Selia Faucet Combo

We're working on a Jack and Jill bathroom makeover with Pfister Faucets, and right now the bathroom  looks like this.....

Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo
It might not look like much to you, but new copper pipe has been plumbed and checked for leaks.

You can click over and see how these bathrooms started in my original post on their sad state of affairs {here}.

By the end of today the new Pfister Selia shower/tub combo faucet will be plumbed and some Dura-Rock hung so I can glue the tile I have yet to identify, on.
Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo

How can you tile Bliss when you have not any tile to tile with?

Well wise one....... I can't.

Until I decide on a wall tile and a floor tile, the project is all but standing still with what I can offer help on.

Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo

There are a few miscellaneous things that of course can and will be accomplished, like the installation of the new bath fan, painting of the ceiling, and I guess the doors could get fresh coats of paint while we wait for tile, and really what is stopping me from painting the walls?

Oh, I remember.... the fact that I have no floor and wall tile to coordinate a paint color with.

I think the shower walls will have a light gray subway tile.  I have some samples on the way to help make the decision.

After cleaning white stuff and trying to free it of rust and hard water for 20 years I'm sort of white shy.  I really don't want any white grout lines or white tile that every speck of rust color will stand out on.  But I do like that look.

Call me silly - scrubbing bathrooms is not on my top 10 list of how to spend my time.

Slate Floor Tile,

I think the floor will have the same multi colored gray slate as our guest bath.  I can get that locally and we already have one box left over which saves a few dollars flowing back out of the wallet.

Slate Floor Tile

However until the boxes containing both wall and floor tiles are stacked in the house, I don't trust myself to make any color decisions.

So lets talk about the faucets a bit.....

Recall this Jack & Jill bathroom is actually two separate rooms, so there are two sinks and two faucets.

Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo

Here is the Selia faucet balancing on my dresser underwear drawer.

Classy huh? The faucet that is, not my underwear drawer or the under things inside it.

It has a brushed nickle finish that should coordinate nicely with the poured concrete counter tops.

The plan is to leave the concrete uncolored......earthy and natural looking.

We've got several faucets from Pfister in our home.  Just about two years ago we installed a new Pfister pump style in our boys bathroom {here}

Pfister faucets are actually tested for quality using water before they get packaged, so this tag tells me.

Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo

The old light fixtures had to go so I've been looking at repurposing some light globes I already have.

Since the faucets are brushed nickle do you think I can get away with a shiny chrome finish on the light fixtures?

Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo

I like the style of the Selia faucets, sort of a modern vintage look if you ask me, and I think they are going to look great in this makeover. 

And I'll like the shower/tub one above tremendously when it is surrounded by tile and finally hanging in the shower.

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  1. Beautiful fixtures Bliss! We just chose similar ones for our bathroom redo's. It feels good to get that project done and over. I love your slate floor.

  2. Do you think the new plumbing will help reduce the rust? I say hurry up and show me the concrete?

  3. Those are both pretty faucets. I like the brushed nickel finish. I think it would be fine to mix the chrome with the brushed nickel. I see more and more people mixing metals. I did that in my half bath too.

  4. Love the slate and the faucets! I can't wait to see it all done. Grey subway tiles sound gorgeous!


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