of A Beast Step Stool

OK BFF in California.... if you are reading this say good-bye to the step stool your husband painted for Beth all those years ago.

Actually you're just saying good-bye to the paint, not the whole stool - I'd never get rid of that.

Beth's pretty tall now and probably hasn't used it herself in a long time, but the stool has been stepped upon constantly by someone around here since it was gifted to her.

Step stool Short People

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Out With The Old.... Bathroom

There's no turning back now on our Jack & Jill bathroom redo.

Thank goodness!!!!  

Because I don't want any of that stuff back. 


Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

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Metallic Coat Tree and Fusion Paint Giveaway

Today I have something special for you.

Fusion Paint Collage
Melanie at Lost and Found
Susan from Homeroad
And from the Frozen State of Minnesota,
Special because you will be able to visit some of my friends and see what they have painted, as well as have the chance to enter a giveaway for some of the Fusion Mineral Paint that we all use on many of our projects.

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Thrift Store Decor Tiered Tin Stand

Welcome to the first Thrift Store Decor of 2016.

Old Tins Tiered Stand, #ThriftStoreDecor

Thrift Store Decor is a makeover challenge that gives something thrifted a new lease on life.

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On The Agenda - Redo of Dated Jack & Jill Bathroom

A new year brings new projects around here.

The first one on my agenda won't be just a 'paint a table' type thing.

I'm not fluffing any pillows, or hanging a new picture and calling it good.

It won't be happening in the wink of an eye either.

On the chopping block is a 23 year old bathroom that has been neglected and it's time for it to move on from the metallic-y pink shower tiles and girly touches.

Old Tile, Jack & Jill Bathroom Redo

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Products & Projects, Where Are They Now?

Where are they now?

Where are what Bliss?

I'm referring to some of the products and projects that came to live with me in 2015.

I often get emails from readers asking how certain things have held up, or if I would buy or recommend a product, and often they wonder what I ended up doing with something I've painted or made.

To kick off 2016 I'm gonna answer some of those questions here and now.

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